“Ae Chutima” cries! From now on, I will love myself more. I don’t pay anyone anymore.

After encountering a large monsoon storm, “Ae Chutima Naiyana” opens her heart from now on, starting to count one again and crying! to love yourself more. I don’t pay anyone anymore revealed that she was not ready to have a new love. Because I feel scared and afraid about this in the program. WOODY INTERVIEW

How is life now?
Ae Chutima: It’s okay now. But on the day of the concert, can you believe that you feel very bad about life? Because the news just came out while we had to go to the concert for another 2 days, both the brothers and all the artists came and hugged me and said, The Show Must Go On. Eh, we must erase everything in the brain and go with the work. If one of you, Ruan, is our failure, Is our career right? I cried backstage and finished it. Complaining has finished working.

What’s going on in your head?
Ae Chutima: This is our question: why do we finish and he doesn’t finish? It’s about two people; there’s no need to spread the word to the whole country. Or who sits and recognizes We have people who love us and people who hate us. people who love us will understand us, but people who hate us will see that they deserve it as fools. He doesn’t understand. People used to live together as lovers but came to report that we had embezzled property. This is my pain when we are both people who pay down payments. Pay down everything for 6 years. send to study It’s all we take care of. We don’t say anything about it; it’s normal in married life. But why don’t people understand merit? It must be understood without consulting and telling me that I couldn’t find myself; it’s impossible. You open a club, and we’re there. Go every night; you can come to me anytime.

P. Ae said he would not speak again after this. Is it the last time to say ?
Ae Chutima: Yes, I don’t want to say it anymore; it’s boring and tired. Say it, and we’ll keep thinking. Something ends badly. I don’t want to have memories like this. I want to move on.

How is the situation now?
Ae Chutima: Now I’m very happy. Thanks to the people of Thailand, both nationally and internationally as well. I never thought that someone would love me this much. I have been in the industry for 36 years, and I know that there are fans who love us. But I don’t know if this happened, and people will love you more what we say is that everything is straight, not lying. People watching the show we went to came and hugged us. I went to eat on the street, and the seller came to give me a hug and say that I’m cheering for you. Keep fighting. You must find something better. Nowadays, whether Ae goes to the market or wherever he walks, everyone embraces him. We feel comfortable knowing that people understand us. We are very happy to be of great encouragement. It’s really positive. makes us want to keep fighting.

In life, when encountering a storm, but in reality, every event in life always has a good story. Is there anything in life that has changed? And saw that it grew from this event?
Ae Chutima: After this incident, we love ourselves even more. Friends in the industry hugged us all. No one has added a bit. I didn’t think there would be so many supporters.

After this, I believe that everyone will support you. And work will come in a lot?
Ae Chutima: Very, everyone who P Ae used to be a presenter renewed everyone’s contract; no one was released because of Mother’s words that I have no money. There is no home (crying), so it makes the person who hires each elder sympathize and understand. I didn’t want to cry; he sympathized with us because we fought so much. That day, I didn’t have a home. being a star at this level, being fired at Having to come out to a friend’s house and ask for time to find a house, I don’t want to go back to live with my mother because she is sick in bed and doesn’t want to see that we are suffering. If we meet our mother, we will cry nonstop. I don’t want to bring suffering to my mother.

How is the house now?
Ae Chutima: Now I’ve bought a new house. I still don’t want a car because I can’t drive one. Mother’s house already exists. Mother’s money is already stored for us. But we are the ones who give to the mother, and we will not draw back. I want to count one again.

Misuse of money in the past?
Ae Chutima: From now on, I won’t trust anyone anymore. That is, I will not put my money on anyone. All money will be in my name. After this, love yourself. So who will come to Ae? I won’t pay for anything anymore. I’ll let him know that Ae is Ae. Because in the past, I felt that many People who hurt him loved Ae for money. From now on, I will love myself more. I don’t want to trust anyone anymore. Now men come to flirt and do not dare to talk. Now it is fear magnifying. It’s not that all men are bad, but we’re afraid.