“Amy Klinprathum” reveals life as a person who lets go of anything difficult and burns her husband’s most wicked deeds.

On the “Kin Lee Yoo Lee” program this week, young man “Lee Thanat” took him to meet his close sister “Amy Klinprathum”, inviting him to talk about life that is both funny and funny. and the most daring heroine of your beloved husband, “Cee Siwat”, about the most precise Both the face and hairstyle must always be handsome and ready. Even using up to four hair stylists and revealing the life of a person who is very difficult to let go

Tips on how to love each other
Amy: Well, people may see that we bite and curse each other, but when we’re together at home, it’s really not that much. Maybe with the basics being friends Before dating, they were already friends. and the longer it takes, the more it becomes itself. It doesn’t have to be an app. But when we do the program, we want it to be funny.

But I saw that Pee C awarded Pee Amy the liquor award. How is that?
Amy: Now that she’s going on a show, what is like a mouse about my partying? which means we are not heavy party people. Eat only a little bit (laughs)—it’s like we are addicted to friends, addicted to fun.

I heard that he also climbed the table. What do you do besides snore, as Pi Xi said?
Amy: Wow! I’m very angry about this. I don’t drink much when I snore. Behind the mic, this is like doing it one more time. I am very angry because Z is a man who sleeps very still.

Burn your husband about absolute perfection?
Amy: When are we going to work? Normally, Amy and C, if working together, are 1 pair of technicians and doing together, that is, 1 technician and 1 hairdresser, and then share husband and wife. But he’s that kind of person. His hair must be perfect. until we have to separate technicians. Here is where to go. 2 couples use 4 technicians: 2 hairdressers, 2 facial technicians, or something like this. Because of him, there are many people. and not a hairdresser anywhere to do his hair. Some jobs that have nothing at all are not great jobs; there must be a hair stylist. Maybe we don’t do our own eyebrow makeup just a little bit. Turn around! Why does the husband have a hair stylist? More than us, so we had to hire a hairdresser all the time. The script will not make anything up or do anything. walked into the list What kind of black eyes are these? It’s a huge contradiction with yourself.

Are there any stressful things in your life?
Amy: There is something difficult to let go of in life. What do you like to do with your friends? It will be stress relief. is alone, and sometimes he thinks quite a lot, or on days when we work a lot, we are tired. Going to sit and talk with friends is relaxing. When are we stressed about work? having family problems Or whatever; if we sit with friends, it will disappear. But if you are stressed and alone, then exercise. On days when you are in a bad mood, you can exercise for a very long time.

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