“Aum Lakkana” tearfully recounted her life as if she had fallen into heaven to love herself for her child!

The sexy actress “Aum Lakkhana” opened up on WOODY FM about her life story, telling every issue after deciding to divorce her ex-husband “Ball Krissana,” with whom she had been together for more than 7 years. She revealed that she felt like her life was like falling from heaven. Now I want to come back and love myself. Standing on your own two feet at the age of 40 and moving forward for a better version of your children

Everything is always good; it makes us learn and makes us grow.
Aum Lakkana:It makes us learn that nothing is sustainable.

What have you learned?
Aum Lakkana: Well, we entrusted our lives to him, and I thought I gave up everything. He left me in the industry, to live with him, to leave his family, to leave his friends. Society was all for him until he had a baby, and then it cut us off from doing our job. But I’m happy because we have children; I feel that our happiness is my child, and I think that entrusting our lives to this person is like dreaming in the past that I am a beautiful person who wants to have a warm family. I want to have a good husband because I see my father as an example of someone who is a husband in the family.

We feel like we’re in heaven, right? I still talk to him. Um used to bow at his feet on Father’s Day last year before the fight. And then he took the kids to prostrate. I had to set an example. I put the steering wheel on my feet and told him that I was grateful (tears in my eyes) for being a good father who took care of him. And I told him that we were lucky to have a very good husband. Everyone would always tell Um that it was like a woman who won the 1st prize lottery with a man who took care of us very well. They love us so much, so we don’t think cautiously or doubt because everything is really good.

There’s a lot of things that we’re trying to adjust to because we’ve been together for 7 years, with different parents and different societies. Things keep learning from each other, but in the end, we come across things that make us feel like we’re falling from heaven because we never thought about them. There was never a single second in my head that there was no such man in my life that day, the day we took our children to prostrate at his feet. Tell him we’re old together. I watched you grow up together (crying) because I thought he was the last person in my life, but then it didn’t work out the way I dreamed.

It’s over. Do you understand that the tears that come out because of the moment we prostrate are the perfect picture?
Aum Lakkana : Yes.

Being a Single Mom
Aum Lakkana: I must say that Aum is a mother who has always taken care of her children. All the time since he was born, giving birth naturally, taking care of himself, really seeing his growth, because this baby is what we intend to have with the love of both of us, and carrying him in every important moment. Every moment of my life.

It can be said that she is a full-fledged mother who throws everything away and does not work. Breastfeeding pump: eat with your breasts to take care of everything. Know every step of your child’s process. So today I asked if the care of the child had changed. It didn’t change because it was the same person who took care of him, but what we saw was that he was a very smart kid, 4 years old, but he understood. Don’t think kids these days don’t know. At first, I didn’t think that people have to be patient with you so that you can be happy, but when I found myself, I realized that if we are not happy, then we don’t have the strength to feed them. He’s going to be affected by that.

Disney, he knows. He can sense anything. Just sit still, and he’ll be like, “Why are you crying?” Mama is sad. Go get some flowers for something like this. Disney Mama cheers you up. Disto will work to earn money to take care of the horses. Because I don’t want to expect my child to grow up to raise us or give something in return, just that he is happy the way he is, only 4 years old can speak and express a lot that he understands our chest. If at any time the carry is weak, He will know right away, so he knows that we have to start with ourselves, that we have to love ourselves first when it happens, and then we cannot go back and fix anything because we believe that we do our best.

To the point where it really doesn’t end, you have to accept the reality of the world. Accept what happened and do your best parenting duties for your child to grow up without feeling that he lacks or that he is not proud of his father. One thing I won’t teach you is not to teach my child what your parents are struggling with or that they won’t be proud of their father. Mama and Daddy are friends today. He didn’t understand it at first. He said how to be a friend, get married, and be a husband and wife.

When I was 4 years old, he said the same thing, and we said yes, but Daddy Mama still loves you. We have to move back to Bangkok this time, right? He was born in Chiang Mai. He said his home was in Chiang Mai. His friend lives in Chiang Mai. Why does Ma Ma have to move house? We replied that the house is broken and Daddy needs to fix the house, so we showed him the video clip of the house collapse and told his father to let us say the same thing: Daddy must stay to fix the house when you come back to Bangkok with Mama. Agong Hyaka Aunt New, and he’s happy.

Someone texted me saying they found a story like ours, and did they ask for advice?
Aum Lakkana: Yes, he doesn’t dare move on from this kind of relationship. I don’t know how many times my husband has done it, but I can’t move on. Why are you so cool? Why once and then go? Um would say that the way they traveled together, and Um always told him that every We can talk about this. We can adjust and carry him the distance; there are a lot of problems and obstacles. The difference between us Even having kids and having problems with that. But it’s not a big problem if we love each other enough and can shake hands and cross paths. But if it’s another story, it’s a matter that people have unequal norms. Um has his norms at this point, but he never touched them to this point. We can talk, but when he touches this one, no

Do you think that many women who have been physically abused have not yet dared to leave their relationship?
Aum Lakkana: He must be scared; maybe he thinks that no one can replace this person. Who are we going to find out? At this age, or does someone like that say that to me? Some of my closest friends are this age. Why go out and take risks? We go out and do things that we don’t know what the road ahead will bring, so we go back and wonder why we have to choose to be in a place where we are unhappy and can’t move on. And it’s been agreed upon by both sides that he chose this path. We chose this path, but we have a middle ground for you.

The life path of each person is already arranged. You’ve been an inspiration to many women, especially single mothers who may not know what it’s like to come out.
Aum Lakkana : Yes. We don’t dare to go beyond the safe zone. We feel like this is our safe place. Afraid to go out and see something. I’m 40 years old. Who is going to hire me to go to work? What role are you going to play when you’re old? Is there really a presenter coming? We think, Why should we underestimate ourselves? Why do you think we don’t have enough potential for us to come back and stand on our feet?

Why do we have to put our lives on one person? We can’t live there anymore. No more happiness. It’s not worth it anymore. So come back and love yourself. When we love ourselves, we love the people around us, especially our children. Imagine a person who sleeps crying every night. I saw his face, but we had to cry—unhappy, scared, and paranoid—with our callousness. Everyone has a way to go. And we always believed in the new, so we always talked about what happened. The holy things he would have given us were to see, to know, and not to be blindsided. You must have told us, Mr. Move-On. You have to walk out. You can do it. You have to believe in yourself.

And Aum’s mom always said she was Aum, Lakkana, Lakkhana, Mama told you, right? We’ve taken care of ourselves so well; we worked hard, took care of ourselves at 40, and still look beautiful and even prettier than before. And why do you have to underestimate yourself? I want to cheer up the girls. People who are single mothers too. We can go, especially when we look at the baby’s face and hug him. Seeing his face, there’s so much power that we can’t lose. You can’t be a better person. We have to be better for our children.