Aum Taweeporn cleared the drama, not worthy – Ing Fah revealed that she had been threatened with death from a fan club.

When Boss Nawat Issarakraisil holds arms, Aum Taweeporn, Miss Grand Thailand 2023, the latest person invades Ingfa Waraha‘s house, takes Aum Taweeporn to open her mind to clear the issue of drama that is not worthy. and solve rumors that the trend is following in the footsteps of the senior couple Ingfah reveals that in the middle of the program she had been threatened with death Ready to share experiences from seniors to juniors, Miss Grand without vest in the program “HELLO ENGFA (Ing Fah Maha Na Tho)”

At the start, it was hard. Bosnawat asked Ing Fah what projects did he have after resigning, and what were the ways of thinking that had increased from the original? Ing Fah said “It should be a part of the show that people want to see a piece of work that fans can keep to see. Really want to play in a movie or a drama. who want to enter the full entertainment industry Because over the course of 1 year, people will see that we have really come everything, that is, if there is a drama, there is a movie, it should have been completed.

and Boss Nawat also revealed what the fans beauty queen wants to know whether Miss Grand can travel at night “A night out is normal. Already allowed to travel, to be honest, even if you are intoxicated, but only have to have an AR to take care of or an assistant to take care of “

During the middle of the program, Ing Fah asked Aum whether she was single or not. Do you know that you are in the trend of LGBTQ? What do you think about Mina? And what do you think when people say that next year there is Inglot and then there must be a partner? Someone said that we follow in the footsteps of our seniors. “Aum feels that it is more comfortable for each other. Used to live with him, people said that the chemistry was the best. Treat the same gray cat. what are the same talk to understand And we also encountered heavy things. Not everything will be locked down. Me and Mina are friends. But people like to capture the moment and put it in the scene.

After that, Ing Fah told about the experience of meeting a fan who posted cursing on social media. “Almost killed us. like he loves us so much and don’t want us to be fulfilled with others Like if you meet at the job site, you will… There is also a bullet post. and met him at the front of the event, so he asked me what was wrong with us At first he was prejudiced and didn’t listen at all. His eyes were very stiff, and as he listened more and more, his eyes softened, and then he saw him more often. and he brought flowers bring this and that And we told fans not to act like he’s a freak if you see him at the event. When coming here, if you have to deal with the social world, it’s a little difficult. Some people insult their parents. But those words made us want to prove ourselves. Let him feel that we are not what he thinks.”

At the end of the program, Ing Fah asked Aum if someone said that we weren’t supposed to prove ourselves. “I’ve been carried all the time as well. From the first day until today When I encounter something, I will gradually adjust, gradually change, be very patient from 2017 until today. Not a path strewn with rose petals at all Adjust yourself according to the era really. Which even if someone thinks that we are not worthy, we cannot really force him. Which I have been able to prove step by step until today I am able to hold Miss Grand Thailand. The works after this, I will have to prove myself. I will do my best.”