“Beam-Oil” has plans for a fifth child or not. Revealing the online nanny drama.

Parents of four children, “Beam Kawee and Oil Atiporn,” come together to open up and tell about a family whose life changed when they had children to fill it, making their fans fascinated by the cuteness of both boys and girls. There are two people, Tee-Pee and Aiwa-Anya, who are very famous on social media. Until there was drama about being an online nanny, Ready to reveal plans for having a fifth child—will there be another one or not? On WOODY FM

Did you know that since having children, your lives have completely changed since having two young men?
Oil: Yes.
Beam: Let’s talk about life standards. Before, there were just two of us. Our lives weren’t anything spectacular. To be honest, outsiders might not view our family as a special family. But after he came up, we felt that people were looking at our family as a bit of an example. Make the basis of our lives better. The family gets better and more stable. That is, we believe the story that he was born and then he had something like this happen.
Oil: When oil is about to give birth, Oil’s younger sister also advised that Oil talk to her child often. I say to bring a lot of steamed buns. Chinese people consider steamed buns to be like silver and gold. And before the day that Oil was due to give birth to Beam, he came and rubbed his belly and said that he should bring a lot of steamed buns (laughs). But we didn’t think anything of it. Whatever is good, we do it.

But he brought it to many competitions?
Oil: He brought it for me. And there was one trip that was really funny. Nong Pee suddenly said that Nong Pee would give his father a lot of money soon. Then his father asked how much he would give. He replied that it was a really big one. And even today, there are still fans who tease that Nong Pee brings money to her father and the big father.

Your child’s cuteness comes from their nature. But, of course, having a camera for filming Being a person on social media, we have to be careful as well. How do you take care of each other, or how do you talk to your children so they understand?
Oil: At first, Oil admitted that we didn’t think about it that much. Oil grew up being like that. We are a bit of an ancient people. taking photos or something like this in the past, taking pictures of naked people. There was no need to be careful. At that time, it was film, but with a digital camera, it was posting pictures. We need to talk about not letting our children be naked first. It will look cute. We will keep it for him to see. And then we’ll see for ourselves. I want him to have good memories to keep and look at. But as time passed, many people began to be interested. For example, when he was going to attend school, we talked about not revealing the name of the school. Because there are a lot of people asking what you will study. We were afraid that someone would follow us to school. We will talk step-by-step.

How do you talk to your child? Because there must be people who come and ask to take pictures. Come say hello and talk. Or your roommate may have parents who watch the clip. Because we are not with him all the time?
Beam: The first thing is that when we meet people, they come and ask to take pictures. We will explain that he knows you. He came with a good feeling. First of all, we have to give this feeling. which is actually that kind of feeling. The second thing must be the satisfaction of our children as well. We will tell everyone who comes in that they must give their consent first. That’s the most important thing.
Oil: But everyone is cute. He would always ask if he could take pictures. Oil will ask the child first if he wants to take a photo or not. If he agrees to take pictures, he will show two fingers like this. But if he doesn’t agree to be filmed, he will say no. I will also say sorry. That is, we understand the person who asked to take a photo. that he might feel disappointed, I feel a bit sorry. But sometimes Oil has to weigh himself. During the treatment of our children’s kindness toward caring for others

How is it to have an online nanny? I saw quite a lot of people commenting. Should this be done or not?
Oil: We’ve seen examples from other houses, like Dara’s house. Oil has seen that it’s like this. At first, I thought that we probably wouldn’t get that much attention. But when it comes to reality, there are a lot of them as well. When he first commented back, most of them were messages that we were not carrying our children equally. Carry this person more. That person is less than It’s like we don’t love our children equally. When I first listened to it, I felt stressed. And then go back and look at what we did to make him think that way. Why does he feel that way? Because we didn’t want to be like that, we were worried. When we went back and looked back and talked with Beam about what it was like here, That is, we reviewed it and felt that it was not what he understood. Okay, maybe he saw the video there. With children who have different personalities And the situation there is controlled as much as we can. After that, another message like this came. We’re not stressed. We tried to explain it to him.

Have you ever had a fan meeting?
Oil: I don’t dare to organize it yet (laughs). There are people who want me to organize it.

Because of what ?
Oil: Before this, it was also COVID. Secondly, Oil felt that he didn’t want his child to be surrounded by people who loved him very much. But he doesn’t know anyone. It would be shocking to young children like that.
Beam: But actually, he met someone who loved him very much. It’s the same at events.
Oil: But that one was just for a moment. And it has a divided area or whatever. He will have quite a bit of space. But if it happens that a fan meeting is held, Oil understands everyone very well. Everyone wants to take a photo with you. I think the child must have been gang-banged to some degree. and he might be afraid. If it really happens, maybe let him grow up a lot first. But in the future, I may not want to have it, and I don’t know.

It’s very phenomenal for me. Everyone from the team talks about it, and your child is cute too. It’s perfect, and it’s the beam that people know. It’s something that he takes for granted and is happy about. like giving happiness to him?
Oil: We are glad that our family is a part of his smile every day. Because of the comments that I read, most will say thank you for making my day worse. His words make him smile. Or someone sent a message to Oil saying he was depressed. This is not the only one; there are many ways that our children make their hearts heal. Oil feels that this is a blessing for our children. Make other people, even though we don’t know them, happy.
Beam: Well, some people may not even have depression. But, as Dan himself once said, He went to meet adults in the industry. He saw Beam’s son and felt that his life felt good. Watching it every morning, he realized that he himself probably would not have had the opportunity to have children. Seeing the cuteness of the children healed his heart and made his morning bright. which is also a good side.

And now what is the trend between the two girls?
Oil: Good. It’s a surprise for our country as well. When we had a son, OK, we already knew that a lot of people loved him. The daughter thought, Who would have those four lovers in the whole house that much? But it turned out that people were asking for Aiwa Anya because she had chubby cheeks. Adults probably want to fight and love him. His personality is that of a funny kid. He’s very smart. He can listen to orders. He remembered the names of everyone in the house.

How many eggs do you have?
Oil: Now there’s one more left. It’s a girl.

Are you deciding?
Oil: Well, if we talk now, I don’t think it will. But I don’t know. But I still keep it. Because I’m old, Woody. Suppose that if you were to have children again, Oil would have to wait for the second pair to grow to a certain level first. Otherwise, we won’t be able to share our bodies in taking care of him. By that time, oil would probably be 50 and not be able to handle it. I also don’t know if another person’s pregnancy will be okay. I don’t know if inside I’m ready to be pregnant again. If we assume that it will really happen, You may need to have your doctor consider it.
Beam: I feel like having a child is a waste of my wife’s body. It’s like it takes energy. It was like something had been pulled from him. I thought that four people had already been pulled out (laughs). The other person thought it was better.