Bowkylion debilitating mental illness I used to think that I wanted to design my own death for a short time.

A young artist with a good voice that is hot in the Bowky – Pitchsinee Weerasutthimas, or Bowky Lion, knows that the foreground on the stage looks perfect, but deep down she is a person who is very insecure in herself. I don’t think she’s beautiful from childhood to adulthood. It is also a debilitating psychiatric disease. I used to think so briefly that I wanted to design my own death. Revealing the depth of family life and mad love to the point of asking his boyfriend to marry him, open all of this story for the first time! in WOODY INTERVIEW

I’ve read Bowky story, and I’m very interested because we have a lot of similarities. Psychiatric problems that Bogie had were exactly the same, what is it?
Bowky: Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Depressive Disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I’m the same. And if anyone isn’t, they don’t understand.
Bowky : Are you all like that?

It has a reason why we are here: when we go through it, we will be able to share everything. Of the bogeys, where did it start first?

Bowky: Really, start with insomnia first. That is, I can’t say which one is the first one because it’s probably been a lifetime. but do not know what disease it is. Bo is the kind of person who likes to buy a lot of things. If you like something, you will keep repeating it like that. For example, today I will buy soap. In my head that day, I will think about buying soap. I will keep pushing soap. Buy more. Make whatever soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, or even earrings you want. There will be more than 10 duplicates, so we think this is normal if the oil runs out.

Other people’s tanks may be almost empty (red lines), but Bo’s tanks are over half full, which means they’re full. is a person quite ahead Do you think this might be to our advantage? Because we are very advanced people. and be prepared for every situation. But in reality, it’s not a disease; it’s a matter. Depression I don’t think that I am anything. But I feel that I am not confident in myself. Very low self-esteem I can’t find my own merits from childhood to adulthood. And when it’s time to go on stage and look in the mirror, I feel unhappy all the time. Because I feel that is why we are so ugly from childhood to adulthood.

Always find your flaws. We might think we can sing, but we’re not that good at it. Maybe you think we’re beautiful, but we’re beautiful because we put on pictures like this. It will always find controversy. plus about being alone and having a feeling of short thinking I don’t know if it can be called short-term thinking or not. I want to design my own death, something like that, including Panic symptoms, which are the fear of something severe, such as being afraid of going to the hospital. afraid to get sick and more sensitive than the villagers The symptoms will occur when you are in a narrow space, enter an elevator and get stuck in it sometimes, or go to the bathroom and cannot open the door.

Are Anxiety and Panic separate? To me, it was only anxiety when I was in a situation I felt I could not control, but Panic suddenly came without me knowing it before. What are ours like?
Bowky : For Bo, it’s not that similar. But there is a connection. Anxiety has come into Bo’s daily life since childhood without his noticing. Let’s say Bo locked the dog cage today and left the house. And will you think about locking the dog’s cage all day, even though he sees that it’s locked? The solution is to buy a CCTV camera to see it. But sometimes it still doesn’t believe itself; it may not be connected at all. is that the disease may be the same type of psychiatry, but there may be differences in how to meet

Probably from a lack of self-confidence. Whether he has actually done that thing or not, there will be repetition of the same things, such as looking in the mirror all the time. In which the character of looking in the mirror on stage does not come from wanting to feast or anything. It came from the fact that Bo couldn’t really take it. That is, I don’t think I’m already beautiful. If I could choose, I would choose a stage that was a mirror all around. There are four managers on Bo’s team, each of whom has a special role. We will trust him. Because we trust others more than ourselves.

Try to think back to your childhood or whether there should have been some event that happened. Someone might tell us that we’re not pretty enough, we’re not good enough, we’re not, can you imagine?
Bowky : There are a lot of them. There are situations in the family. I’m not sure if she’s planning to have only one child at home or not. Then we pushed to be another person who came out, and we were born prematurely. There are many glitches physically, And I myself have not looked cute since I was young. uncertainty The body may be a little special, but it is. I used to be beaten by people at home when I was a child, which made my legs striped. This story is rarely told anywhere because I do not focus on it. I didn’t want to ask for pity or anything. because it’s been a long time, But we only realized when we were growing up that this was a rehearsal.

And the traces on our legs that are not confident today are part of life. Some wounds, both physically and mentally, leave scars when they grow up. and then felt that about 2–3 years earlier. Bo is not a Bowky Lion like this. Bo is the one who has the same fluffy lion hairstyle, and the shirt will be worn in the same way. with high-waisted pants is to be someone who doesn’t wear shorts or anything short at all because I felt that my back had to be covered because of acne scars. As for the legs, there will be a lot of scars. something that is bruised It was bruised until it grew up. Some things have disappeared and sometimes remain in our hearts, right? We feel that we now have many flaws in ourselves. and we see it too. We feel that it’s closed.

What moments on stage make us feel satisfied?
Bowky : Every episode. Some days I feel like life doesn’t mean much. There was a time when I felt like working every day. It’s the point where, no matter how high we go, The more I feel that it’s too lonely. There wasn’t a family that was so proud of us. I feel very lonely. What are we doing here? But when I go on stage, I feel down, sad, or noisy; everything disappears. Just hearing the sound of people waiting to see Saying it may sound like an exaggeration, but every time I feel like I don’t want to live in this world, The only thing that holds Bo here is… “I want to die, but I’m sorry for my imagination”, regretting passing on my feelings through the song to others. It’s a pity that we won’t be able to listen to the audience sing the song we composed. Bo is grateful for the diseases too. At first, Bo was quite upset that we had to go through something like this. Finally, if we are not sad If we don’t keep repeating and repeating until we write down here and there We don’t even have music.

Being outspoken on social media
Bowky : Straight. Actually, I’m very straight, but it’s not just straight. In the past, probably 5 years ago, I was quite a funny person. And I used a lot of rude words. My mother reminded me that the camp reminded me that it was my image. I thought it was funny. Sometimes it has flavor. As we grow older, we feel that what he says is true. It’s funny, but some of the people who use it are not the majority of the country. Because there are still people of different age groups following us. I admit that I came to sing and did not come as an example to anyone. Action is part of action, but performance is another part. which we do not put profanity into the works In the end, being here is really acceptable. that everyone in the world, if he likes an artist or someone who is his role model, should behave in a way that is appropriate and with maturity that I may not yet have. It’s much better now. Something that doesn’t require retaliation will not retaliate.

In the past, I broke up with my boyfriend, who had been together for 6 years, meaning that during our birth in the industry, he was by our side. Have we written a song for him?
Bowky : Yes, the story is written from all my life stories. There is also a letter to fans. and then there was writing about whatever had happened in my life.

What kind of lover are you?
Bowky : I’m a love fanatic. In six years, there hasn’t been anything bad. We were in a relationship with almost no quarrels. The only quarrel is about work. but it just has the feeling that some goals in life do not match. And the fans at that time were not ready. But it’s when we really feel we’re not ready now. Really, this is my main goal in life. Went to meet his father. Dad, I want to get married. Can I ask for it? Mom, can I ask for something like this? But he should be worried about us in terms of future work. He didn’t deny it. But the mood is assuming it’s this year. It will be postponed.

We are people who are quite revolving according to their world. There wasn’t anything bad in the past. But in the end, Bo blames himself. Bo just felt that after having been through a lot. It was Bo who chose not to talk to him much. When I didn’t speak, it became something in my heart. Afraid to say it, and it will have this kind of effect. Lose your temper. So there was no quarrel. There was no conversation with him. To be honest, he was also the one who always supported each other. He knows our weaknesses. In every fear and in every dream, we never hate our ex. We will support him no matter what. If there is a new girlfriend, we will know.