Boy Takonkiet admits to worrying about three years away; the stage play can only exist when there are people watching it!

Big Boss, Scenario Camp The godfather of the Muang Thai Boy Takonkiat Virawan, leads the actor team of Two Popetron and Kam Kulakornphat, spoiling the Phit Sawat stage play in a heavy way. Ready to open your heart, accept, and worry? It’s 3 years away! A stage play can only exist when there are people watching it. Arrived in Thailand at Ratchadalai Theater. At this event, Woody asked for a big interview on the WOODY INTERVIEW program.

Today we have the opportunity to talk to Boy Takonkiat, Kaem Kulakornphat and Two Popetorn, whom Woody has had the opportunity to watch the play “Pisit Sawat” and will tell everyone that we have been waiting for many years. many years Because COVID makes everyone take a long break. And believe that in this matter, P’Boy has put in a lot of effort. Why did you choose toxin in the first place?
Boy Takonkiet: Really, I have to say that poisoning is one of the things that I have thought about for a long time. Since the opening of the theater, but at that time still could not find what to do I can’t imagine how to tell because there are so many stories. Until the year 2018, I suddenly wanted to do something related to Ayutthaya, that is, seeing the picture, seeing the visuals of the battle during the Ayutthaya period, then it would be beautiful on the stage in Thailand’s Ratchadalai. At first I thought just this. The team also told me that it was toxic. We told me to try and not tell. Don’t just say it. Looking for that story, this story has about one idea, but it can’t fight the poison! Let’s try one more time and see.

What makes sure that it can go for sure is which element we can see that it’s already done?
Boy Takonkiat: Well, when we find out how, we’re going to tell. The story is told through the character of Akanee, the protagonist. which he will take everything away. This character will do everything to find something that has happened to him since childhood. and he found the answer, and the audience will learn Recognize that answer together with him, suddenly meeting a mysterious woman. From there to everything else, it all came by itself. Regardless of the song, whether the scene, light, sound, or anything else, as we know, it’s absolutely beautiful.

When Brother Boy contacted that day, how did you feel?
Two Popetorn: Feeling happy and knowing that it is a project that is very close to Pee Boy’s heart, Pee Boy loves it very much, as it is a very successful drama. I was honored but also scared. Fear of difficulties that come with work because every chapter is already good. He had already done very well before. Here, it must be equally good. In my opinion, I feel that this work must be very difficult, and we have played in stage plays before, knowing that all rehearsals take a lot of time in our lives. With a profession that we are already singers too How do you balance everything? Embarrassed but asked if I wanted to do it or not. Because the musical is what really invigorates us.ๆ

You change clothes too often. How about dressing backstage?
Two Popetorn: P’Boy must hold back our costumes (laughs). Stage plays don’t have to change this much (laughs). Really change a lot. And I talk to people about this a lot. I want people to see it. People in my country think that the culture of watching plays may not last that long in Thailand. And people don’t know how much we work. I want you to see the other side of the stage in the madness of the staff and us. that the model is like a factory. It’s all real-time; it’s live.

As for the Kam, when P’Boy said he would play Ubon, what was the feeling at that time?
Kam Kulkonphat: I’m very happy and excited at the same time, and of course I’m worried. Because we know how popular TV series are. P’ Noon played it very well. and received many awards. Secretly worried about that. But at the same time, we felt that in the past, as people who had worked with Pee Boy (Miss Saigon), we still had an understanding of the acting aspect that was limited. Now, when we go to study for a master’s degree, We gain even more understanding. Therefore, we would like to try this one as well. And would like to come back to our second home to work with P’ Boy again, excited and wanting to do it too.

TV people may not be familiar with kam. But theater buffs will know that this is a diamond from Thailand that is famous internationally in terms of stage plays.
Kam Kulkonphat: Kam himself is a child who learns to sing. Learn to dance alone. Didn’t study acting deeply Who came to play that size? At that time, there were many fears, which we now feel we can eliminate. and it enjoys every moment.

I would like to tell everyone that if there is a chance to see This is one thing that should not be missed in the Thai theater industry. From the feedback, many people say that this is very contemporary storytelling. new production techniques and said in the same voice that it must be watched. The head cutting scene is awesome. How can there be a way to tell a story? On TV, there are a lot of details, but how can you tell about the stage itself? The biggest challenge is this, P’Boy?
Boy Takonkiet: As I said, when we catch the point, we can tell from whom. It all came by itself. Because we don’t have to tell the whole story. We tell it through the character Akanee, and it will come gradually. It has some realism. From the audience who followed Akanee and went to see here and there But let’s talk about technique. That is, of course, before you can do this story, you have to find out how the cutthroat scene will be done. It must come from the conceptual combination of all things before cutting; how will you tell between the past and the present? With good music or good singing, it allows the audience to follow along with the characters until they reach the cut-throat scene. We can’t spoil it, and we shouldn’t spoil it (laughs).

Another is audience participation. I don’t want to spoil it, but I have to say that sitting in the audience, you have to prepare well. Some might even pop up in your seat. Goosebumps as well, Boy. How do you make it scary but not too terrifying?
Boy Takonkiet: It must be said that everything we see, regardless of the techniques, With the emotions of the Emotional characters, it’s all over the place, and you’ll be immersed in it.

Seriously, are you worried? Because during COVID, you have to admit that people don’t come to the cinema. How do we push people to see that we can still go?
Boy Takonkiet: I asked if he was worried, of course, because three years ago we didn’t know what the mood of the audience was like when they came to see the play. because before this was not an industry that made a lot of acquaintances, many of whom we asked if they had seen it yet. Many people will answer that they haven’t seen anything yet; this is the first story like this. Therefore, we will be worried about whether people who have watched him will come back or not. After three years, things have changed a lot. And people who haven’t seen him will be interested? How are we doing? But if we don’t do it, it won’t be seen. It has to have people doing it, and it has to have people watching it. Therefore, we always say that A stage play can only exist when there are people watching it. But we must reiterate one. A stage play can only exist when people buy tickets to come and see it. When we have many live performances, There will be people who know whether there is a free card or not. We said this one, we asked for it, and we didn’t give it. If you have a friend who opens a restaurant, will you ask him to eat for free? the same

Something to worry about with the era, especially in Thailand. There is no one who makes plays like P’ Boy with passion and heart. The capital is high but not as rich as TV or movies. And how many weeks do we have to stay?
Boy Takonkiet: Now until July 9th, I won’t play every day. Play Wednesday through Sunday. You can go and see it at Thai Ticket Major.

How is it going to be directing this story, Brother Boy? Is it full?
Kam Kulakorn Phat: Fully; Pee Boy is always full. We can feel P’Boy’s passion. and the standard that P’Boy wants to make it even better
Two Popetorn: Each round is really different. Each day I feel different. Some days I regret it. It’s the magic of a stage play. Is it our mood each day that we feel with each person? The same person does not have the same mood every day. Like the story on stage, come and see today; you get this feeling back. Like this, come see it another day, and you will get another feeling back home. What I’m saying is that you can’t watch it once (laughs).
Boy Takonkiat: This is the magic of stage plays. Each round has a life of its own, many flavors, fun, touching, exciting, a little scary, but at the end it’s satisfying.