“Brother Jack” reveals a deep story! Want to get married, have 3 children, see beautiful and charming Thai girls

The first time that Woody FM brought it to watch live in the form of an Uncensored On Stage show by the first special guest, Jackson Wang.

It’s over for Woody FM on Stage with Jackson Wang , which will be the first time Woody FM will bring it live as an Uncut and Uncensored On Stage show, with the first special guest , Jackson Wang. The world’s hottest young artists which was held on November 22, 2022 at Muangthai Rachadalai Theater

Opening with an in-depth talk about Jackson Wang’s personal story, including family, dreams, and spoilers for the concert. and also tells about love that many people have never known before A life surrounded by many loved ones, but deep down he felt lonely. He also revealed that he wanted to get married before the age of 35 and would like to have 3 children, but it depends on his future wife. I want a lover who supports each other. That allows each party to follow their own dreams along with complimenting Thai women as beautiful and charming

Then Woody Surprise launched Nong Kenzo, a dance line, a still face, a little mini Jackson who came out to dance Jackson Wang’s song. Very precisely. Calling the screams from the fans. loudly thumping the stage Followed by inviting us to taste the Thailand Only menu. Names like this only have Thailand, such as Khanom Jeen, Lod Chong Singapore, Khanom Tokyo, Kluai Khaek, but Jack doesn’t eat carbs lately. Therefore, he had to find a helper to come and eat together. even went down to choose an assistant to come up on stage by himself And Jack’s favorite food is Tokyo sweets.

Always come to Ratchadalai In this event, Brother Jack had to play big and show the coffee making moves that he had to say that he was embarrassed until Finn picked up the chair in his handsome and cheeky appearance. After that, it was the moment that everyone was waiting for, which was the highlight of the event, where the fans joined together to submit a lot of questions before the start of the event. to win as a lucky winner for Jackson Wang to answer questions live And weave dreams in everything we want in the most intimate and entertaining way. until Brother Jack had to cry “‘It’s not a big job, is it?”

Then Woody invited the fans to dance to caffeine music along with Jackson Wang.

Before the end of the impression and full of heart for 2 full hours, it is called bringing happiness back home full of bags. So it’s no surprise why Jackson Wang is loved by Thai fans. Wait to see the full atmosphere soon on YouTube and Facebook: WOODY