“Chris Peerawat” reveals that pets help heal during a panic in life!

Girls, come this way urgently! “Talk Ka Taat” EP. This “Bai Toey Suwapich” invaded the house of a handsome young slave, “Chris Peerawat,” with all the masters up to 4. The first one is a male cat of Sphynx mixed with Wicheermas named “Pulto”. The naughtiest in the house and Chris’s first master There will be a lot of people awakening because they rarely meet anyone. who has been with Chris for 4 years, so he is very addicted to Chris. When taking a shower, he will come to the door. She will be a cat who is like a dog and intelligent.

It’s a pet that helps heal from panic sickness very well. Young Chris is a man who loves cats this much. Open your mind and say out loud that, being my girlfriend, you must love my cat too. The next cat is named “Khai Dao”. She would not like anyone to hold her because she is a woman to be a little hosted. Which is the son of “Muffin”? Khai Dao is a British and Scottish breed. Because muffins are Scottish varieties. Chris has mixed with British breeders. to make him stronger. The last one, named “Khai Wan”, is Muffin’s son as well. Will have a perverse personality and be addicted to people.

Which one do you love the most?
Chris: Actually, I love all of them. If it’s biased, it’s biased. Well, Kris is allergic to hair. He was very allergic, which, when he bought Pool and grew up, he was not at all. But here, we want a “muffin”. The legs are short, and I want a second cat to be my friend. But when I bought it for a while, I felt like I was starting to get sick and had allergies often, so I had to build a cat room. Keep a hairy cat in this room. But Pluto is able to run at all. will release others to enter the house to play for some time, but will not allow him to enter the bedroom at all. But Pluto is sleeping with Chris.

I love this cat. If you had to choose between a girlfriend and a cat, which one would you choose?
Chris: I chose a cat because it’s already with us (laughs), but actually I’m addicted to both my boyfriend and my cat (laughs). Choose both: Love Me, Love My Cats If you’re my girlfriend, you have to love my cat too.

The cat is helping us heal our hearts.
Chris: Everything. I didn’t think cats would be such a wonder of the world. It really inspires us a lot. Like it knows we’re sad, I know that we’re going down, we’re happy, we’re happy. It will also come to play. There was a period that was very downbeat. There are many problems. And then it’s panic. At that time, there were some visits to the doctor. But being a cat really makes me a lot better. There are moments when you don’t want to be alone. But it must be alone, because no one will always be our friend.

When I came to meet the cat as well, it seemed that there were creatures with us, not being alone quietly. Help a lot Well, Pluto is the cat who sleeps with Chris every night. His place is under Chris’s left armpit. must only be left; do not understand either Sometimes it wakes him up and finds him sleeping too. They hugged each other like they were my side pillows, and they hugged me back. He will put his hands on our necks. This is enough, and I’m very happy.