Ek Chrrissa – Mix Chaloem Sri doesn’t accept singing jobs at liquor stores. Revealing the depth of writing songs from real life

For the Woody Sing EP., compete for success with two best friends, Ek Chrrissa and Mix Chalermsri from the Comb Carrying Gang. A place that brings spiciness, hilarity, and point-blank talk. Revealing the depth of the origin of the famous song that was written based on a true story about the time he was about to leave this world. Ready to show off live singing for the first time together? Wow! Such as the songs Fa Loves Father, Blood Type B, If You Don’t Have Me, and Likes to Sleep, along with a surprise when a bright-faced young man appeared in the car in the middle of the road. This event made Aek and Mix scream loudly.

The song “Blood Type B” makes you happy after listening to it, right?
Mix: It’s a song for lonely people.
Ek: I’m lonely, but don’t blame yourself. I’m single, but it’s not my fault. Maybe our number doesn’t suit us?

Is there anything about Mix’s songs that people don’t know about songwriting?
Mix: I will say that many people already know about this one. But it is rarely told in detail. I like the song that says that I’m about to leave this world. (Song If You Don’t Have Me), and I wrote it.

What was it then?
Mix: I have hepatitis. Like my liver will fail. And the doctor said that if you fall asleep, you just fall asleep. Friends also came to visit before leaving the room, and it was a very happy picture. At that time, I wasn’t sad at all. I am a person who is not afraid of death but afraid of getting sick.

At that time, how did we accept that I would no longer be in this world?
Mix: I just have a feeling. It’s just sleeping. And I don’t know. So I’m not afraid. Then ask the doctor what the symptoms will be like if liver failure occurs. He said he might as well fall asleep. So I thought it wouldn’t hurt. Because our feelings right now are not painful at all. So there is no fear. But when friends leave the room, it starts to feel lonely. So I wrote a song about what would happen if we weren’t there. I want to know if my friend can stay. I don’t want anyone to be sad. Then I started to worry about the cat. I’m worried about my family. At that time, when I wrote it, I felt regretful. If I die without singing this song, The next day, I woke up normally. So I thought that if I were to recover, I would make this song.

This song really heals my heart. and I think there must be many people who listen to this song and feel, Has he told you anything?
Mix: I read the comments, and it felt very full for me and many people with their life stories. No matter if you leave from life or death, whatever, he felt that this song was a caring love song that really made him feel full.

What is the hardest thing about making music?
Mix: Afraid that people won’t feel what is communicated. But when I write down or try to convey it, people feel it. That’s it; it was a great answer for the two of us, so I didn’t want to sing. Followed by complaints of alcohol not being accepted, I have a feeling that this is what I really want to do. That is, let people listen to the music; that’s all. Most of the time, I and Aek accept jobs based on our feelings. We will choose anywhere that we feel comfortable with because we have a feeling that it will work better.

Ek: I feel like we don’t often get singing jobs. It’s not that I don’t want to accept it, but it means that I feel like there might be someone else who can express the song well. Who is really a singer? It’s better than taking me away. I’m not a singer myself. And we’ll laugh at ourselves too. And it’ll be even funnier. But we sing sad songs. And what will the picture be like (laughs), and where will it go? So I feel like it would be better for others to convey it.

But a lot of people sing your songs?
Mix: Yes! And I’ll like it. When someone sings our song, they will feel great.

Please welcome Mun. (Fluke Kalon, boyfriend ).
Ek-Mix: Wow!! How can you be crazy? Brother Woody made him come on the show. I’ve never been on anyone’s show before.
Mix: He’s never been on a show before.

When the team contacted us to appear on the show, what did they say?
Mun: Well, the first episode didn’t come out; it definitely won’t come out, but when I said P’Ek, it did too. So I came out.

Tell us about the content. Life in exchange for life, please?
Mix: Well , it’s a rule that anyone who enters the house even for a little bit can’t get out or it will be locked. Then he told me to lie here and sleep.
Mun: Well , he is happy to be with his elders.
Ek: In the past, he used to be a person who didn’t talk much. What kind of camera shyness is this?
Mix: He’s a very shy person.
Man: At first, but now it’s a lot better. because he was with his elders
Ek: Fluke also praised that his life was better. I said that it was my life that I had to lose (laughs).
Mix: Our life, life in exchange for life.

What will the new agency be called?
Mix: This one is the newest. The first place I haven’t told anyone yet is that WANLOVE is an abbreviation for Wanna Be Love and can also be translated to ONE LOVE.