“Engfa-Charlotte” shed tears having to bear the expectations that she once didn’t want to be at this point!

It’s been a while for Woody FM on stage with ENGFA CHARLOTTE. Fans have been very active. The response was strong; every seat was sold out, even on the day of the tag event. #WoodyFMonStagexENGLOT also trending on Twitter or X, reaching number 1 in Thailand as well. The first part of the show is a deep talk, and you can feel that the couple has been through a lot. Tell us about working together. Things you have to face as a very famous public figure include various trends that come your way. And the pressure that occurred caused both of them to shed tears.

Working together?
Charlotte: When we work together, P’Fah will be a smart, hard-working person. Always try to set an example. which we take to this good point to adjust with us; for example, we will push ourselves to go high. take his horns His diligence is the driving force in his work.

Engfa was born with the word “public.It’s an extremely cool word, and no one can use it these days. Is there any fear for Engfa?
Engfah: Yes, the word public sometimes comes with many expectations. One is definitely the word role model. An example of being well-equipped and talented in many things that people feel must be done in order for us to be a darling of the public. which will be half OK; there will be pride in being able to be at this point. And the other fifty is that when you fall or miss, it can come back and hurt us as well.

Do you think a lot about this?
Engfah: A lot. It seems like a person who doesn’t think too much. But really, I’m a person who thinks a lot.

Charlotte, you became famous overnight and gained a lot of fans. Is there a lot to think about as a public figure?
Charlotte : Yes, you have to think carefully. And be mindful all the time because things happen or whatever. It was indeed a lesson, but we don’t want it to happen again. And I just feel like being at this point makes me see myself as if I were 24 years old, but it’s like I was pushed to grow up faster than any age. Sometimes I can’t bear it until my mind is depressed.

What is the worst point like?
Charlotte: (crying) I don’t want it anymore. It’s not that I don’t want to live in this world. He doesn’t want to be at this point. I just feel like a 24-year-old kid is coming to follow his dreams. He didn’t know what would happen in the future. Or tomorrow, or in the next hour, he tried to grow as best as he could. even though maybe he fell or missed something. I don’t know; it’s just too heavy for me sometimes. But enough, since it’s already happened. I have to keep going. Sometimes it feels like being at this point is very difficult. It’s tiring; I want to go back. I just want to go home to see my father or something like that. When encountering bad things, it just couldn’t do it. We left the house to work ourselves. There wasn’t anyone behind me to help or anything. Sometimes it’s just one person. If one day I go, it won’t have any problems.

At what point in my life did you feel like I could move on?
Charlotte: I don’t know. I just feel like I have to keep going. Life must go on. It’s like a clock that has to move like this. If and when it stops walking, it dies. And I still don’t want to die. I still want to keep walking. Even if a problem arises, it may just be a test or a lesson in life. Try to think that it’s okay; it will pass. Keep fighting. You’re already good at something like this. I tell myself. Part of me still staying is because of them (fans). Whenever we encounter something, there will be two sides. We will. Look at the side that loves us very much.

Then continued with the drama parts that made fans’ hearts flutter. With the most imaginative scene when Ingfah had to kiss Charlotte on the cheek, it made us so excited that the stage almost broke. After that, the couple danced to a cover show of the song You & Me – JENNIE, extremely sexy and heart-wrenching, causing loud screams in the hall. Next, P’ Woody fulfilled the dream for Charlotte who dreamed of Working as an air hostess By simulating scenes on the plane like a stage play. that both sings and dances giving out cuteness all over

At the end of the event, the lucky winners’ questions were randomly selected. came up to ask and answer questions live on stage, which made everyone very excited and happy, such as which songs did Ingfah and Charlotte like? And she wanted another person to sing for her. Ingfah sang the song “Heal Your Heart” for Charlotte, while Charlotte sang the song “Too Easy” for Ingfah. And another fan asked where they would like to go together in the future. Ingfah answered that she wanted to go to “Korea,” and Charlotte said that she wanted to go to the “North Pole” together. The atmosphere at the event was said to have every flavor. There were smiles, laughter, and tears. It was felt that “Inglot” was a good partner and a safe zone for each other. All the fans came together to capture this beautiful, memorable moment. The most warm and satisfying heart.