“Got Jirayu” reveals his heart is now with his family. Have you ever been miserable because of fame and money but not happiness?

Open another angle that many people may not have known before of the young actor “Got-Jirayu Tantrakul” regarding health care in the program.
“On the way with Chom” with superstars “Chompoo – Araya A. Harket” acting as MCs. Let’s talk about practicing breathing correctly to relax and have a good mental state. Revealing that his heart is now with his family. I used to be miserable because of fame and money, but I wasn’t happy. along with suggestions on how to practice breathing to clear your mind

How can the breath that is with us all the time be made better?
Got Jirayu: Well, I have to tell you this first: why am I interested in these things? Okay, in Thailand it might not be a trend. Perhaps we have received culture in a way that we follow it but have not understood the essence of it and what its purpose is. But I was a curious child and always asked my mother why I was doing it. What’s the benefit from doing it? Mother will be able to answer some or not. Until it makes us study ourselves from the outside. When we studied it ourselves, we were very excited about the knowledge of foreigners. When we come back to study Thai knowledge Oh, it already exists, but it might be said in different ways. In the end, I got my own conclusion.

That is, it is a matter of language. Whenever we can ignore the matter of language, for example, suppose we say the word samadhi, we check our mind to see where it takes our mind to something boring. And if we talk about going to a temple, what direction does it lead our minds to? Sometimes I don’t know where things are going, some are good, some are bad. But when I came to change the word Okay, so it’s just a matter of language. No matter what we breathe, we’re already breathing. Why should we care? After studying, I discovered that the breath and the mind are connected. And I am a person who wants to fix my own mind to make it happier. It’s not happy. So I focused on trying to fix it, practicing observing, wanting to know what would be found first.

Many people who approach something like this have probably experienced something like this. Or some people feel very sad. Is this like this for you?
Got Jirayu: I arise from good feelings and also suffering, simultaneously, but the duration is not the same. The first time I felt good for the first time was meditation from the Acting Class. That class was a Relaxation course. They had me relax my body. Oh! I understand now that this kind of relaxation is comfortable because I’ve always been stressed. At that time, I was making a living and was stressed out. But after Relaxation, it turned out that for 40 minutes, I didn’t have myself at all. That was the first impression. The second time was when I started doing yoga. and breathe Relaxation at the same time, put them together

That says both happiness and suffering Want to be happier What were you suffering from then?
Got Jirayu: At that time, I was suffering from being 29 years old. During that time, I gained fame from the Buppesanniwat drama, got money, got everything. And then my heart was relieved that everything we wanted, we all ticked Say Yes, but we were not happy.

Because we used to think that this must be happiness?
Got Jirayu: Yes, we think that getting money, getting a job, getting fame, getting the position we want will bring happiness. But it turns out that our minds are accustomed to seeing happiness ahead. Not here, oh! It shows that our minds are accustomed to being happy and finding happiness. But when I got happiness, I wasn’t happy (laughs). That was the turning point.

If you want to tell the audience or tell the person you love Why do you want him to practice breathing? What’s the benefit after doing it?
Got Jirayu: First of all, let me explain it like this. Returning to breathing takes intention. Usually, the intention of ordinary people is to go out and make a living. Earn money to live It means that our minds are always going outside. Go out and do things 1, 2, 3, 4. The point is that if we come back to the breath, we will have a moment to rest from thinking. It’s like the motor is always spinning and then we stop it and cool it down for a moment.

And when I step back often You’ll start to see what we’re doing. Then know the purpose of what you are doing. Simply put, be mindful and your mind will rest. Many times when we work continuously, there will be a moment each day where we may have an idea about why we are doing it. Because it’s like forgetting its purpose. Come back and breathe like we did when we were kids. When we still don’t know why we have to work. We are just children sitting and breathing, enjoying the leaves. We spend just 5 minutes there and it will be a break for the mind that never stops running.

How is your way through 11 years of study and trial and error different from normal breathing?
Got Jirayu: Normal breathing has no awareness in it. I don’t know if I’m breathing. I don’t know where I’m sitting. I don’t know what my body temperature is. But it knows everything outside. Who are you talking to? What’s the light like? What position are they sitting in? How are they dressing? How are they doing their hair? Know the outside world. But when you know the inside story, it’s a vague knowledge. I’m not clear about what I’m thinking. But there’s more meditation. It makes you aware Know what you’re looking at So what are you thinking about what you see? Then I realized what my current symptoms were like. Good or bad, don’t care. Just being aware I do about 2 hours a day, 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the evening.

From my point of view, meditation is about observing yourself. It is a matter of relaxing tension from thinking. And it’s about bringing the heart back home. No matter what thoughts come and push me to leave the house, my body can’t. I don’t think it’s an activity that you have to force yourself to do. But it is an activity that is no different from bathing. Normally we only care about our bodies. I just add one more thing, which is to clear your mind.

I saw that when making it, there was a brain wave measuring device because you wanted to prove it in a concrete way?
Got Jirayu: It’s time to share with people. You must use these when talking to Thai people. But talk to foreigners. Enjoy this story. People who are interested. But when Thai people have enough evidence In science it is like this. It was able to make me bring many people who didn’t see its importance to see its importance. I have to take various information. Come from all over the world to see what it’s like. Asked whether I myself have to prove these things or not. No, because it has been directly experienced. What are the symptoms of mania like? How is the relaxation?

Like, have you ever been crazy?
Got Jirayu: Regularly, sir. Today it still happens. It happens late at night. In fact, when it happens, I use “Qigong” to help.

How is your heart now?
Got Jirayu: Right now my heart is excited to be with my family. I have been working on filming dramas until recently. I’m not happy at all. I haven’t lived with my parents for the past year. This year I spent a lot with my parents. I just took my father to Hua Hin. sleep in the same bed as him Taking my mother here and there, it might be what I’m looking for. But I’ve never brought myself close to it. So my heart is now at home.

Like this, do you think your view of love has changed?
Got Jirayu: A lot has changed. When it fills up here Whoever comes in must not make the fulfillment here disappear (laughs). That’s it. Whether it’s friends. Whether women or men Friends will be near or far if they come into this zone where we are filled with happiness here. If he comes in there are a lot of problems. From my point of view, it’s like I’m the one playing music at home. Anyone can come and play music with me. If you are Melody who makes the atmosphere of the place better, come in. But if you come in and it’s an accent that doesn’t align with my Melody or my family, I just feel like okay nevermind

Does that mean you’re not going out to look for it right now?
Got Jirayu: Stay at home (laughs)

But the gothic style still catches a lot of people. Do you create stories for people like…are there any?
God Jirayu: Is it true? Humans, there are some (smiles). As I said, if it doesn’t have a nearby frequency, It’s okay together.