Ing Fah Embarrassed, Mario splashed good chemistry until the trend became stronger, the number 1 Twiiter trend

with the new role of “Ingfah Waraha” that you have not seen anywhere before Because this is the first program in Thailand that Ing Fah plays the role of MC. But it is forbidden to know who the guests are. How much will you stop? You have to go and see. Which will switch celebrity superstars to interview and talk in the program “HELLO ENGFA or Ing Fah Maha Na Thao”, First EP. With the most handsome superstar, beloved by girls all over the country “Mario Maurer” and when they met for the first time. This event made the girl Ing Fah even scream! Embarrassed until unable to keep the symptoms Because I secretly admired Mario for a long time since the movie. little thing called love At this event, I met a young man who played jokes a lot. unexpectedly

In addition, Mario also revealed his perspective on love that….“It’s something that can’t be seen but can’t be there. It is what makes us strong today, with Chanji having been together for 8 years and still happy. He’s easy-going, he goes wild, so I feel at ease. lead them in a good way.”

Then Mario asked Ing Fah if he had entered the industry and was there something he wanted to do in particular that he had not yet done?
Ing Fah….“What I haven’t done yet is the MC, because I’ve actually done everything, singing, modeling, playing drama, just one more thing. I want to be a serious program host that is on our list.”

At the end of the program, Mario has a surprise, Ing Fah, bringing back his 13-year-old comeback, entering the scene as Brother Chon and Nong Fah. in the movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love wearing cute school uniform Ready to end with a shot of jokes singing a lot of songs to lean on the sky in the middle of the shooting set in a hilarious way And as soon as it was on air, the trend flew up quickly, trending on Twitter number 1.