Invasion of Mew Suppasit and Chopper’s house A loving dog is ready to reveal his heart status; now he’s very happy.

This “Talk Ka Taat” EP program takes us to the house of a hot young man. “Mew-Suppasit Jongchewiwat,” who has lived since childhood, The warmest luxury house full of sacred offerings Mother Durga Devi, Naga shrine, and many collectibles More importantly, he went to meet his beloved boss. “Chopper” Pomeranian dog breed The worst little boss Came to show off the cute moments of both of them and also hint at the heart status of young Miw, who now says that he is very happy.

A slave like young Mew asked for a mouse for his master’s heroic deeds. with a lot of hair, Chopper is therefore a hot dog. and likes to beg to scratch the belly a lot. He is also very good at barking. At this event, the female host, “Bai Toey Suwapich,” barked non-stop because Chopper was very jealous of Pee Miew! I don’t like anyone getting close. It’s called adorable because it’s both turbulent and funny, creating laughter throughout the program.

Mew Suppasit said, “In the past, when I bought it at the beginning, when I was a child, we would give apples or small ball toys. Then it flew out of the cage completely and went very far. We also thought that he was dead or that Kumanthong had come to play with him or not. Or if he doesn’t like it, we try to go up and pay homage to the Buddha image. Ask him to come here. What should I do? Then one day we fed him food, and it bounced outside again.

So we secretly looked at what was going on and wanted to know if it really was a ghost. will see that phenomenon (laughs). When frustrated, what would you like to snap and flick yourself? Swing away A small body, but with such abilities, it was shocking as well. And then throw the apple very far. When I go live, if there is a Chopper with me, the fans will like to say that they are very similar to me. I don’t know what he means in any way, but we feel that Is it good or bad (laughs)?”

Importantly, Nong Chopper It is also a place to heal the young Miu as well.
Mew Suppasit… “We feel that he has a sense. If we feel uneasy or sad, He would like to walk and snuggle at that moment. Maybe you think he knows how?”

Bai Toey then asked about the heart status of young Miw and his girlfriend.
Mew Suppasit: “Now I’m happy (laughs)”