“Jackson Wang” opens all shells The imperfect self

delve into yourself Family life, dreams and love of the hottest young artist. In a corner that’s not perfect

The wait is over. Woody FM on Stage with Jackson Wang is available online today. Made by demand for the Jackson talk show. Wang ( Jackson Wang ), the hottest young artist who come to talk in depth about himself Family life, dreams and love, is Jackson dating anyone now? and the feeling of loneliness he had to experience Ready to accept the angle that they are not perfect. Answer all stories and things that many people have never known before.

Jackson Wang : How are you? (Speaking Thai)

We haven’t seen each other for a while. 3 – 4 month How are you? ?

Jackson Hope : Ok, I’m fine.

Is there anything exciting? ?

Jackson Wang : Preparing for the concert. World tour.

How do you feel about the energy sent by the audience today? ?

Jackson Wang : I like it. I like it very much.

the last time you came to the show WOODY FM You said we should talk more. Let’s talk a little more about the backlog. ?

Jackson Wang: Yes, actually I feel that especially this year. I was able to express my feelings and who I was more than ever. and even with my audience People around me who know me May be known through music, through GOT7, through various variety shows. no matter how you know me But especially this year. during the making of this album I want the audience to get to know me better, to understand me, because when you support something, someone, you probably want to know how to behave with what kind of people. and how is he or she So I want to be honest with my audience. therefore this year Especially our first interview. That’s why I’m so glad that I can open up and talk about myself.

since we talked Talked about the many problems that you have encountered and been through a lot. Now the mental state of Jackson hope How are you? ?

Jackson Wang : Honestly speaking, I’m very lonely. I may have many people surrounded by friends, family, whether it’s work. Of course they love me, but deep down I know that mentally. My soul is lonely I have nowhere to lean on mentally and it’s been like this for a while. And I’m recovering from this.

Was there ever a time when you picked up your phone but didn’t know who to call? ?

Jackson Wang : To be honest, I don’t know who to call. Like my parents, we work together. Financial matters or whatever is also involved in the work at the company. and then i have friends doing business together And I feel like I’m always giving. Deep down, I don’t feel like I’m receiving. Many times, I don’t have anyone to give emotionally. and i know People always say….do you know anything in this industry, entertainment industry, entertainment business or whatever? You will become more and more lonely. It’s the way of the industry. And to think I’m going through this

Are you any better? compared to 2 last year ?

Jackson Hope : It’s better. To the point where I’m more open to talking about it, in that sense, it’s better.

looking back like me 2-3 Last year, depression and anxiety all came together. And you? ? Because at that time we didn’t broadcast this story. how are you ?

Jackson Wang : Yeah, I think before the Magic Man album I was dealing with this at the time. And I feel like I’m in a dark room Running around in a pitch-black room bumping into everything feels like that. But now it’s still the same. I still face the same feelings. But I already know what it is. It became clearer what I was going through. more aware But before that I was at the bottom. The lowest point of my psychological life. I want to escape, I don’t want to face it. Because I don’t know what it is. I feel like I’ve lost everything

Did you know then that what you are is not good for you? ?

Jackson Wang : Of course I know. So I decided to show my imperfect side. And I felt that it was okay to tell people. because i am sincere And I’m not perfect I think I just have to accept it and start to reveal myself. Talk and connect with more and more people. Because before that I wasn’t like this at all. In the past, I just kept working. and frankly speaking I thought before that it was like I cared too much. to try to please the people around me But now I can think that Oh! What about me? This is my career, my path, I can’t expect them to have the same dreams as me. Because this is my dream, not their dream. They have their own dreams. This matter entered my head. So I thought I had to be the leader in my world. My goals and my dreams

Do you have something on your mind that we haven’t talked about yet that you want to talk about today? ?

Jackson Wang : I want my viewers and supporters to know that entertainer is a performer artist All I want to do is entertain everyone. side to them I’ve said this a million times. Because I really feel that all the fame is like a bubble. It doesn’t last forever. Because I feel that in the limited time I have I want everyone to be able to smile. Keep them entertained through my music. through acting or anything from me just want that and wish them on their career path. Become someone who can be proud of themselves. I’m just an artist who comes through and can leave anytime. Therefore, the moment I have now, I want them to know and really understand it. I’ve said this often. But I don’t know if they really understood.

It looks like you’re planning to leave the industry. Are you planning to lay down your hands? ?

Jackson Wang : I don’t know. Actually, I used to think of getting married before the age of 35, but I don’t know when. I don’t think I’m going to leave the industry. It’s just that one day I might have a wife in the future. And I think it’s just a matter of putting family as the number 1 priority.

Can we talk about love? ?

Jackson Wang : Of course, it’s about love. A lot of people ask me about this. And I’m open to talking about it too. I really want to date But just in my opinion it’s not ready

Are you dating anyone now? Has someone approached you? Have you invited anyone out on a date? ?

Jackson Wang : No, no, it’s usually like this. Maybe through work or in different countries I might say this woman is so beautiful But when we start talking, how are you? How are you? Say hi. After 2 minutes, I’m gone. That’s it. It’s usually just a short conversation. too close to each other and like Do you have any plans for next week? I would say yes! I’m flying back tomorrow, bye, it’s like that. Honestly, it’s hard to relate.

When was the last time you were in a relationship? ?

Jackson Wang : I think it’s been a year and a half. But did you know that there is a standard of relationship It’s both in-depth and in-depth. It’s just like, what the hell is this? So it’s kind of gray, not white, not black, it’s just where it’s at. What are we doing here? We’ve been talking for a while but it feels like we’re going nowhere.

dating Jackson hope Was it a challenge? ?

Jackson Wang: No, this is another thing I don’t understand. People will say you’re a celebrity. I think it’s completely absurd. Do you understand me? It’s just a job. It’s a career. It’s my duty. It’s like people who are producers, doctors, lawyers, trainers, dancers, all the same. I think people get a little too excited about being a celebrity. I didn’t look at it that way.