“Jamie Nine” and the pressure he had to bear without anyone knowing, tells the story of the turning point in his life when he accidentally entered the industry.

Rising young actors “Jamie Nine – Norawit Thiticaroenrak” open up in Deep Talk for the first time! Talk about your childhood and the pressure you had to carry without anyone knowing. Revealed to be a person who is not confident in himself Until it was a life-changing point, entering the entertainment industry unintentionally on the WOODY FM program.

How old are you this year?
Jamie Nine: In a few days I’ll be 20 years old.

Do you feel like in the past two years we have had more experience?
Jamie Nine: I feel like I’ve grown a lot (laughs) very quickly because of the work I’ve done. And then there must be more responsibility. More and more every day, so I feel like I’m more mature than my friends the same age.

Is your family a large family?
Jamie Nine: It’s not big. There will be my parents and me. I am an only child. When I was a child, I had my great-grandparents stay with me. But now it’s gone.

How old were you when your great-grandfather died?
Jamie Nine: Very young, probably around when I was 10-11 years old. At that time, I was very sad. Because I have been with him since childhood. And he loves me very much. But at that time I was very stubborn. Not acting very cute He’s watching TV. I switched to watching my cartoons. They’ll fight for the TV remote. They’ll always argue like this. I just felt like at that time I should have let him watch TV.

As an only child, you may have certain expectations from your parents, right?
Jaime Nine: Yes, as an only child. He will have very high expectations of what he wants us to be. We are his only hope. I think every parent wants their child to be the best. But I felt there was pressure. Doe has been pressured since childhood to be the best at something.

For example, if I play a sport, I have to be the best on this team. If I study, I have to be the best in the room. which my mother is Perfectionist I want everything to come out perfect as he wants. which was very stressful Since when I was a child I feel like why do we have to do this? At this age, why do we have to put so much pressure on ourselves? Why not be like other people and chill? Come home and play with friends like this. But when I came back from school, I had to take special classes, music lessons, singing lessons, and special classes in the main subjects. I study all the time.

Have you ever questioned why you have to study this thing that you don’t like?
Jamie Nine: I did. I also asked my parents why they had to do it like this because other people didn’t see it doing it at all. What did you get after doing it? Is it a waste of time? Because I’m a lazy person. He said that if you do it you will know what you get. Now I know that it is really worth studying. What are the children studying? It will keep the basics. And now I feel that whatever I do, I learn quite a lot faster than others. Because we already had the basics from childhood, when we came back to do it, it felt easier.

When you don’t understand how much pressure it is. But what did you want to study before?
Jamie Nine: I’m a doctor. At first I didn’t know what I wanted to be. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing what you want to be. Seriously now I still don’t know where I would go if it weren’t for the entertainment industry. So my parents let me try doing things, try getting into the industry, try studying medicine, try studying here and there. At first, I didn’t care about the entertainment industry at all. Because I’m a person who doesn’t have much confidence in myself. I am a person who is very afraid of what other people will think of us.

At that time, I went to compete for GMM TV, which at that time I let go, I didn’t want to enter. I sing P’Bird’s song. It’s called Girlfriend’s Song. But it was concluded that he had entered And then signed the contract The day came that I had to sign a contract to enter the office at GMM TV and I was in the parking lot with my parents. We told him that we don’t want it, we don’t want to do it, we can’t sign it. Because I am very afraid We don’t know in the entertainment industry. Not very confident in myself I want to live my life like everyone else.

So my parents said that if I didn’t sign, get out of the car and find my own way home. At that time I didn’t know anything and didn’t have a single baht with me. And still can’t find my own way home. I don’t know where the house is. So I had to reluctantly agree to sign the contract. The kind that is brave and afraid. We don’t know what lies ahead. Parents said that if you try it, it’s a good thing. If an opportunity comes along, try it out. There was nothing wrong and we sang at school anyway. This is another place where we can sing, where more people can see us. I remember crying in the car.

After a few years that should be a good thing. It’s a turning point. When did you feel like you were on the right track?
Jamie Nine: Probably the episode after the series My Girlfriend is the Student Council President ends. At that time, I almost didn’t accept the series My Girlfriend as Student Council President. Because I don’t feel confident in my own acting. When I was studying at school, I failed the acting class. So I didn’t dare do any acting after that. I wasn’t confident in acting at all, and after that, when I came here, I had the opportunity to act in many more series. At that time I was thinking about whether to accept it or not. At that time it was high school. 5 up m. 6 just in time, so I gave it a try, which was a very good decision. At first, doing it was very tiring. But when the response came out it was very good. I felt tired. Starting to have more trends And I feel like we can go this way too.

What day do you feel the happiest working in the industry?
Jamie Nine : It should be the day on stage. The happiest is probably two times. The first time there was a concert at Union Mall. which is the concert after the series ends. It was the first time I had a concert and cried on the concert. I am a person who cries very hard. I will never cry for anyone to see. Because I don’t want people to see me in a sad light. But those tears were tears of happiness that couldn’t be described. And it never happened to me that tears suddenly flowed. Flowing with self-esteem Happy because we have reached our dream. The second round will be a concert at Impact Arena. It is a dream of many people to play on IMPACT. I used to be in a position where I went to see other people, but this time I got to show it to others. It’s so much beyond my dreams. So I felt proud of myself.

Have you had a chance to go back and thank your parents?
Jamie Nine: Maybe not thanking you in person. But thank you through the program, which I thank often. Often say thank you at the end of a concert. But I never dared to say it in front of me because I had always kept cool with my parents. I never let him see my sensitive side. Or in the corner where I told my parents very little I loved them, which I really wanted to tell them very much, I just felt like I didn’t have the courage to tell them.

How is your relationship with Forth Natthawat now?
Jamie Nine: Good. See you every day. We have work every day and we meet often. But during this time I started having solo work as well. Probably one of the people I have encountered the most in my life. It’s a strange relationship too. Because we hardly ever talk to each other on Line, we never call, we never DM each other on Instagram, but every time we meet at an event, it clicks. There’s a certain chemistry that connects in the eyes. I know my heart. which cannot be with other people

Do you have the love you deserve?
Jamie Nine: The love I deserve is my fan club. Honestly, at first I didn’t even know if I was worthy of him or not. Am I worthy of being here? Is it worthy of receiving this much love? Because of the fans that made me realize that I was worthy of having him. And he deserves to have me. Because everything that I do The work that comes out is my intention in everything. and want to make it the best it can be I want to make everyone like it.

I want everyone to not just look at our work because we’re handsome. But I see this work as another good work in the industry. Which my fans see quite a lot like that. I am an IVF child. It was very difficult for my parents to have children. But he really wants to have children. Then I kept the eggs in the freezer for about 2 years before they came out. When people compliment me that I’m handsome, I don’t feel as happy as when people compliment me that I’m smart and talented. Because there are many handsome people in the world. But there are very few people who have the ability that people will agree that they deserve to be here.