Janie Ready to fight in every way for the child Not allowing anyone to bully

Open-minded, young female heroine forever “Janie Alphat Na Pomphet” or “Janie Tienphosuwan” tells about past love, both good and bad, everyone is a happy life. along with revealing the impressive moment of his beloved daughter Nola and the event of being bullied about the child At this event, she shed tears on the WOODY INTERVIEW program.

Previously, I felt that Janie was quite closed to life, why?
Janie: Very closed, save your own life. cherish privacy And we’re pretty careful. But today, Jane said that Jane was 100% herself, with Jane not forcing anything. And I’m really happy with my life.

I saw you many years ago at various events. You feel that in your face, there are thoughts all the time that you have to be “Janie Tienphosuwan”, like leaving home, I have to be Janie according to society’s expectations?
Janie: That’s right, but it’s really like that, P’Woody. Jane believes that many celebrities It’s like a social expectation. Because with the word being a public person Jane had a time in her life where it felt like when someone said something, we’d be slanted and we’d be like, hey! Are we wrong? Then another person said another way. or we will go that way or we’ll go this way It’s like there’s no sense of stability at all. Until today, many things have made Jane handsome. It made Jane happy and stable, both mentally, physically and emotionally.

Do you have time together today with Mickey like before having children?
Janie : No, every time Mick comes to hold mom’s hand. Nola will push Daddy’s head, no, daddy, no! This is Nola’s mom. Don’t even think about getting close to mom.

Like this, time to hug and kiss each other?
Jenny: Don’t think about it. Nola immediately jumped with a bang. His son is very jealous of his mother, secretly proud of him (laughs).
What drives us to really want to take care of our health? And can it be done automatically every day?
Janie: Previously, Jane was not this extreme, but when having a child, Jane is a person who loves someone very much. When having a child makes Jane feel that Jane didn’t want to die. want to live long want to have the strongest health Pee Woody, do you believe that every time you wake up? Jane looked at Nola. When he woke up, he saw Jane’s face. I’ll smile at him every time. Then Jane will say to Nola as the first sentence. say thank you baby Thank you for being born into this world. and choose this mother Say this to him every morning because Jane is the one who takes care of him almost 24 hours a day, and Jane will say that Mamy loves you very much. And I have made Mamy’s life very happy.

If you think about having to say goodbye to your child We can’t accept it?
Janie: I don’t think about that point, Woody. Jane only thought of what she could do to take care of him as best she could. take care of him the best stay the longest in order to take care of this soul I never knew that love was so profound until Jane had him teaching her children to pray. Teach your child how to meditate. Because Jane does not know how far in the future she can be with him. At least he had these on him. Jane said it was good.

feel that you are very sensitive about children Probably more than anyone at this point in life?
Janie: Yes (tears flowing) like he is everything in life. Well, before, Jane would feel OK, Jane takes care of herself, Jane loves herself, but today Jane knows what to live for. know what the purpose of this life will be Know that Jane is working hard today. intend to do business for children to have a good future He really is the answer to Jane’s life. Jane is someone who loves being loved and loves being in love with her in the past. and is someone who runs for love I want to feel that someone is taking care of our love. But today it doesn’t have to run. That thing is in front of it and gives Jane every answer. Morning said…Mamy, I love Mamy (crying) and every night before going to bed. I will tell him that you know that Mamy loves you very much. He will know, Mamy. I love you Mamy. Are you tired from work today? These words are something we’ve been wanting for a very long time. And then we never fill until we are horny. No matter how many other men in the world ask if you’ve worked hard. do you want something to eat do you want anything It was not equal to the one question Nola asked Jane.

Is this your true love?
Jenny: Jane, thank you for everything. In the past Jane’s life, if Jane hadn’t met, Jane wouldn’t be today. May not yet learn about the word mother. May not learn with love that is not a lot. It’s simple and it doesn’t have to run. Jane might not know them at all. Turns out that everyone who passed through Jane’s life Whether it’s the right person or the wrong person. We are all good friends. Having someone come into your life It’s called Jane loves everyone. Everyone is a life period when Jane is happy. Even though it is something that has suffering and happiness. But Jane looked at things that made Jane happy. I feel that I haven’t wasted any time in the past. Look at everything in a positive way. We will be able to live and live in this world happily. Today, Jane comes on the middle path, her past life has both good and bad. But today it’s the most perfect. everything fits Made Jane feel that life must have every taste. There really are all flavors. of a woman named Janie Tienphosuwan

Speaking of daughters, I know you love them very much. When news came out that people came to talk about the child Being our mothers at that time, what was going on in our hearts?
Janie: I have to say that when we are stars, there will be people who both love and don’t love us. It was normal, Jane let it go all the time. But when our daughter meets this group of people that he wrote a bully And Jane is the person who can only allow when to touch Nola Jane could not give in. With her maternal instinct, Jane fought every way, took the money, went to jail, did everything, made him take all the blame. that is the highest law Jane wants society to see that something is wrong. Our children must protect The child was white cloth, he had no weapon since birth. He has no way of fighting you even at the tip of his fingernails. Don’t touch anything too much or cross the line. And every mother should stand up for her children.

What have you learned about this past?
Janie : Learned what we should do to protect our own children. no matter what Hold on to this day, P’ Woody. It’s not over yet. Still have to go to court. Because it’s not just one person, there are many people, but Jane still wants to condemn it. Because I want you to know that this is wrong, don’t do it again.