“Janie” reveals that there was never a manager. Work hard without fear of dying before you can spend money.

“Janie Allapach” , the superstar of the entertainment industry, reveals a story that has never been told! Since I was 15, I have never had an assistant. And it reveals the relationship between the friends of the Angel Gang, who have been through a lot of troubles and happiness together. ON WOODY FM

Just know that in the past, in the industry, you did everything yourself. Do you understand that you have an assistant or a secretary?
Janie: Yes, Woody. From the age of 15, I went to the set to carry my own shoes and clothes, and I liked to do it myself like an alert person, and no one could do anything I liked. Jane has a water iron with her at all times. Some dramas have Jane’s clothes as well, so I will buy a new one for the whole movie because I want to show it to the characters. It seems to be Jane in the story, and I feel like we’re comfortable taking it ourselves.

So in the past, when I went to various places without an assistant,
Janie: No, Woody will have a mom to contact you, but in the end, Jane will make all the decisions and tell him how many photos Jane will take, how much money she will get, and how many times she will go. The middle person will be the mother to talk to, but at the end of the day, when we talk to ourselves, it will be more face-to-face, feeling that he will be happy too. If you open the car right now, you can only sit in the van with maybe 10 pairs of shoes, and Jane will have her own food sorted out. Morning, lunch, and evening because I work a lot, and I will have makeup to fill my face with all the equipment. It’s like an RV. Jane has been doing everything herself since childhood. Growing up, Jane tried, and no one could be with Jane, not even Mick (laughs). I mean, no one can do it as fast as Jane thinks and thinks like Jane thinks.

What if we were like this as we got older, would it be more tiring?
Janie: I’m tired. When we grow up, we meet a lot of people, and we can’t say no, so we’re okay, but we forget that our bodies sometimes can’t handle it.

So what’s the plan, because in the future we don’t want to deny ourselves all the time?
Janie: I should have died before I could spend the money (laughs).

Have you spent any money these days? Because you don’t see anything but exercising and taking care of your baby ?
Janie: Not yet (laughs), because by the time Jane spends money, she will spend big things, like buying a house or making a house. Home Renovation What if shopping is just for Christmas or something like that?

What are you going to keep the money for besides the house?
Janie: Give me a daughter. Jane says that these days, Nola is the purpose of life; Jane does everything, and Jane is tired. Actually, Jane can just stay put. I mean, we feel like we can chill a lot more, but today Jane can’t look at you like this year. Jane can’t chill because she doesn’t know if she crossed the street today. If Jane dies, what does Nola have in store? What is there to guarantee his life? We don’t have to think about who’s going to do it. We’re moms. We have to do it for him. Jane’s going to put it on Mommy. What’s going on for me? One day, he was young. Jane told Nola that the safe deposit box with this code was coded. He made a confused face. Why, Mama? Oh, one day, Ma Mi was gone. Mom had to stay! He doesn’t know that one day we’re not going to be around.

Speaking of friends, a gang of fairies who have been together for a very long time, have had a quarrel and not talked to each other for years, have come back to reconcile, and have been through a lot ?
Janie: Until I got married (laughs). I got goosebumps.

Is that a surprise?
Janie: It’s a surprise for jelly, but my friends already know that Nimm will ask for woon.

Are you happy?
Janie: I’m going to have to leave Woody. She’s so happy, and I know I’m really happy.

Can I share about making friends? What can I share about solidarity? The relationship of friends?
Janie: I’ve been through every episode suffering, happiness, everything. Jane said the most important thing about making friends is not being fake. Truth be told, We’re not going to get complimented. We’re going to warn each other. How do we feel about having to say, Don’t keep it? Because women have thin lines that they can’t talk about. We all have to be manly. It must be the same species. Must feel the same. If a friend says something and you tell the truth, you have to accept it because your friend is telling the truth. Today, if we’re going to be together and if we’re going to be friends forever, we need to talk about everything. There’s something to say about Suppose Jane is angry with someone like this; then Jane will say it. Don’t do this; I don’t like it. Is there anything we can do to fix it? Is there anything you ever knew that this wasn’t supposed to do? I’m not happy with this.

But before we get to this stage, does it have to be the first time you don’t talk about everything?
Janie: Yes, because we weren’t that close, but when we started fighting and then a third or fourth person came into the incident, they became friends in the quarrelsome group, and it became an issue, and we wanted to clear it up. Nowadays, it’s more quality than dating because we really love each other, not having to keep friends or giving us peace of mind.

Girls, when dating in the past, in addition to talking about themselves, it was normal to talk about the villagers, but as we get older, it turns out that we talk more about ourselves.
Janie: Talk about your family and about your child. About the husband: That’s all we can talk about. There’s nothing to talk about. Just talk about themselves. My son, my husband, it’s over.