“Jao Khun Jakraphat” feels tired! Unconsciously affected people have to deal with drama.

is another handsome young man who is loved by girls for “Jao Khun-Chakraphat Wattanasin”, the middle son of “Father Jay Jetrin” and “Mae Pin Keemanee”, known as the fruit falling not far from the tree Most recently, he opened his mind in the list of the latest singles. “If you want to go to the sea, I’m ready…Talay”And the story of family life, love and dreams, and the pressure of being born into a famous family. And the drama comments that must be met in WOODY FM

You have finished your studies now. What plans do you have next?
Jao Khun: There are a few plans that he will begin to enter the industry as a full-fledged artist. Start wanting to get series work, movie work, work more often

Has anyone approached you?
Jao Khun: Yes, but during that time, I was addicted to school.

Do you miss England?
Jao Khun: I miss you a lot. Miss the chill atmosphere. No one was there to judge me. No one sees where you came from. Well, he likes me because we’re friends. because of the same behavior

Nowadays, what do you think people judge you?
Jao Khun: There are a lot of things that I saw on the internet that I read a lot. who remembered at the end that parents That is, if I’m okay, I understand. When I was a teenager, I didn’t act very well in the industry. Because I was born with a camera. I don’t know how real life and life in the industry must be separated. But now I can see more.

Being born into a family of famous parents It’s not easy, it’s hard growing up like being compared being watched all the time You can grow up to this day. What is it that makes us strong?
Jao Khun: God, for me it is God. I’m pretty religious now. When reading, it makes our hearts calmer. I respect Catholicism. I feel calmer

Khun commented to the fans, saying, “Really, I tried. I might not be happy. Now I’m trying to make my fans look happy.” What do you mean by this?
Jao Khun: Well, this one has nothing to do with the drama that everyone is connected to. It just pushes the rhythm. But what I’m saying is this: I’m already an entertainer. So I want to give happiness to my fans. That is, at least you work, you are stressed, you are disappointed, and I want to be the person who makes you smile just like this. Makes someone’s day a little better, but really, the smiling hair, the crazy hair Maybe not happy? But I’m just doing it because it’s a job. That’s what I mean.

Talking about the drama of life in the past 2-3 months. You’ve come across the hardest at home. P’J, P’Pin, we’ve known each other for a long time. But having to see your family go through something like this with a society following, watching, and judging all the time, what effect does it have on you?
Jao Khun: A lot. Some people don’t even know it. that our mind is not Now you’re not normal, but we don’t know. Because the person who is there has no way of knowing. Siblings are the same. In fact, most of them are dramas too. But sometimes we are confused as to what this is.

Have you had a chance to talk to your parents?
Jao Khun: I have a problem here. Since I was a child, oh! My brother was hit when I was a kid. say gay I went to buy gay food, didn’t know anything, and then I said no, I’m not tired either.

Is your mother very strong?
Jao Khun: Yes, my mother is the best in the world for me.

Do you know who your mother loves the most, the three of you? Have you told him you love him? family is the most important I want to encourage you to go through all this well and I believe that everything that happens has its reasons. It might be confusing now but it will soon clear up and we’ll see how we move on. When will you get married?
Jao Khun: Yes (smiles) I think because yesterday I just went to the team’s house. Then I saw his son and I went to play with him. And I seem to…. But it can’t be too fast, if I had kids, I’d be very soft, I’d change, I knew it. I don’t know the numbers, but when we are ready, the job is stable and life is stable. found peace

Would you rather have children than get married right now?
Jao Khun : Yes, it’s more like wanting to have a family.

But I think JAONAAY should go first?
Jao Khun: Yes, he has already talked about marrying this person (laughs). Burn me again. The boss will definitely shoot

JAONAAY relatively fast growing?
Jao Khun: Yes, because what has he encountered since childhood? So it also makes it grow fast.

He is very serious about life, has a philosophy?
Jao Khun: Well, he’s like a leader. Honestly, I honestly think he’s a leader.

Last time I declared that I was in love. After that it disappeared, never again?
Jao Khun: I’m scared. It makes me grow up. understand more understand others more better understand the world

Is there anyone in your life right now?
Jao Khun: Yes, there are a lot of them, especially after the release of the song, there will be something coming. DM me, but now I don’t often. I tried to charge my phone outside the room.

Is there anything in your life that is your greatest dream?
Jao Khun : It may sound funny. but I want to open a basil shop that is the ultimate dream i want to be a merchant i want to be a businessman