“Kyutae Oppa” opens up about the heaviest story in life. Have effect for almost 1 year!

The top Korean YouTuber “Kyutae Oppa or Sim Kyutae”, who is famous from the Kyutae Oppa channel, opens his mind about his status and is still single with Bass Khamsing. who likes to pay because he feels happy Ready to reveal the hardest things in life and the saddest things in life. I used to not even see the future, affecting my feelings for almost a year, but I got through everything because of the teachings of Dharma on Woody FM.

Your energy is overflowing, like in the clip. Was he always like this?
Kyutae : Actually, it’s two parts. I’m the one who meets people and makes friends. If you meet a fan club, you will always have this energy. But if I go home alone, I won’t say a word at all. It’s still like every day, I have to refresh again in order to get the energy here.

What do we do in the morning to make it boot itself up?
Kyutae : I listen to Dharma, and I’m confused with myself these days. that I am Korean, How can you listen to Dharma in Thai? I don’t know how to understand it either. Khan 5, I already understood. I was born in Thailand with a Korean accent. Maybe it’s because I’m learning Thai, English, and Korean at the same time, so these three languages are not perfect.

You make content for children. It looks like a lot; do you have to be careful?
Kyutae : Be careful. At first, I wasn’t careful. My mom told my sister not to say bad words. because he always watches the clip.

You have been at a very successful age for the past 7 years, but you have to admit that when you search, you will see a lot of queues and drama. Which is the heaviest? How did you go through it?
Kyutae : A lot. If I look back and think about the things that I feel the most miserable. It’s supposed to be about trusting. like we were betrayed At that time, I remembered that I could not see the future at all. Every day was caught up in these things. When I woke up, the first thing that came to my mind was betrayal at that time, I felt that we trusted and did such a good job. Why do we have to be hit like this? How sad I have never said but used to share on social media what happened I couldn’t really take it back then. So I decided to come out and speak. Because people are starting to misunderstand a lot as to why the sim is alone no one loved the feeling that was unacceptable. The worst feeling in life is that it’s not real but he’s slandering. When I read it, I felt the worst. It has affected my life. When meeting new people, whoever Meeting new friends, we rarely open our hearts. Maybe have a conversation, but there’s still a wall. Will not often tell or share real feelings It’s been like that for almost 1 year.

So what made it change?
Kyutae: As time passes, it gets better and better. It’s not like the first day we met. But what makes me everything is Dharma. live in the present At present, the problem cannot be seen at all. Only with dreams can we see what we will do tomorrow.

Contents that make us be like Saipay?
Kyutae : There is, but before I paid more (laughs), I was the one who felt happy when I paid. Pay for this girl, whoa! In fact, in the past, a lifetime of giving There was never anything that wasn’t happy.

Do you expect the time we give?
Kyutae : There was. When I was a child, there was expectation. Like I bought this for you. You have to give it back to me, But when I think about it as I grow up, it’s suffering to think like this. The thing that made me change my mind was because I listened to the Dharma. When we give, we don’t have to be stingy. Giving is not giving hope that he likes or dislikes something. But we give because we want to, and it’s over.

Have a girlfriend yet?
Kyutae : No, Bass Khamsing is a friend. He’s a pretty person.

If he asks to be your girlfriend?
Kyutae: Really, Bass will always tell me if the Sim has a girlfriend. After breaking up, there is no friend. Say this all the time and say it in every program (laughs). I feel that the situation now is good. satisfied with both Different people at the time when the work was in full swing. She’s a woman with a lot of positive energy.

After all, it’s just a couple right now.
Kyutae: Just a couple. It’s just filming fun clips for people to watch, but Bass and I don’t have any scripts or topics. When we met, I said, Hey, are you all right? Come out naturally. We will meet once a week to create content. Sometimes they just go out to eat.

Is anyone flirting with you right now, or is there someone who DMs you a message?
Kyutae : Yes, but I want to tell everyone watching that if it’s a private IG, I don’t know who he is, he has to follow him first to know. Private IG greets a lot, but public IG doesn’t have any. yes

The saddest thing in life?
Kyutae : I’m crying the hardest in my life, probably about my sister. Little sister, I have two sisters, Eunseo and Eunhae. But Eunhae is a special child. I have not once regretted growing up with a special sister. But one day I felt sad because I saw for myself that it really was. I’m ashamed of my sister. Like when I walk with my sister at the mall, people will look strange. something like this At that time, I felt embarrassed when I grew up like I knew it.

Honestly, we’re embarrassed, why do we always keep our sister a secret? None of the viewers knew that I had a special sister. One moment I cried a lot why I did this to my sister. What’s wrong with my sister? Why are you embarrassed? What do I have to care about other people’s eyes? I felt so sad that I couldn’t stop crying. So decided the next day. I’m going to tell all the audience that I have a special sister. And I will tell everyone that I am the proudest in my life to have a sister like this. and our family is happy everything is fine And everyone sent a lot of encouragement, didn’t think it would be this much.

Why do we talk about it like tears are flowing? Do you love this little guy so much?
Kyutae : I love him very much. In fact, I think a lot about this sister. Used to worry that when our parents were old, they couldn’t take care of their younger sister. How will my sister be? Will he have a career? I have this idea. We will work hard, in case something happens, we will support. I must say that it is a great encouragement. part of me