“Kyutae Oppa” reveals that she’s not single now and has someone to talk to! Ready to share an unexpected accident in India?

Opening a new era, we welcome the good-humored young YouTuber “Sim Qtae” or “Qtae Oppa,” who comes to create laughter and join in singing fun songs in the program “woody sing” when young Koreans come to sing country songs. No matter how fun it is, you have to listen. Ready to update life stories? Revealing the first kiss that broke my heart Tells of heroic deeds in India that led to an accident. Currently, I’m not single, and I have someone to talk to.

I heard that there’s someone talking now. How are you now?
Kyutae Oppa: We’ve been talking for 3 months now. A friend recommended it. I once walked past the storefront. I felt that he was charming. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, but after talking, I felt happy. It is a comfort that has never been like this before.

What do you like about him?
Kyutae Oppa: Well, during this time, I will be involved with Dhamma. When we got into it, we talked often. But he tried to listen; he tried to understand, so I opened up the dhamma for him to hear. Then we meditated together in the evening. So I feel like, at this point, they can be together.

Now you haven’t seen a picture of yourself getting married?
Kyutae Oppa: Not yet. POP UP hasn’t come up much yet.

Have you heard that the first kiss was heartbreaking?
Kyutae Oppa: (laughs) I’ve never told it anywhere. Actually, I was an introvert when I was in high school, and I was always focused on girls. Even a horny child never holds a woman’s hand. I’ve never skinshipped or kissed a woman like that before. But one day I went to take an exam in Bangkok. After finishing the exam, we returned to the hotel. We booked a hotel near the school. There’s nothing to do in the evening. So we made an appointment to go to the girls’ room to play games. And I really like playing this game. where it spins the bottle If the bottle points to someone, then order. And then a friend told me to kiss Sim, and I said, Oh my God! Inside my heart is really exploding. When we lose, we have to kiss each other.

But I’m a person whose ego doesn’t make me look bad. Must look strong. He must be a man who has been through a lot. It seemed like I was lying when I said it wasn’t the first time. But it’s the first time. At that time, my whole body was like an electric shock. And then I felt like, Oh! I have a girl friend; that’s what I thought at the time. Lips collide, and we’re lovers now. This person is our boyfriend. And that day, they slept in the same bed. But we didn’t do anything; we just laid down and hugged each other. I couldn’t sleep, and my heart was pounding hard. Then we went ice skating together after the exam and held hands. I felt so confident. But when I returned to Pattaya, he said they were just friends. I just thought about it myself. And we didn’t even tell him that it was actually our first kiss. There’s a lot of meaning.

Heard that you recently encountered an unexpected event in India?
Kyutae Oppa: Well, I went to India. in Mumbai But I didn’t take anything. And I didn’t study either. Honestly, I felt really good. It was easy to get into, and there were more people taking photos with me than in Thailand. He didn’t know me, but he said you are BTS, and I said that if you really saw BTS, you wouldn’t say that. I have to say that the most famous band in India is BTS. Everyone knows the aunts and uncles.

Even when I passed, people in the car waved at me. I feel very happy. It’s like I have full energy. And an accident that results in a wound will cover the silencer, right? The pipe covering will be very hot steel. And then it was parked. I finished buying clothes. We had fun chatting with the Indians and laughing, and then I jumped back and got hit. It hurt a lot. When I looked at it again, my leg was already on fire. The people in the area gave me toothpaste and stuck it on. It’s better.