Life after marriage “Pu Praya” reveals her husband is not into the entertainment industry. Future plans to have one child.

Actress “Pu Praya Lundberg” reviews life after marrying her billionaire husband. She revealed that her husband is a calm person and is not involved in the entertainment industry. Before today, I had been disappointed a lot. After this, please be selfish. live happily Future plans to have one child on WOODY FM

Having the opportunity to get married, has your life changed a lot?
Pu Praya: At first, I thought it would change a lot. Because, as you know, it was a very big step in our lives. From childhood until adulthood, when they called themselves husband and wife, it sounded very formal. How much will the crab be the person you don’t like? So the week before the wedding was quite tense. Are you going to decorate it already? But the next day, everything was the same. He is our best friend. Like a close friend who understands us. And then, when all the work is over, all the pressure is over, and life is back to normal.

You once said that if it weren’t for you, you wouldn’t be on social media anymore. Because I learned a lot of lessons?
Pu Praya: It’s true; Pu rather makes it a private person. Marriage is the kind that just shows up and no one knows.

This person has been looking at each other for quite a while.
Pu Praya: Actually, we’ve been talking for a while. And we were friends before. Then they talked and flirted with each other until they became lovers and then married. He is a calm person, unlike the crab. We will be more enthusiastic. He is a calm and chill person. If a crab is fire, he will be water. So it fits together.

What moment do we feel like we’re ready to be with this person for a long time?
Pu Praya: Honestly, Pu said that when he was calm about everything, he handled problems by being cool. He always stood by our side. He is a person who does not use social media. He is not involved in the entertainment industry at all no Instagram, no TikTok, nothing that’s the point he made. He lives a happy life. Because he never compares himself with anyone. In the real world, live in the present very much. And when we’re in the entertainment industry, we’ll think, We have to have a couple like this. People who don’t want anything to do with this place at all. I didn’t get excited when I met anyone.

When we saw his calmness and way of life, it was like he was a good teacher for us. Crab feels when we find a partner. We should get along. They can live together, but they must be a couple that dares to clash in a way that helps each other develop, such as by disagreeing about something. We have to be able to talk to each other. and be able to be yourself. You don’t have to change yourself to make others like you. We change because, okay, we have to adapt, right? We are a couple. It must continually adapt. But if we have a couple that we talk to and resolve in a way that doesn’t develop the relationship in a positive way, then that’s not our couple. The crab and he can talk to each other all the time.

The matter of having children and having a family has already been talked about.
Pu Praya: Let’s talk. That’s right. How comfortable are both of you? If so, which country would you live in? No matter how you live your life, let’s talk. Pu is a person who likes to plan. But the reason is because everything is communication. Sometimes people have problems because they don’t communicate.

What about having children?
Pu Praya: At first in my life, I thought I couldn’t really do it. I never wanted to have one before. But today I want to have it because I already planned it. Intentions that I want to have I think it would be sad if we didn’t have this experience in our lives. It’s like a crab who was born and doesn’t want to look back at the age of 85 and never have the experience of being a mother or raising a person. And I thought that, in the past, I didn’t want to have it. Because of the importance of We consider our profession to be the most important. Crab sees survival Competition is what is important. He himself is really the same. He is 12 years older than Pu. He has always been single. They are also people who have high levels of discipline in their work. Here, we are very similar. We talked a lot about how he’s a workaholic and Crab is a workaholic, but the two of us talked about what the only thing we’re missing right now in our lives is. is to take the value of experience Every lesson we have in life, come teach a little human being. And I didn’t think there would be 3, 4, or 5 people. No! Alone first. It is something that is planned in the future. But not anytime soon.

What is most important to you right now?
Pu Praya: Now this is happiness. Because in the end The last time we met, it was the time the crab got hit, and I was very suspicious. But this year is the year where I don’t know what’s going on. It’s like, after the interview, we don’t really care anymore. Whatever anyone says, just say it, and we don’t care anymore. Therefore, the most important thing for crabs right now is to live a happy life. And happiness is not being a people-pleaser anymore. In the past, when anyone asked for anything, I did it all. Brother Woody I don’t want to look like a bad person. There are too many friends; before, it was a group. But to please everyone, no matter how tired they are, they go to eat too. Because I’m afraid he won’t like us. I’m afraid he’ll talk behind my back.

Now I really don’t care. Make yourself happy, because it’s not wrong. Choosing Your Own Happiness As we get older, we value its replacement as a number. You don’t have to have many friends; 10 people meet 20 times a year, but only a few friends. Then we meet for 5 hours to eat and talk about things that are truly good for our hearts. That is what I give importance to. And today, in the past, crabs would give value to things that were completely unknown. But now, for the crab, it is not. Good work for the heart It’s really valuable to us. Pu will always ask. It hurts when we go too often. Why should we go? Tired for what? But if it’s interesting work, OK, it’s a new challenge, and I want to do it. Now everything can be said to be Praya’s spoiled era. Because Pu wants to say

Many women know why? Women are more likely to suffer from autoimmune diseases than men. Because we women are under a lot of pressure in society. Must be a good mother must do good work You must be beautiful all the time. You must not age. You must not be emotional. Sometimes women are not wrong in choosing themselves. So Pu said that sometimes women are not wrong in choosing themselves. You can be selfish. It’s not wrong if we refuse. Lately, we’ve felt that it’s powerful to say no. It’s okay. I’ll pass first. I don’t do this. Do you know what secret the crab will tell you? Every time we reject something We are responding to other things as well. Every time you deny something it isn’t What it is There will be an opportunity to come in.