Mai Davikah reveals that De and Mai are the perfect couple who want to have a lot of family. Wedding plans already!

Revealing the cover of almost 20 years of the entertainment industry life of the young actress “Mai-Davikah Hoorne” on the WOODY FM program, dealing with various dramas. Changes from the past to the present in the entertainment industry Recently, the episode got so bad that I had to see a psychiatrist. And the love story that perfectly reveals “Ter Chantavit” is the perfect match. He said that he really wanted to have a family. Planning for the future of marriage has been made.

Over the past 10 years, I believe you have grown a lot. Having to go through drama and still have to look good all the time until I can open my heart about my boyfriend Growing up How much lighter do you feel today than before?
Mai Davikah : A lot, 100%, and then I started to know myself. Take time to get to know yourself.

see from your energy From the look in your eyes, it’s like a different person the person I met on the first day?
Mai Davikah : Well, I don’t know what to say. Did you say something right? That is, there is an image that we will need. I must be a heroine. Everything must be destined to be like this. But thank you very much for today’s world. that he made us more people. Let everyone know that he’s really sorted it out. like everyone has a girlfriend. They have each other openly. Live life openly. There is nothing that has to be done according to tradition that must be neat, folded cloth, or something like this. New work in the industry will be 20 years old next year.

Is there anything about stardom that you feel has changed?

Mai Davikah : First of all, people come in and ask to take pictures. Fortunately, we never get bored. and then felt that we were in an era where we had to smile. But we really do smile. I mean, we really want to meet him. And I feel like I’m at a stage in life where having people who still like me is very lucky. That is, if the new generation gets crowded by a lot of people, we will tell you that you must be proud. Because one day they will disappear. We will tell you. I know that it’s good to have someone who loves me like this to protect me sometimes we don’t have to be so tired that we don’t want to take pictures or anything like that. We smile first. For me, I feel like we won’t be able to look into the eyes of more people. Not looking into people’s eyes as much as before When we go to the supermarket, we go to things like this. I won’t think much. That is, if anyone comes and asks to take a photo. He came in, and we were happy. live happily Our reputation brings people in, and we just appreciate it.

You’ve probably gone through difficult things. But as I grow up, many things can be arranged and become easier. Can you tell us about the constantly changing phenomenon, about the drama you’ve experienced, and how you’ve overcome it?

Mai Davikah: A new time to see celebrity news No matter what, we don’t know if it’s true or not, but Mai cheers all the time. Let’s encourage people in the industry together. And sometimes Mai sends messages as well. Some people have been cheated, or something like this. We don’t know But we feel like we just want to send encouragement. In the new episode, there was drama with the older brothers as well. that sent the message The first one makes me feel really encouraged by everyone. There’s nothing called easy. Even if you get hit 10–30 times by the new one, none of them can handle it well. The first time it breaks down, it will be completely clouded.

Therefore, to cope with new things at this age, one must give them time. and accept every emotion that arises. Mai grew up not showing these emotions. It’s something wrong, such as being angry, hateful, jealous, or even sad, crying, and feeling like this shouldn’t happen to us. We should only have one emotion: happiness and smiles. Then we should be the ones that everyone needs to love And when we started to grow up, we felt that when Mai went to start receiving treatment, These emotions that Mai expressed at the beginning are not wrong. Everyone has them. You just have to accept that it’s okay. At this moment, being angry, confused, or crying is not wrong. Accept that it is who you are, slowly. Handle one matter at a time.

The most challenging thing in life and how did you get past it?
Mai Davikah : In fact, it should be an obstacle in every person’s life. If it really hurts the mind, it’s probably everything related to work. Because it’s like we grew up The most important thing to feed us Being able to support our family should be a matter of money, right? Therefore, work is very important. We wanted to make it relatively stable. What affects our work? And when we become stars, the thing that affects us the most is probably the news or the trend. It will be one thing that we are quite worried about: will it make us less money and less work? Because we are not the only ones taking care of ourselves, we have to take care of the whole family.

But your mother still refuses to stop working.
Mai Davikah: My mother is a single mother. My parents separated when I was 10 years old, so I will live with my mother. And there is an aunt who has raised me since I was a child. Be like your mother. Nowadays, I sleep with you. From the time I was born until I was 32 years old, I still slept with my aunt every night. His mother was a working woman. He will work alone.

He said that the relationship was very good. There will be no feeling of water in front of the well. Do you feel that there is water in your face now?
Mai Davikah : No more (laughs)

What kind of person are you living in the present or thinking about the future?
Mai Davikah : I think about the future all the time, Woody. I’ve considered everything, from where to get married to what dress to wear. But my future can change at any time. Very flexible. You can change everything. You can have children; you cannot have children. I thought of it all, and I like it too. I want to have a lot of family.

You feel that, Duh, I twitch, there’s still a corner; can’t you see it?
Mai Davikah: Yes, one thing is peace of mind. He’s the perfect match for me; it fits everything.

What does he have that you don’t?
Mai Davikah: Is it slowness? I’m fast; he’s slow, so it’s balanced. Which is very good for me. I really need that in my life. He was like a lifesaver too. I’m one of those people who seems to help on days when everything is going so fast and we’re really lost. There was no one to consult and vent. He came in at just the right time. So I totally got it and listened to everything (laughs). He’s a very good listener.