“Mew Nittha” Find happiness in life when you have children. Let go of your misery. Don’t feel angry or hate anyone!

Open another angle of the actress “Mew-Nittha Khuhapremkit” that no one ever knew. From the past to the present and the changing life of a mother of two, finding happiness in life that has never been experienced before when having children and experiences can help you let go of suffering. I can honestly say that I don’t feel angry or hateful right now. ON WOODY FM

Has a lot changed from day one to today?
Mew: A lot more roles. Since the first time I joined the industry, it just feels like we’re trying to give ourselves a chance. In fact, Mew wasn’t really assertive or wanted to be an actor, and after the opportunity opened, I wanted to try my hand at it. My own intentions We had to dig really deep because we were shy with the energy that we would use in the shows, and until now, Mew didn’t know how to get here.

Did shyness happen when you were a child?
Mew: Ever since I was a kid, I was in the classroom. Teacher, we have a question in our minds: How is this done? That is, I will not dare to raise my hand to wait for the end of the class and then ask the teacher outside the round or ask my friends outside the round. Even at schoolwork, I want to be someone who isn’t in the spotlight.

When did you enter the industry, and why did you accept the terms of being a celebrity?
Mew: What was it at that time? When I first cashed my ads, I felt that I could earn money in one day because, at that time, I had to ask my parents for money. I started to feel that I could make money on my own, so I tried to have a chance to come in without any damage.

Do you still feel embarrassed when you are a Channel 3 actor?
Mew : Embarrassed, there is still shyness these days; there is awakening when we have to meet a lot of people in the spotlight at events. Maybe because we weren’t confident in ourselves at the time, we were shy, so it made it difficult for us to walk alone. And on the day when we have to be an actor in front of the camera, it’s a lot of adjustment. I think it’s probably something we feel like it’s going to be. Make the best of it. It pulls energy and brings out your guts. Make it work out.

When we had our first child, how did you talk to Saint about what kind of baby we were going to raise?
Mew: Our goal is to make our child happy, no matter what career he wants to do. What he wants to be is a happy and kind person, and he always says that Mew is a very lucky person. Mew’s life doesn’t go up and down, but he’s a very happy person, and Mew doesn’t think too much; he finds things that aren’t good. He only stays with Mew for 2-3 days, and then he’s gone, like he’s a person who doesn’t have any stress in him, like he’s happy all the time. He wants you to get this from Mew. Enjoy the little things. I’m not a person who struggles to make himself unhappy.

How do you let go of your suffering?
Mew: Mew is very sensitive; actually, when I go through something, I cry very quickly. With the rapid crying, it seems to have been drained quickly. Not like when we’re in trouble. We have to be strong. Don’t cry. Be strong. We can’t accept regretting it on occasions when it should be regretted. We cry out, and Mew gets people around us to be good support. I have parents, my family, and now that I have my own children, I feel like everything is surrounded by a shield of happiness, so I have been through something when I come home and almost forget that we have suffered that day, so we let go very quickly. Maybe this person did this to us, trying to understand why he did it this way, because maybe he was raised this way and maybe he had this kind of desire, so he did it to us like this. Once we understand him and accept it, we can easily let that go. People like to ask if Mew has ever been angry with anyone. Mew can tell that Mew doesn’t have it. There is no need for anything to simmer inside. I don’t have that feeling; maybe with experience and working age, I feel like whatever comes in will just get out.

Another angle of Mew Nittha that no one knows?
Mew: When I was a teenager, everyone should have this age. Fortunately, Mew’s parents raised their children in an understandable way. He’s not exactly in the box. When I was a teenager, I wanted to go on a trip, and he felt like I wanted to go. He’s just going to take you home; that’s safer. I mean, if you don’t let go, you’re going to have to run away. He doesn’t know where we’re going.

Don’t you have a chance to travel like you did today?
Mew: It’s not that there’s no chance; there’s still some opportunity, but we don’t want to go. When I have children, I don’t want to go anywhere. Ever since I got married, I felt that eating out was one of the joys of that day. But now that I have a baby, I want to eat in the house; I don’t want to leave. If there is a need to make an appointment with someone, they have to go out. If it were the two of us, we would hardly eat out.

What have you learned about being a mother?
Mew : People who have never been mothers can never understand. I mean, back before I gave birth, I couldn’t imagine how I could be a mother until the day I gave birth, and I saw his face, and it came. We can do anything for him. He’s a joy we’ve never experienced before. Before having children, Mew was a person who liked to leave the house; most of them would go out to find happiness and shop to see friends. Happiness is waking up to see you happy. It’s happiness that Mew has never experienced before. It’s an indescribable love. I am very happy just because you call me. It rained so hard yesterday. Enough talking about you; like, I don’t want to cry. When I got in the car, I spread an umbrella for my child (tears). We opened an umbrella for him to get in the car, and he asked if she was wet. That’s it. (smiles) That’s why I said that if I wasn’t for you, I would never know how I felt. My heart was fluffy.

Did the second child plan with Saint, or did everything come naturally?
Mew : I planned. At first, we were determined to have two people. This one, we kind of want them not too far apart. Mew and my sister are 2 years apart, and I feel like it’s a good age. My children will be separated for about 2 years to become friends and brothers as well. Now Mew is so chill, like we’ve probably experienced this before, so I know what the next step will be. We’re pretty chill right now because we’re paying attention to watching our first baby. We’ve got experience; it’s going to be something like the same. We should be able to handle it. Like the first one, we are very new, so we have to prepare a lot.