“Mile-Apo” reveals the future in the entertainment industry.

Wow! When two hot young men, “Mile-Pakpoom Romsaithong” and “Apo-Nattawin “Ing Fah Varaha,” appeared in the program “HELLO ENGFA or Ing Fah Maha Na Thor,” a MC asked Ing Fah questions about dealing with the beauty pageant industry. It also reveals their life plans in the entertainment industry. Living a life that helps heal the hearts of fans and spoilers for the movie “Man Suang”

About pressure in the beauty queen industry and how to have self-encouragement?
Ing Fah: I used to be pressured to the point of not taking it and then going home. Because of too much drama, I don’t know how cruel the beauty queen industry is. That is, but if we are over the age of 18, then we can’t. This year must be the only year in the contest. After the contest, I found There are a lot of toxic things about cheering on beauty queens. If sometimes we don’t make up pretty But some people say that it’s like killing someone like that. Because beauty queens have likes and dislikes. Which we have to check to see if we like their mothers or not. When we encounter something toxic that we cannot defend. But in the end, it’s the fight. And find a way to relax, take care of yourself, and tell yourself to love yourself. We always try to think that everything will pass. is to work and live happily.

After that, Ing Fah asked Mile-Apo whether she had a fan club member who was depressed or something like this. Have you come to ask for advice?
Mile-Apo : Yes, in the early days, we started working. That is not this much, and then having the opportunity to read and answer is encouraging him, and most importantly, perhaps what we have posted is good. Because he will see the real humanity. in social media The second is that sometimes we secretly encourage him. Well, I will say goodnight to the fans. every night as much as possible, he felt healed. I think it’s a small matter that makes people who follow us happy already, which got better. He will like to read the cards that he sends every month; he will update that from the very bottom. He is more comfortable now, thank you We feel appreciated and thankful for him as well. When we do something for others, it becomes even more powerful. It’s just that we’re happy with our lives. When other people see it, they try to use it. He was happier, like what we have given to people.

Want to know where to plan yourself and in which direction?
Mile: At the age of 31, we feel that we are doing our best in front of the camera, and we have some improvisation on the plan. But what hasn’t really been done yet? is about the music if there is a chance I entered the entertainment industry because I wanted to share happiness with people. Including inspiring people. Just do two things and get happiness back. We still want to produce new work. Let people who come to look at us feel that it’s something new for them to be happy. Do it every day to the fullest.
Apo: Po is quite clear with himself. that he wants to be an actor and wants to work with world-class We used to study various jobs. Regarding the show, I feel that other places are very diverse. Even from the point of view of making movies, characters are living, but his core purpose is to share humanity with the audience. This means that when viewers share more humanity, they will understand and love themselves more. as if sending happiness indirectly

Movie “Man Suang”
Apo: Man in the definition in the dictionary means human beings. Heaven is heaven. It is human heaven. The movie is period-style. It’s an entertainment place. It was a secret place that had to be chosen by someone to be entered.
Mile : You must have a member to enter (smiles). If there is an opportunity, we want children to watch Thai movies. That is, when we were young, we used to go see Suriyothai, Nang Nak, and Bang Rachan like that in the theater. We feel like Thai movies have something like this too, and it’s a point that inspires us to this day. The fact that we come to play for a period is one point that can allow fans or anyone else to let them watch. I think that the inspiration of the goal that we have come to in entertainment is good, so I’m glad to play movies like this.
Mile : It is pride as a Thai person whose arts and culture flourish. I consider the country to be great and am glad to be a part of spreading art culture here for the world to see.