“Mintra Intira” opens up, and now there are people talking and facing the hardest problem! I can’t accept comments that cross the line toward parents.

Launching a new program, “Ble AM,” with the first role of host of “Ble Pathumrach,” a new MC with a heart from Isaan. Home-style interview And sincerely full of all flavors, debut EP. First, with the hottest country girl who is very popular in the online world, like “Mintra Intira,” let’s open up and delve deeper into her identity. family life About love, I admit that now there are people talking. Ready to reveal the hardest story? I can’t accept the comments that cross the line towards my parents. and feelings about the social trend of being watched over the way country singers dress.

I must say that the real Meenatra is very beautiful. A charming woman In the industry, we are both singers, but we haven’t had a chance to meet each other yet. Who gave you your name?
Mintra: Father; actually, father and mother consult with each other. During that time, there will be a heroine or star, which Mintra will play. Indira will be the real name and surname Morales, and many people will like to understand that Mintra is the real name.

Showing that you are half-breed?
Mintra: Siew, I have a half-sibling father. It’s Udon-American. And my mother is from Sisaket. So we have many things in us.

Before you became Mintra, what were your origins?
Mintra: I’m one of those kids who has liked to sing since I was 2–3 years old. It’s like I’ve seen glimpses at home since I was a kid. At that time, we were singing in my father’s band. Then his father brought a guitar to sit on and play. Dad said I sang in the right key and remembered a lot of the lyrics. So he began to notice whether or not he had any talent for singing. We are not a musical family, but we are a family with music at our heart. Because people in our country like to have fun and be happy.

I will see memories of Mintra when she went to compete in The Voice. At that time, he had not yet signed a contract as an artist.
Mintra: Yes, the voice Min came out two times. The first round was when I went to a contest and my hair was still short. I was there and made it to the next round, but I didn’t get into any finals. We keep following our dreams. Until becoming a Grammy-winning artist And then I went back again as an artist, which going back at that time allowed more people to see. And the lyrics went viral on TikTok. In fact, the song Ban Ticket was released a year ago.

One moment that went viral was how you dressed. And there was drama about not dressing appropriately. How do you feel?
Mintra: At the beginning, the story just happened because it was new to this trend. Because normally when people talk about Meentra, they talk about the sound and lifestyle, but when it comes to dressing, So Min was shocked at first. That is, I have or feel that I am a person who is quite fair. What is right and what is wrong is heard. Whatever is wrong, we apologize and understand. What is good and works, we apply to ourselves. There will be some comments that go too far. Let me talk about that drama. There will be a time when it grows up. Fashion in dressing is constantly being upgraded. in our style. The most dramatic dress will be a see-through dress. It will cover the chest a bit, and the rest will be see-through. Originally, it would show a little bit of the chest. Below is the intention of wanting to be sexy. Later, I want to wear sexy clothes, sometimes in pubs and liquor stores. But when he danced and swayed on stage, it receded. From what I saw, it became shortened until it was too obtrusive for our intentions.

The feeling that it’s the heaviest What is the comment that threatens to cross the line?
Mintra: If you talk about us alone, it’s still understandable. But what we can’t accept is talking about our father and mother. There is one comment that we have remembered until now. And we captured it too. …. In the past, I went to compete with my father. I have a father who always takes care of me. Now that Dad is dead, why isn’t there anyone to teach him? So we felt like it was really crossing the line.

The trend of dressing with country girls must be flashy. The more famous it is, the more people will watch it. Are you shocked by this?
Mintra: At first, I was shocked, but then I understood how valuable these comments were to us considering them. In the end, I think that when I read and feel sad, I’m the only one who is sad. These people don’t even know what they do to our hearts. It’s better not to pay attention and not to give value. Because at the same time, there is a group of people who give us a lot of love as well. In the beginning, we focus on these comments because we’ve never seen them before and want to know what people will say. In the end, I gradually understood. Until we saw this angle, it was okay that nothing happened by chance in our lives. At first, I couldn’t see this angle at all. We are certain, at some level, that we were born. Never think badly of anyone. I never thought ill of anyone. I never wanted to cause trouble for anyone. Why did I have to be scolded like this? Just dressing according to our taste and liking.

We are artists, and I want to hear your perspective on love. Do you think love can go hand in hand with our work?
Mintra: Yes, but it has to be good love. If bad love is tiring, Toxic doesn’t want to do anything. But if it’s good love that supports each other, Supporting each other will be a very big force to push forward. We attach great importance to it. It’s not just love from a lover; it’s love from everyone around you.

Do you have a boyfriend now?
Mintra: We have a conversation (smiles).

What are the characteristics of men you like?
Mintra: Not that big. But there are some things that are a lot. Min is a person who gives a lot of love to herself. I love myself very much, so people who come into life must support each other. It must not be a burden. We have to be together, and it will be better.

If you want to flirt with Mintra, is that okay? Is my style too flirtatious?
Mintra: But you look dazzling. It looks like it’s scary (laughs). If it’s like this, I feel like we’ll be difficult to talk to. We always like stable people. But this stability must also have its charm. Must know how to be a leader.