Nawat said that this life does not allow anyone to bully. Revealing secrets behind the stage that even Ing Fah never knew

Open the story of life, love, family and the secret story of the Miss Grand stage.

The big boss of the stage, Miss Grand Thailand and Miss Grand International, “Nawat Isarakraisil” recently opened his heart on the WOODY FM program about family life and love. Declare this life, not allowing anyone to bully. Revealing all the secrets of the Miss Grand stage, even Ingfah Waraha has never known.

Rarely have the opportunity to listen to P’Nawat talk about the dimension of love or personal life, family ?

Nawat: There must be a love story. It’s just that we didn’t give this space quite a lot. Okay, when I was a child, there must be some. In the past, I felt why at that time we decided to do that, why so stupid, trifle, why at that time it was so difficult to think? experience or anything Teaches us to look forward that the most important thing we must love ourselves. Today I love myself so much. and told everyone to love themselves a lot, at the age of 50, don’t be flashy Come and find love, it’s gone Do you know what the word self-love is? Health check-ups every 6 months Anti-aging every month Add brain vitamins every month. Especially the matter of the brain is very important. Another story is about love because it was born in the middle of no electricity. no water supply no private bedroom Life therefore lies with father and mother. He said that 5-10 year olds absorb anything and it will be like that. May absorb too much of living with parents and therefore love mother very much. I love you so much I used to ask questions when I was a kid. How will we live if mom is not here? This was the idea of a child back then. We don’t want it to arrive quickly.

On the day when mom is away ?

Nawat : I have a feeling of being hurt by love. Being in love with my mother is really quite ingrained. I didn’t take anything back then. At present, he said that he was depressed at all. Wasted day still conscious The cremation is over, still conscious After about 1 week, there will be no consciousness. Start to retreat until you don’t want to do anything. and don’t want to work I don’t want to stay in that mode, can’t sleep, have to see a lot of doctors. Until coming back for half a year It’s like a mummified ghost. This one is true. have to take a lot of medication But fortunately, I still love myself. still looking for a way to get rid of try everything

Do you miss your mother ?

Nawat: Nowadays, the bed has not been removed from the living room. Since the mother died in bed for almost 10 years and rarely dared to walk by because if removed It was frightening as if he wasn’t there.

Now, about our life partner, we definitely don’t think about it ?

Nawat: Just indifferent. This is really. Now there are both grandchildren, friends, brothers and sisters. and all his subordinates The children enter the house and leave the house comfortably. because we will tell the housekeeper which page to enter That is, we can randomly come together at home, it’s okay, but asking if love should have come faster, if it’s love, it’s hilarious at present. Tease each other and play okay. But if you want to sit and count 1 person, we’re going to be together, it takes a lot of time. go through it first

We noticed that Nawat’s mood would not be the same as in the past ?

Nawat: Really, it’s similar, because with nature No. 1, someone who has said something has to be proven. Anyone can bounce back as many times as they want, dare to hit, dare to play with. come take all the money Because every time we put something down, we have to be sure that it is yes or no, but later it may apply more legal principles. thus making us feel lighter be more careful in principle Because now blindly, it may be missed because we can’t choose words. It can legally crack anything. Ask if it’s still the same or not. It’s still similar. Born not to be bullied and have never been to anyone before Except some people think that Nawat’s mouth is not good, Nawat likes to go, Nawat is not afraid of anyone. Because those things affect us either directly or indirectly.

Miss Grand Thailand

Nawat: Miss Grand Thailand this year has Ingfah Waraha. It is considered to be a full effort. Before Ing Fah traveled to Khon Kaen to sit and think about what would help us turn the crisis around. Because we don’t like to think like normal people. think the model has Actors are out of stock. But the TV industry began to feel sluggish. People in social media are quite powerful. So I thought we wanted to find someone like this. I have the feeling that I think of Mor Lam. We traveled to Khon Kaen to enter the House of Rhetorical Arts. who didn’t know him at all to see the way of life When he rehearses, let’s see how he feels. I feel that the charm of Mo Lam is not that anyone can do it because it is very difficult. And it’s the art that is the hardest to say. so I like it There was a feeling that if we shared it would be good.

Therefore, it is the origin of Miss Grand X. Rhetoric. It’s a fairly subsonic matter. In the midst of people saying that how is it possible to combine Mo Lam with a beauty queen? In the end, we were able to cache Naranan, Miss Grand Prachinburi, Pangko, Miss Grand Sisaket, Ing Fah, Miss Grand Bangkok. These 3 people still sing Mo Lam with us and stay with the band all the time. Therefore, it is a phenomenon of people who have never seen a beauty queen and suddenly come to see a beauty queen. We have quite a lot of fans from this group. So it’s a base for people to talk about Grand. I’m glad.

Miss Grand Judging Of course, standards require a committee to vote. But with the stage of Phi Nawat So I have a feeling that in the end, P’ Nawat knocked or not ?

Nawat: Knock, don’t think too much (laughs). It’s like Woody looking for a presenter. No matter how many people, different departments Came to help and finally had to knock. who knows better than us It’s not that we’re the best, but we know and have to take responsibility too. others, especially the committee, came to honor to make a marketing plan To be part of the activity but can’t tell us 100% whether this person is right for us or not.

In the past, the committee said it was this person. So do you disagree ?

Nawat: A lot. It’s normal. Because the beauty pageant is individual. People’s eyes are not the same. Beauty queens now do not measure beauty. A temple that I want to call charm Because charm is more than beautiful Okay, the figure must be good, the face must be good, the brain must be good, 3 important parts. After all, does this person have anything more than these 3 parts that will make people fall in love with him, like him because he is a brand ambassador? This is very important. Why does Miss Grand stay at least 25 days each time? Because we really want to get to know him. what his personality is like And the people who come to tell us are not ourselves alone. all the employees around us who are with him Being a public person nowadays doesn’t have to wait for the light from the square screen.

Your light always comes from which social channel you want to wear. Then I’ll look at the feedback you made and how much people like you. Therefore, the Miss Grand contest is a contest that takes a lot of time to push him to know who he really is. We want to find real people ready to use. You don’t have to be the prettiest. Ingfa is not the most beautiful person. Coco was not the prettiest. But why win because everything is balanced? This is the perfection that we are looking for.

Miss Grand International I knocked too. Recently, when Ing Fah went, what happened ?

Nawat: Knock, many moments. At some moments, you have to confess that you never told Ing Fah to win. Some moments for Brazil to win and then come back to analyze if Ing Fah wins How are Thai people? How are foreigners? Will foreign fans be anti? But if you don’t win, what will happen? think that Thai people who support Including the presenter brand that based on the sky, holding 16 of them. It’s also an economic matter. matter of marketing In the end, we think that 10 years ago, we resigned from the entertainment industry. Ing Fah in Thailand Miss Grand Thailand But internationally, we have to be neutral, wanting to be number 1, but when thinking about colonizing foreign countries, we have to use another style of people to hunt for Isabella Menin, a person with a relatively high level of status and readiness. Really, 3 languages. Let’s sit and analyze the reasons deeply. and then had to admit that we should be inferior We will not betray a career. I never asked Ing Fah. Never talked to him personally. How distraught was he in his heart? no matter the gossip about fighting, holding

All the work that has exploded during my 1 month stay in Bali and Jakarta. Used to ask the assistant to ask the younger brother. How is this moment embarrassing? She told her that she was confident that she was full. Children’s weaknesses I know what it is When announcing the result, when holding hands I guess, I think you are secretly thinking in my heart. His dream is to open a concert in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, where we used to take him to each country and people liked him a lot. Therefore, he must secretly have this idea. But when he announced that he didn’t, he secretly felt pity for him as well. But it had to be announced accordingly. and met him after about half an hour and asked him if he was okay He said it’s okay, the boss is very comfortable, the best, I’m proud to have someone to help the organization work because Isabella, he should be able to help the organization a lot in other ways. As for me, I am at full capacity. I help in Thailand and possibly Indochina. I continue to be full. No problem, I’m happy. That’s all, I’m done. Today he is happy.