Newclear. Life is like being reborn. I don’t think anyone yet!

After being single again, it is called more beautiful every day. RECENTLY, actress Newclear Hansa Jungviwattanawong OPENED UP ON WOODY INTERVIEW ABOUT THE DEEP REASONS FOR THE BREAKUP. Life is like being born again and doing things you’ve never done. I’m grateful to myself for getting through it. Be happy with yourself. I don’t think I have a new boyfriend right now.

How’s life going right now?
Newclear: I’m happy; I feel like I’m just growing up. It feels like we are looking back. We’re so young.

What felt like we were kids back then?
Newclear: It’s a big idea. You are very young and hardly able to do anything on your own, depending on your ex-husband.

One day when they walk together and they’re unhappy, they just have to hit out, but you just have to be conscious enough to know that you really have to go, and then you prove that each one is better?
Newclear: Yes, everybody is better; it’s a decision that I think we made the right one.

How’s Tyga?
Newclear: Happy, we’re both based on Tyga. Whatever decision you make, it’s Taiga. These days, we’re still together. Do something together; be friends. Hanging out together is because of Tyga.

A friendship relationship with an ex-husband. How was it difficult to adapt at first?
Newclear: It’s not there for New; it’s over, because by the time New gets to the point where New breaks up, Well, New broke up with him. It’s accumulated so much, so much so that we feel that the reward of our accumulation is to leave without regret. When New mentors his friends, he always says, “Don’t give up yet.” Let’s go back to the good guys. How many times a thousand times is good? Until one day, when it’s gone, it doesn’t feel anything. It will walk away very easily. We don’t regret walking out.

Because some people still dread when they quit, but the new day is that they know it’s over?
Newclear: Yes, it’s over; it’s over; it’s the last day I feel. I mean, we always weigh whether we’re happier or more unhappy, and if we’re just as miserable as happy, it’s okay. But this is more miserable, and we’re in the house; we’re uncomfortable, we’re under pressure, we’re not happy, and we think we have to go.

Coming out of a relationship and starting to live alone, making your own decisions, doing everything yourself it’s like being born again. Tell me what’s there.
Newclear: When we first walked out, no one agreed. And back then, there weren’t many celebrity couples for whom he announced their breakup. Well, my parents told me that if she quits, you’re going to be the first couple. Aren’t you ashamed? Some friends aren’t embarrassed. Why don’t you put up with it for yourself? What are you going to do when you come out? How to take care of a child must be branded as an imperfect marriage, and we are the ones who, when we were dating, boasted that my life was happy. My husband is good. I am happy I’m the luckiest girl I’m ashamed of ? A lot of people like to say that you have to love yourself, but there’s another thing that people might forget: that you have to have compassion for yourself. It’s okay when a friend comes to consult us. Do your best. It’s exhausting, and we don’t have to fight anyone anymore. But when we tell ourselves to fight, be patient, or something like that, Take the words we say to our friends and say them to ourselves; it will feel lighter. It will feel like we really love ourselves. If we’re like this, New York doesn’t care how people look. Put yourself first, and then New walked out. Quit. Divorce. Sign it. Whatever happens, it happens. I feel like if New loves himself, he’s kind to himself. The world is kind to us, and it really is. There are no downsides. Everything’s fine. New did what New wanted to do but never did. What New was forced to do, New did. New went.

Don’t do what?
Newclear: He went diving because he didn’t want New to learn to dive. He didn’t want New on the boat. He’s afraid of people flirting with him. I mean, he’s very jealous. He’s not wrong. It’s that everything New follows the line he draws. He won’t let us play the love scene. What’s not to play with? No single wires, no backs. No miniskirts. We went crazy following him at first because we loved him. We liked EDM, but he didn’t like it; he never took us there. When I quit, I’m going to go to Tomorrowland. I’m going, whatever. Which country? Go alone. You know, when New went to Tomorrowland, New stood there crying. The stage where he did it was like Disneyland things like fireworks, sounds, people, weather, everything, crying, like, thanking myself for coming through that point, choosing my own path, seeing me do something like this. This is real life.

What do you talk to yourself about when it’s the most critical?
Newclear: It’s like I said I’m going to talk to my friends. We’re doing the best we can. We don’t have to fight for anyone. We’re done. When we look back, we don’t regret the past. New believes that New has done his best. New is a good wife. New is a good girlfriend. New is a good mother. But since he can’t take care of us anymore, we can cherish ourselves and move on.

Have you ever cried alone before?
Newclear: Of course. It’s exhausting, it’s stressful, and it’s stressful. I’ve been thinking about it all along, until it crystallized that it was like a newly valued thing. But he didn’t give it importance or value it, so it didn’t work together. New, for example, values words very much. Words that hit the heart. Words of encouragement are everything about words, but Petch doesn’t value them. Maybe Petch is in a bad mood. Keep talking. Talking about not thinking, talking to make us sad, talking to us to lose our feelings A lot of times it’s collected, and one day it’s not going to work anymore. People don’t think, but people listen to it.

Did Tyga ever ask why mom and dad weren’t together? Have you ever thought before you quit what we have to say to you?
Newclear: Yes, Niu had a lot of words in his head, but when he actually asked me, it was a cork too. He understands that the word boyfriend is about being together and loving each other. They had a baby together, but Papa and Mamy loved Taiga the most, which never changed. Even if the relationship changes, you’re not going to change parenthood.

What did Tyga say?
Newclear: Why don’t you sleep when Papa sleeps? But we’re jealous because we used to be young girls who thought that when we got married, had a family, and had kids, that’s what we thought. That’s what we think, but the truth is, it’s not. It’s not over. There are a lot of other stages in life.

In today’s society, it would be divided into many voices to endure or not tolerate well. What do you think we use to make decisions?
Newclear: Let’s weigh happiness and suffering. If it’s happier than okay, I’ll bear with it. If suffering and happiness are equal, they can still go together. But if it’s a lot of misery and we feel like we’re not happy at all, why do we endure? Why do we have to fight it out and live happily ever after? It’s happier anyway.

How’s your life now? Is there a man?
Newclear: It keeps coming (laughs). At first, we were afraid that someone would come in because of our age. I have kids, I’m married, I have Woody, and the kind of thing that comes in is a lot of kids, from the age of 21 from IG or something, texting that, or maybe we go to a party, meet a kid like a series or something, that’s kind of like that. Why don’t you like your age? You know, you want more, mom, or something? He said to talk to me and be a good adult. He’s not an idiot. And he’s like, okay, having kids and taking care of himself like this, he likes it. But if you’re very young, you don’t know much about it. Okay, you can go on fun trips. But it’s hard to talk about real life because he doesn’t understand what we’ve been through. We’ve been through a lot, but he’s never been through anything hard.

But now you don’t need a girlfriend?
Newclear: No I don’t need it.