“Nicha Natthanicha” shocked! Received harsh comments about being unfit to be a leading actress

Actress “Nicha-Nattanicha Dangwattanawanit” opened up on WOODY INTERVIEW about the reasons for not renewing the channel’s contract. Big life changes that feel very stressful Tell the most shocking event! I remember receiving strong comments in front of me that I was not suitable to be a leading actress. It also encountered heavy criticism to the point where it was almost impossible to continue. But I was able to push through because I was conscious. Look at it as a lesson and motivation for living life.

During the period when there was a trend about not renewing the channel’s contract. What happened then?
Nicha: It’s a very big change. It’s the same in life. who decided not to renew the contract with the channel But there aren’t any problems at all. We just want to try moving out. Then look at what work is broader. that is more independent But with our channel, it’s still okay. Still very happy

The change in life that was the turning point at that time, what were the emotions like ?
Nicha: Actually, I’ve never told anyone that it was a very stressful time. Because we may never have had a change that we had to make a decision about in our own lives that felt like such a big deal. Maybe it’s because we’ve been on the channel for 10 years. If we go there, what will it be like? What will happen? It was like he was very worried about the future at that time. It was a stress that I had never encountered before in my life. But when I got past it, I felt like it was really good stress. It was very strange. I felt like it was good to be stressed. It means that because it is a decision. As human beings, it’s not unusual for us to be stressed about big changes. We are not so strong that we do not feel anything at all. It’s like a new experience in life. That makes me realize that stress isn’t always bad. The fact that we take time to think back and forth. At that time, we may have been stressed, but after we got past it, we felt that we would not regret it later. Because we have reviewed it for the most part. That is, it is a cycle. Uncertainty is normal.

Before becoming Miss Unity, was this ever in your head?
Nicha: Never (laughs). It’s a very distant thing, probably because we weren’t expressive since childhood. But to try and start acting in dramas It’s been a series of guest roles like this. And so it felt like it was fun. So I began to see the picture more and more clearly.

Are there any comments that we remember at all?
Nicha: When I first came in, there were many trends. But it’s the one that really sticks in my mind. It’s more of a comment from people’s speech, not a comment on social media. It was a speech that he walked and spoke in front of us. To which he walked up and said something like this, I couldn’t be a heroine. So what is the shock? At that time, we had just arrived, probably around Mathayom 5 – Mathayom 6. When I encountered this, I was a little confused as to what this situation was. And what he said, if it’s like this, what is it like? This is probably what I remember the most.

After that day, how do we move on with words that hurt us?
Nicha: It’s about a little less. Because we may never have encountered anything like this in our lives. Before that, we were just students studying. But when we came to work, it turned out that we encountered this thing. But in the end, I felt like it was okay. If it still doesn’t work today, I’ll try it. It’s like another turn. Because I don’t know what to do with this, let’s change it into a driving force for us.

What is the thing that has taught you the most lessons in your past life?
Nicha: Actually a lot. Comments on people’s words is one thing that Nicha says people who come into the industry or people who live in society here. You may have to deal with it as well. Because it comes from many different directions. It’s one thing that I feel like I have to learn to adapt to and understand this kind of humanity more. Have you ever been in a corner where you couldn’t understand and couldn’t work? We only cared about what other people said. And even use other people’s words to judge yourself. At that time I couldn’t work. My mental state is very bad. All confidence disappeared. Afraid of not liking that person. Afraid of not liking this person. Until one day, while playing in the drama Sam Bai Mai Thao, it received a lot of comments. But I have to thank you. That’s why you guys Everyone supports us fully. I remember there was one word that changed. Make us what we are today. That is, there is an assistant director named P’Golf. He saw that my condition must have been very bad. At that time, I looked so sad. So he said that Nisha would like to sit and talk a bit. Whatever happened, we will tell you. He said to try to be mindful. Try to look at the bigger picture and represent yourself like a water filter for every comment they throw.

We have to filter to see if this is useful to us or not. Can this be improved? Or what they say is that I’m not beautiful but are I satisfied with what I am? You have to separate carefully which one you want to build. Or which one is really not useful at all? He taught me to be able to separate thought systems. Okay, when I encounter it I’m already a bit nosy, but in the end I have to come to my senses. If they comment like this, we still don’t act well. We have to adjust here. This is useful, so you don’t need to develop yourself. But this one says that I’m not beautiful, I can’t do anything about it. Well, I don’t want to go get plastic surgery to change my face to make everyone like me, so let it be. It’s like practicing this thought system continuously. So it changed to be who we are today. Which is not easy. But once we can do it, we feel a lot lighter.

In life, we never know what will be worthy of ourselves. Until we tried to do it?
Nicha: Yes, you have to know yourself a lot in order to know what is right for us. It’s not like other people said it was suitable either. We must answer what is us. You have to keep trying. And listen to yourself a lot.