“Ning Panita” cries! I have endured life for 10 years, never doing anything for myself.

Famous actress, drama producer, and strong mother, “Ning Panita,” has time to open up completely after breaking up with her ex-husband. Talking about past lessons, having endured for 10 years, today it’s time to let go and cry! I have never done anything for myself in this life on Woody FM.

It felt like Ning chose to remain silent on some matters. In the past, I thought that I would not accept it. But this time, you stayed quiet and took time to reflect. How was your thought process different from the past?
Ning: Because Ning has a child. And there was a child that Ning had nurtured since she was in the womb. Everyone who knows Nong Nilin admires him. He was a child with respect, manners, happiness, and was active in many things. Then one day, Ning’s child began to change and not be active in things that should be happy in a child’s way. And what was in his mind would be like Ning in the part when Ning loved his friends—that is, he was always worried about this person. All over the world, he will be worried about how his mother will be today. Is Mom crying? How is your mother going to work? It puts his whole world there instead of living a bright life. Do what you like. There it receded. and carry everything. The feelings of those around you, like my mother had when she was over 10 years old,

What is the relationship between mother and child like?
Ning: Like a friend, he is everything, and Ning is his strength. Ning was everything to him. It’s like we’re the same person.

So in the past, every story Did he speak directly to his mother? I’m not sure how open the media at home is to him.
Ning: Today should be difficult in that we can’t close anything. From past events, we closed But he knew it from a friend. Friends also learn from their own parents. So it’s something that makes us unable to close it. He knows that we already have problems. But what we try to show or make him see is as if we don’t have any problems. Those are two adults who have a problem. You don’t have a problem. Just because two adults have problems doesn’t mean the children must have problems. That is, at home, we won’t do anything big. But when there’s a lot of media Some things we don’t tell the details about. But people asked him about the details. It’s painful here.

And when children talk, oh wow, they don’t talk any different than us. The things that kids talk about are no different from ours. But the only thing that makes children different from us is their thought process. He will think right and wrong differently than us. We have more experience than that. Ning’s luck is that he has a coach. Please allow me to use this word. Actually, Ning’s day was very bad. I asked if Ning’s friend knew about it. I know a lot about it. But that doesn’t mean you call and talk to your friends all the time. But today I really can’t make my own decision. Because of reason, effect, and emotion, Ning will call P’Aom Sunisa, and he will be supportive in the sense of giving options. You can do what you think, but this result is what I thought. But if you do this, the result will be like this: Ning thought about it and then returned to talking.

In the past 10 years, what has Ning learned the most?
Ning: Mindfulness and equanimity Every problem comes up. Ning believes that when someone has a problem, it feels like we want to escape from it. But when you can’t get out of the problem, how do we deal with problems that affect us? Distract ourselves as little as possible. That is, adults who like to teach say, Is there something serious? I said, Let it be. The word “make it happen” seems easy to do, but it is very difficult to do. But once you can do it, the word “make it happen” will go on to say “make it happen” and accept it or not. It’s difficult to take another step, and when you’re done accepting it, are you willing to let it go? Ning’s process finally accepted it and let him be happy. But there is no such thing as accepting it and living it to be truly happy. We all have hearts and minds. And if you’re truly not 100% happy, should you let go? And when you release it, there will be fear. But when I actually released it, wow! Is it really just this?

For not letting go and carrying it, how many years is this?
Ning: 10 years

10 years is a very big lesson. In this matter, Ning endured and lived to the utmost. What will it be like to endure until the end?
Ning: Sometimes Ning wants to erase the label. Delete all the words that have always been criticized. Ning is a bad person because he is impatient, acts quickly, uses emotions, doesn’t speak well, and speaks frankly. But all in all, Ning can still be the same Ning. Just calm down. And based on what you think, say it. We just put reason first. How do you make us think like this? But the original goal The speed of decision-making and doing things has decreased a lot. When it decreases, we have to put in a lot of effort, right? But it will be more careful. We will see along the way what our weak points are, and then go down and crush them in order to fix and improve. And when we decide to release it, we won’t have 1 2 3 4 5 where we have to answer the question to ourselves about whether we have done well or not.

I endured it not because I wanted to hold on or because I still wanted to love. Love ended a long time ago. But there are only two things that can be endured. If it’s good and happens with good luck, then our child will be perfect. But if your luck is bad, bad luck. But on the bad side, it must be released. Then walk out, and I will end everything like everyone has said before. It will prove that, by spending time with it, you will know that a person If we can’t change another person, we can really change ourselves. It may not be 100% pleasing to anyone, but it’s the best for us. And especially today, Ning called the fewest people. The fact that we made this decision and consulted with as few people as possible shows us that we can really change ourselves. Not from having a mat waiting to receive it. And finally, I don’t know if it’s true or not.

While going through all of this, you still did a good job. You are energetic with work because you are a very serious person. All in all, do you secretly feel like if you don’t have a job, you’ll be crazy? If you didn’t have a job, I’d like to know what your life would be like.
Ning: This is Ning’s life. If you stay still without working, Ning said Ning was crazy. Because of all of Ning’s driving forces It is driven by the power to work. Because there is a goal and something Ning wants to work on. We have many people behind us who are concerned. Ultimately, it’s Ning’s son, Ning’s mother, and Ning’s family. We also have subordinates who are soldiers waiting behind us. Our people will be successful. Today, as Ning Panita, we are not the only ones who are talented. And in many things, Ning isn’t good at it either. Ning had generals on the left and right, and generals and soldiers behind him. And if Ning falls behind us, how many more people will be behind us today? We must try to stand up. We have things to do. We have a goal ahead of us.

When was the last time that Ning really showed love to herself? Because she felt that in her past life, did you give your heart only to everyone?
Ning: Ohh… (tears in my eyes, voice shaking) I don’t have it when I buy things, but actually it’s just temporary therapy (crying) until today. Believe it or not, when someone asks me what I want, let’s go buy things to relieve stress. I don’t want anything.

That being said, I don’t see what you do for yourself. So I don’t know if you’ve ever admired yourself or not.
Ning: Did you know that this question was asked by both Aom and himself? Both the consultants told Ning to go look for it. He asked what Miss Ning’s happiness was. Can you please make me a doctor? Ning then said that it was Ning’s happiness. Ning is a person who likes to dress beautifully. I am a person who likes to get facial massages, get my nails done, and do my hair. I feel that I am beautiful and that Ning is happy. Ning then went and did as Ning said to the advisor. There was one day the whole day after the counselor spoke. We went straight into EmQuartier and went shopping. To be honest, it wasn’t true. Believe it or not, we had many interviews. I haven’t cried yet. Do you think Ning cries easily if there’s a camera? It’s very difficult—very little. Ning is a person who rarely cries unnecessarily, to the point where friends say it’s okay to cry sometimes.