“Nunew” admits to being very worried about “Sea Phruek”, but they had to go their separate ways and grow up and still say they love her and are close friends as before.

Rising young actors and artists “Nunew-Chawarin Perdpiriyawong” opened up on WOODY FM about his path in the entertainment industry that was not smooth. Until becoming famous like today I have been rejected and had projects canceled before. He is a person who lacks self-confidence. He admits that he still cares about “Sea Pruek” but has to part ways to do his own projects. Still say I love you and be a close friend like before.

How old are you this year?
Nunew : 22

This is the year when you should want to try many things and challenge yourself. Want to develop yourself? What aspects of your life would you like to improve?
Nunew: I’ve been working for about a year or so. I just entered the entertainment industry not long ago. You may not be able to adjust to anything 100%, especially in the beginning. You may not be able to adjust at all. We have come to meet another society. Which has stress and pressure, but there is also happiness in it. Because what I do is what I like too. At first, we may not have known that we liked acting that much. But we’ve liked singing for a long time. Or that our photo shoots just keep coming by? In the beginning, we had very little experience and could not do well at all. We keep trying to develop ourselves. Up until now, I have had many things. that must be refined

Do you think your interview skills have improved a lot since last time we talked?
Nunew: Are you talking more? (laughs) There’s a little bit of tension. But dare to speak more. Many people may think that I have a smooth path. But actually, we travel to many places. In the beginning, no one knew. I went to cache work, but no one was interested. When someone is interested in doing a movie project but suddenly it is folded. At that time, I felt very disappointed.

Does it last a long time?
Nunew: For quite a long time. I always try to tell myself that in this world, it’s not just us who encounter things like this, disappointments, or failures. There are many other people who have met us. So why can’t we just get through this? Try to think positively. I rarely think negatively. Because if you think negatively and do nothing good for yourself, it will be stressful for nothing.

Actually, many people don’t know. Why did Nunew enter the industry because of its family?
Nunew: Yes, if it were before, I never thought of wanting to enter the industry. Because my father has wanted me to enter the industry since childhood. My father jokingly said that he wanted me to work in the industry. We know that Father’s jokes at that time were secretly hopeful as well. And when we had that opportunity, suddenly! So I thought we’d give it a try. It should be fun. If we go in and we’re okay with it, we’ll continue. But if it’s not what we thought, then we’ll leave. That was my first idea of entering the industry, and then I consulted with my parents and agreed. When I first came in, it wasn’t that smooth. I have no background at all and don’t know what I can do. I still didn’t know I could sing. Sing a song, and people will like it. I was a child and didn’t have much confidence in myself. If you cry, will it be good or not? Will people be annoyed?

You care a lot about other people’s opinions too. Is it still there now?
Nunew: I still have an idea. But if it’s in the beginning, I’ll think a lot about what the song will be like when it’s released. What will the people who listen to him say? But as we have more and more songs, there are more and more fans. I tried to change my own thinking. I’m just a kid who likes to sing. I want to sing the way I want to sing for others to listen to. Try not to think that it has to be perfect all the time. Just sing it out as you like. our happiness

How many siblings do you have?
Nunew: I have two siblings. I have an older brother. I’m the younger brother. We love each other very much. Since we were children, we talked about everything. Now everyone has grown up, but they are still close to each other and can still talk about everything like before, including happiness, sorrow, love, and everything else.

How old were we when we met our first love?
Nunew: Ohh, very young. I like my classmates. It was kindergarten at that time. We’re just delighted. It’s a happy feeling when we’re with him. Friends also like to tease him.

So, have you ever met again? Have you ever told him?
Nunew: I’ll tell you the same thing. He had known that since elementary school. I secretly hope he feels the same as us. At that time, we weren’t sure if he felt the same as us or not.

Didn’t you ask him at that time?
Nunew: I don’t dare yet. Because we separated when we were in middle school, we stuck with the image from elementary school that it was okay that he was like this. Then, when we met in high school, we still felt good.

Has he ever said he likes me?
Nunew: I’ll tell you (laughs). It’s a good feeling during my life. As for now, we are good friends.

Talking about the two of us, it’s not just us here. But it is us who are Sea-Nunew,” because everyone has been talking about it as a package for years now. But now it’s like everyone is doing their own projects. Do you still care about each other? Do you talk to each other?
Nunew: I’m worried. I’m very worried. But maybe we haven’t told each other that much. Because I’m embarrassed (laughs). If I’m going to be honest, I’m really worried. Actually, we talk all the time. We talk a lot because, like before, we have been working together for a year. But during this time, he was filming quite a lot of series. Therefore, we may be separated to go to work sometimes. Separate to grow and gain experience. But in the end, we still live in the same house, on the same label, and are still very good partners. I still think of him all the time when we go to work alone.

As a close friend, use DM or Line to talk. Have you ever used the word love?
Nunew: Every once in a while (laughs), I’ll tell you I love you sometimes, but it’s not often. will be printed each time. It’s a typed form that says I love you, but before you can press send, you have to wait a long time as well. There is embarrassment; not daring to say, I love you, is not an easy thing at all.