Open all sides, “My-Apo” in Woody FM on Stage, heart-warming.

It’s over with the Woody FM on Stage with Mile-Apo event that has 2 hot guys “Mile Phakphum” and “Apo Natthawin” who come to talk and share deep, exclusive stories that have never been seen. Where was it revealed before? The scene opens with many young people. who has a charming smile revealing secret corners Guitar mania is life. In this event, I found a surprise from my favorite idol, “Oh Oran”, the band Dioran Project. Thailand’s leading guitarist Let’s invite guitar solos to compete on stage.

Continued with the part of Apo, a handsome, cheeky young man. Revealing a cute angle, showing the child to meow at Pee Woody, who meets like this, who can endure it? The heart melted in the whole hall, ready to open three secret pictures on the mobile phone for fans to see. This event was surprised by the launch of “Eye Kamonnet”, a close sister in the industry. and is the person who has always known the story of Apo’s life, from encountering obstacles until becoming successful like today. This is a story and a good friendship that have been shared with each other.

Then came the highlights, Mai and Apo revealed their feelings and hearts for each other, causing the fans to shed tears, followed by the hilarious and cute game activities of the Be On Cloud brothers as a moment. Impressive. In the last moment, 2 young men show their cocktail making style. Ready to choose the lucky one to come and taste it on stage closely, calling out loud screams Before the end of the 3-hour happy moment, full of gratitude, smiles and laughter, full of flavors, they went home with full hearts in the whole hall.