Open the warp of “Ang Pao”, the legendary boss, fighting over the scene from “Aerin Yuktadatta”.

We bring deliciousness to you once again, Miss Aerin. Take everyone to the Suan Mali area and open a secret shop! “Suan Mali Chicken Noodle” has an ancient recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation for 65 years, which is located near the intersection of Central Hospital. Ready to open warp “Nong Ang Pao”, the legendary boss who created the legend, competes for “Aerin”‘ s scene in the program “Miss Chakin Guide

During the filming of the program, Aerin was enjoying food and taking pictures. I found a face-to-face fight taking place. Hide a bit, and I’ll serve. “Nong Ang Pao,” the tiny merchant Until it became a viral trend overnight with this picture with over a million views. I love the cuteness of my younger sister.

“Suan Mali Chicken Noodle” is the secret to that deliciousness. It is roasted on a very hot charcoal grill. Until you get noodles that are dry and fragrant with charcoal and not soaked in oil, Crispy, fragrant noodles, yummy baked eggs, and lots of toppings. There are roasted chicken noodles and baked chicken noodles. and roasted chicken noodles. Seeing this, Miss Erin is very happy. So much so that I took the deliciousness and took it home with me. Because it’s very delicious, Miss Arin has come to guide us. Let’s go eat delicious food.