“Pat Napapa” tells the legend of 6 G and reveals the secret to winning her boyfriend’s heart!

Launching a new item Ready to have a good time with the hottest host? “Kambum Preeyada,” who will show off her charming style with the program “How many chili peppers do you put on your menu?” It’s not just a delicious food menu item. But it’s so hot that it’s on fire because of the stories the guests tell about Mouse on the show. First guest EP. First with the hot and sexy actress “Pat Napapa” who reveals her boyfriend “Pee Chanon” favorite menu and talks about her beloved son, Nong Racing, who is now starting to work. Already in the industry Let’s see how many chili peppers Pat’s menu is so delicious and spicy that she has to put in it!!

Is this a menu that Pat Napapa eats regularly?
Pat Napapa: Well, it’s not really a regular thing because it’s expensive. It’s just that it’s a menu that I use when I can’t think of anything else. The man would say, “Do you want to eat steak?” That is because he went to live abroad. Then he went to work in a Thai restaurant, so he has knowledge, so he likes to make the menu “Pork Chop with Pepper Sauce,” and recently he bought a rosemary plant to plant. Because if we ferment it with rosemary, it will smell very fragrant.

Have you heard the news about Nong Racing having work in the industry?
Pat Napapa: It’s colorful because we have to work as a couple. A mother and daughter make a living. He is a good person who takes orders, but orders from others. From my mother, this is zero. We can’t work together. He will be a person who feels pressured by working with his mother. He felt that he had done well. But why do his good deeds seem like his mother isn’t okay with him? It’s like when his mother is in the frame, he feels worried.

Until one day, the drama asked if Nong Race was interested in acting in a drama, but she didn’t act in that drama. He accepted, and he did very well. He listened to the director. The only thing Pat would say to him when leaving the house was that Race listened to the director as much as possible. Have him wait to receive briefs from only one director. Pat is very afraid that he will make the pile slow. If there is one person who makes the team slow, it will be slow for a long time, which he can do. And the important thing when Pat takes him on the team is that he can only play for fun. But when he actually went to do it himself, he felt that it was not fun at all.

The legend of Pat 6 G?
Pat Napapa: It started at 6 G for a while and then turned on and off often. After that, we got the nickname 8 G, which is during our life we ​​encountered a lot. So we are sensitive. We are not just single people, single with 1 child, already married. Having already had a husband I’ve been through being a single mother and now have a child. The person who will come in must also be an example. When we quit within 6 hours, we got 6 G first, meaning we launched him on November 19th at around 7 p.m., after counting 6 hours, we said single, closed!

You can have a younger boyfriend. We must not be ordinary?
Pat Napapa: I’m secretly happy. I’m secretly glad that we took care of ourselves. is his foreign friend who are British people traveling here Believe it or not, my friends didn’t believe that I was 37 and turning 38 at that time. It was also good luck. that we know how to take care of ourselves