“Pin Kejmanee” opens up and reveals that her child has known everything all along. Just wait for the time to break up when you’re ready.

“Pin-Kejmanee Pichai Ronarongsongkhram” opens up completely for the first time! After divorcing her ex-husband of nearly 30 years, her children knew everything for many years. Just wait for the time to break up when you’re ready. Now I’m back to using Miss again. I still don’t think there’s anyone new on WOODY FM.

Today, Pin Kejmanee is ready to convey her feelings for the first time to everyone. People say what we have encountered in this event. What do you think people may have done wrong in the past? Which we didn’t come out and say?
Pin Kejmanee: Pin, I don’t know what the misunderstanding is. We receive only positive energy. So I don’t really know what they misunderstood. And it’s like there are only good things happening. Actually, there’s nothing bad at all. There may be some that are normal for humans. Family problems must already exist. In the past, I have been a miss for exactly 1 year (laughs). I have returned to being a young woman again.

How many years have you been together?
Pin Kejmanee: Since 1995, almost 30 years, we’ve been lovers for a very long time.

Woody believes that this picture is not the picture that Pin thought would happen?
Pin Kejmanee: I didn’t think at all. I never thought about it because I’m a person who dreams of having a family. Happy like any other woman Because there was a divorce in my own family, my parents hadn’t been together since I was 2 years old, so I was very determined that we would make our family perfect and warm. No matter what sacrifices we had to make, we would. Do it to the utmost for the rest of your life. But along the way, it was rough, not beautiful, not like a lavender field. But because we are women who would rather find something to smile about every day, Find something fun to do every day. You can find joy in suffering. It has continued to go well.

The moment you have to decide?
Pin Kejmanee: It probably won’t be that day. It’s something that keeps coming, waiting until finally the day we make a conscious decision. For many reasons, including all of them, we thought it was better to be friends. It’s better to be parents to your children. At this time, the child is ready. When everyone is happy

And did he agree at all?
Pin Kejmanee: It took years. There were many times when we talked about this matter for many years, whether we should separate or not. never to be separated. Finally came back. It gets better every time. But the last time we talked and he said OK, I was shocked too. I didn’t think it would be this easy. OK, I’ll make an appointment for the next day.

Maybe because of the stories that have accumulated to the point of being uncomfortable? How are you feeling?
Pin Kejmanee: It’s like the lifestyles are very different. From the time we had fun together since childhood Because we have a lot of fun together. We fight and destroy together. We play sports together. Wherever we go, we go together. But later, it might be a matter of Pin’s health. I can’t be bothered with wearing the hip prosthetic hairpin anymore. He would have to go have fun. Pin is also fun. The working hours didn’t match, and he worked nights. We will have to go to sleep. We have to take care of it, whether it’s our pets or our children. The times are different. So they are quite far apart. But it’s like trying to come back and find something to do that’s the same, that we can do together sometimes, but it’ll be less.

Did your friends send a lot of messages at that time?
Pin Kejmanee: A lot; some read, some not read. Because sometimes it’s hot. The more people came, the more I cried. I don’t want to cry anymore.

Does that mean you cried a lot?
Pin Kejmanee: Hey! I wouldn’t say it’s not a lot. It’s just one day, right? Sometimes, like today, I’m really happy. like bipolar Another day, I was crying hysterically all alone.

Many people choose not to separate and stay because of their children. But we think that in the age of society that has changed, children who grow up need to understand more. I would like to know, from each child’s point of view, if there will be an impact.
Pin Kejmanee: Of course, the first thing that I think of is my child. And we talked all the time. You know everything all the time. We are friends.

And how do you take care of your child during the moments that are your greatest?
Pin Kejmanee: Everyone is well taken care of and very cute. The child has become an adult. When we weren’t at home, the children took care of the pets for us as well (laughs). Especially Chao Khun lived with the dog until he got used to it too (laughs), because Pin was a very orderly person and had all the rules. But when we left the house, Khun volunteered to take care of us. That is, bring the dog to your mother’s house. I live with Khun sometimes. But when I saw it again, all the dogs lost their dogs (laughs). This word can be used right now. Khun said that his personality is similar to his. As messy as a rag

When Pin held a knee and talked with the child, did all three of you talk together or did you talk separately?
Pin Kejmanee: There are some. Some are separated. It will be something that gradually develops. keeps happening And the child saw everything. But we used to talk about being friends. To which he said he was not ready yet. Can I enter university first? Actually, he didn’t speak to us directly. But he secretly talks to other people. Then other people came to tell me about it. Some were ready, some weren’t yet.

Do you know the reason?
Pin Kejmanee: With the feeling that he wanted to study hard first. He wants to work with concentration. I want to be an adult first. When he’s ready, he’ll tell you. When he told us, we were fine.

Does that mean you wait?
Pin Kejmanee: Waiting, waiting for many years.

So it’s not about lightning?
Pin Kejmanee: Well, it’s not an exciting matter at all. But we are people who don’t like to announce it to the world.

They are an entertaining family. All three children grew up with their Thai siblings. We think that if he’s okay and can continue, then there’s no need to worry.
Pin Kejmanee: Chao Khun Chao Samut is doing very well now.

Lord of the Seas, do you know what he will become?
Pin Kejmanee: He likes everything, like me. But it’s like many people warned him if he really liked it or not, right? Until he was confused. So he became interested in photography, and now he’s really into it. I can sit for days.

Who are you most worried about right now?
Pin Kejmanee: I’m not worried. I worry depending on age, according to each person. Each story hurts in different ways. Because we are very close, we talked every step of the way.

Did he tell his mother everything?
Pin Kejmanee: Everything that I don’t want to listen to (laughs). Sometimes, like me, I don’t need to imagine at all. He told me everything, and it was fun. There were all kinds of emotions and flavors. Then I would come and give advice on whether it would be a good idea to do this or not. Who is this person? When you’re jealous of him and he gets angry, can you be jealous? Can you be angry? Or how should you apologize? How can you reconcile? We talked about everything.

Do you now agree on how to divide up child care?
Pin Kejmanee: We switched back and forth and were still friends.

Now I’m a Miss. Have you begun to have feelings for other men yet?
Pin Kejmanee: Honestly, I don’t want it at all. And no one came to flirt with me. It’s the fact that I’ve had a single boyfriend for almost 30 years, and suddenly he wants me to have someone to talk to. There’s Tom; there’s a little bit of something. We felt unfamiliar. I talked to my child. My child told me to just stay still because I couldn’t keep up with the men. I’ll cry soon. I’ll be sad soon. You’ll be tricked again.

Many people don’t know that Pin is quite open in terms of relationships, no matter what gender they are.
Pin Kejmanee: Yes, I understand. That is, all the time, my children. I want you to stay still. But he felt sorry for his mother, afraid that she would be lonely because there was no one. I want my mother to have friends to talk to. Let Mother have some fun. But in the end, the boss said if Mom really has a boyfriend, The boss would rather bite his tongue (laughs). Then why give me permission? I’ll be happy if I just stay still. Khun then said that Khun Kong had punched him. Samut said it was not okay. And who would dare to come in? Saying this much, but seriously, we are already happy. I live with three lovely children and lovely friends. The Pin family is also very warm.

What are the good things that Pin Kejmanee has encountered from all these events?
Pin Kejmanee: Well, I just found out that there are so many people who love us and are sincere with us. Really a lot. And there are also good intentions and bad intentions. We chose to leave a smaller circle. I don’t talk much to anyone. It’s word-of-mouth. Keep going. It’s changing. It’s not fun at all. And Pin loves her child very much. Everything that will come out of Pak Pin, I care about my child the most.

Has there ever been a mother with three children crying and hugging each other at the same time?
Pin Kejmanee : Yes, during that time

Are you lucky to have 3 minions to take care of you?
Pin Kejmanee: Yes, thank God. Just having these 3 people, my life is already full. It’s unconditional love. He is always with us.

I admire you for being strong. You have to live with that feeling. And today I lifted it off my chest and it was relieved?
Pin Kejmanee: Open and comfortable. When we meet each other, we greet each other and talk. At first, it might be a little strange and awkward, but later, you’ll get used to it.

Do you have more time these days?
Pin Kejmanee: Yes, take care of your children and exercise. What is indispensable is that, for 50 years, you have to take care of your beauty.