Poo Praiya used to escape from the industry, almost ending her life because of the bully.

Used to run away from the circle and family Because the word Bully is a high-class toy, not beautiful, black body

The hottest young actress and model at the international level Pu Praiya flower garden Lundberg reveals the story of a past life that ran away from the industry and family. because the bully word is a high-class toy, not beautiful, black, to the point that he wants to end his life I had to stay with myself for 3 years, but was able to move past that point. is a life lesson Choose to love yourself as a new person who is stronger than before without being attached to anything in the WOOD FM program.

unrequited love the reason why ?

Crab : Crab picked the wrong person. Because at that time I still loved myself. And still don’t know myself enough Don’t forget that Ai started acting as a star at the age of 13 while studying. The crab was terrible then. Pu also remembered that Crab has a problem with comments on the internet. It’s a story that has never been told to anyone before. During the first drama, when playing football, the skin is a bit darker, revealing that the tanned skin is very beautiful. remember the drama just came out So I went to look at Channel 7’s website. In the past, there were a lot of posts. Someone told me how to be a heroine, she’s so black

Crab ran out of the study, crying on the floor. Everyone thought that Crab was ugly. At the age of 13, he didn’t even know himself. After a few months, he went to watch football on Channel 3. When he was about to leave the football field, someone said that the black body was not beautiful at all. Then the crab came back to cry. That’s the experience of being commented by fans of Thai people, so they think they hate crabs. I don’t like anything that is crab. and said that no one was married to a high-class toy Crab, more like I’m going to have to find a girlfriend. I had to be white to find a man first. It was crazy. I thought to myself that I had to be like this to be accepted

and then after that must be done It’s a Thai woman who speaks because, seriously, it’s like putting a tiger in a panda costume (laughs). Poo can’t do that. The guy who is Pu’s girlfriend says that you’re not what you say you are. like the beginning But after dating, it’s likely that Pu will start to not be very happy. Then the crab will be stubborn and silent. It’s with all the old fans. When he started wanting us to go in the direction we thought we could rest and be able to do it. It started to quarrel because deep down, crabs were extremely stubborn, so they didn’t do it, didn’t want to do it, couldn’t change themselves. When moving to America, the crab discovered the real crab identity.

is that crab is a straight person Has a stingy sense of humor Then the crab is quite chill with sex, not a person who is arrogant. crab like arc Concave shape wearing a swimsuit I like falling in love, being in love, being someone who looks at a beautiful woman, I think she’s sexy, she’s beautiful, looking at men, she’s quite open about sex. And it’s something that in the past, the crab was pressed down and couldn’t speak. After speaking, people scolded hard. An older crab tries to understand that a human should be with a person. Is it the same life? Some people can do it, some people can’t. This is to ask yourself who is in the moment of life. And if we choose a person One that we will live with for the rest of our lives without looking and thinking of anyone else. Without feeling anything for the opposite sex or the same sex until then, Pu may get married. But that person must be the one who can handle the crab. in the way crabs are Crab is now in an open phase. Look at everything. You’ve only been born once. So I thought that I could live my life as I wanted.

how is love now Have you been together for a long time? ?

Crab : Happy, it’s better to call it a talk. I’ve been talking for a while. We’ve been talking for over a year now. Let’s keep it personal only this time. Crab won’t talk anymore. No one will see the pictures laid down. Because when it comes to social media, how heavy is it? Poo felt that he wanted to protect the person he was talking to. And the other thing is that in the past it was Praya version, had to make this person love, had to have a girlfriend, had to get married to have value. But now I feel that life loves crabs. It’s about crabs. it’s personal If the crab still can’t protect himself in the eyes of the people which now after this interview Crabs may be scolded very hard. Crab has no way of taking other people who are outsiders. must come across something like this Crab must protect everyone. It’s like once in a while. Today, I still ask for permission from my friends. Because the crabs are afraid, they have met a lot of crabs.

Have you ever thought about not playing social media? ?

Poo : Ever, if one day we can have our own income in the job that fits perfectly, then close it for sure, bye! Instagram

on the day you carry crab Praya that it must be like this for Thai people to like it Finally, one day you gradually Crack yourself and see that I don’t have to be anything left zero empty ?

Poo : In the end, the breath that we have is the most real. People will overlook the importance of breathing. But it’s something we can’t live without. more than food or drink So when you feel that life is too unacceptable Crab wanted to say that he came back to his breath. We are born to die, whether we are burned or buried, nothing lasts forever. So the crab lives like today. is like the last day of the crab And finally, what do you want to do? Poo wants to be with family. ok make money get a job But did you love it? If you don’t love, don’t want to do this job. Crab will not do anything and want to do what makes him happy. Finally, I believe After a second and the last breath I want to feel that I look back on my own life and that moment. tell yourself I did my best I’m satisfied, this is very important for crabs. What other people really think It’s not a crab problem. So if I ask everyone today What do you want to do? Go and do it because you don’t know if you’ll be able to. This moment will be the moment when we are the youngest. We will never be younger.

The hardest thing in life ?

Poo : Wanting to kill himself, Poo used to think for a short time, then a woman came to scold Poo. Then he left his phone number on IG, so Pu called to cry. Tell me how could you do this to me? do you know me You know you can’t beat me and scream. Your friend grabs the phone and says No!! She couldn’t call anyone like this. Then the crab screamed. lying on the bathroom floor crying Probably more than ten hours And after that, it’s just the beginning of a psychological and brain war that will happen where advertising disappears, jobs disappear, everything that clings to crab identity. that if there is such a thing, the value of crabs will disappear altogether But it was the best gift that ever happened.

what do you get ?

Crab: I can be myself now. Whether you like it or not, it’s not our problem. Crab has retired. It is also an important part of the crab. But at the end of the day sometimes life is like this chapter of the book is over. The person you are now is over. That person should die for a new person to be born and stronger.

In the past, when it was very stressful father mother what ?

Crab: Crab’s parents are the ones who say Why would she care? Crab cried. You don’t understand crab minds. not understanding that people with anxiety disorder very sad those who keep thinking seriously You don’t understand that crabs have death threats too. I’m going to go to her and kill her. It’s very bad. Then sent it to the inbox. I promised myself that We won’t cry over things that shouldn’t have been our tears. This matter has not been shed tears. At that time, I talked to my parents but they didn’t understand. So crab chose to run away from his parents. run away from everyone

Crab walks Paragon for a period. Every crab’s eyes look at him and think he hates me. Everyone hates crabs. Crabs don’t walk in Siam. Everyone hates crabs there. It’s been 3 years. Sometimes, crabs still have nightmares about it. It’s a mental thing. Sometimes it sits back and forth. Sometimes, as if Poo was interviewing with P. Woody, he thought that he would come back tomorrow for sure. But the crab won’t care anymore. Because Pu believes that there is a word that Brene Brow used to say, like it’s like a boxing stadium with 2 boxers. We must not pay attention to what they say. because you didn’t come down to fight You didn’t come to hurt your face, rehearse, or hurt yourself.

When are you in the same spot as the crab? Then the crab will choose to listen to your words. then crab believes Critics can only criticize. We should analyze ourselves that instead of scolding others. How should we develop ourselves? So I thought in my mind the following. when reading celebrity news or reading something even friends gossip I will tell you not to gossip about him. Because I met myself So I think we can’t judge anyone until we get to that point. life is short We just lifted the mountain and put it down. You will love it or not. but i love myself If you don’t love, it’s okay. From this moment onwards If you choose to turn your back forever or choose to move forward Crabs can be made with pride. Poo will not have to talk about 3 years, 6 years ago anymore. because the crab is ready now ready for a new chapter ready to be happy

What do you want to do in the rest of Thailand? ?

Crab : I don’t want to do anything anymore. want to come back to help people When leaving Bangkok, I am happy. I live in other provinces, go to temples, and meet people. Very happy. This is a memory about Thailand that I really like, but I really don’t want to do anything else in the entertainment industry anymore. Crab looks at everything and feels tired. I don’t want to compete. I have to climb. I have done it all. I just want to chill. Have an income to pay off your home Close this house. Enough paved. Now advertising is still running. And I’m glad I did. What comes in and still wants to work with us? We will do it happily. with pride Now, Crab will live life as himself the most. what is not us What is faked to please others? What do you do to compete? It’s said that time is the most expensive thing. and the most valuable From now on, the life of the crab will be spent on who and what to do. Poo must be sure that this moment that he is talking to is a second that he will not regret. Therefore, any customer who has already stepped on the pile, crab gives 100% because crab does it for them and crab wants to do it. that’s how life should be

What’s next in America? ?

Crab: Stay. If you get a movie, play. If you get a series, play. Develop acting skills to be yourself Living with a new group of friends, raising 3 dogs, one day hoping to have a family. But maybe not natural. It’s someone who doesn’t see a picture of himself carrying a stomach at all. I don’t want to pressure anyone to marry us. Crabs are quite open in any form, but for sure, post IG photos, you will definitely not see them again.