“Sukwan Bulakul” at the age of 50 and his life is not as perfect as he thought.

The most saddening story and life is not as perfect as you think

Called a role model for many girls, despite the number 5, she still looks beautiful and always looks young for “Sukhwan Bulakul”, recently opening her heart on the WOODY FM program about the story that hurts the most. and life is not as perfect as you think Until nowadays, living with appreciation and understanding

I’m glad to see that Kwan’s face is still as fresh as ever.
Sukhwan : Well, Woody is the same.

We like good energy at this age.
Sukhwan: Yes, the happiness and suffering that it has been through in life, we learn from it. When suffering, suffering When I’m happy, I’m happy, but it makes me understand life. known life until today We are not perfect and do not have everything but proud to be able to walk through everything We are rarely afraid of what will happen. because I believe it will pass then it will all be the story of life In the end, I will feel that I arrived today because of myself. Talking about life, no one can help. have to walk by myself Every obstacle has someone to offer encouragement. can give advice can give love But the best person to get up and walk is me.

You told Woody 4 years ago that in 5 years you’ll be out of the industry, do you remember ?
Sukhwan : (laughs) I still think about it all the time.

But asking if in the industry, you’re not really there?
Sukhwan: I still think about it. If we don’t do anything, everything we are doing now will be. But Kwan found that he always loved the people he worked with. So it’s another story. Not that we are in the industry or anything. I’m a lucky person. Every time the person P’Kwan works with becomes a friend in real life. Therefore, leaving the industry is difficult as they are our friends. Going to work is like meeting a friend. which we love him and still want to see him always

Overall life, is there anything else you would like to explore?
Sukhwan : Life has always filled us with things without having to search. We can handle it better. The more you grow up, the more life experiences you have. It may get more complicated and more difficult. This year, Kwan, 50, I don’t believe that you understand life well. Just learn to live with happiness and suffering, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, success and disappointment. know how to live with things And various emotions, but I do not believe that you understand this life well. When we need to encounter something, we will find it ourselves.

In the past 4 years, what was the most distressing thing? How to pass?
Sukhwan : The most suffering is about the passing of parents because within the past 3 years, they have lost all together. Father passed away first. Father passed away in 2019. Mother passed away last year. Considered a loss that really gives the truth of life. Because for Kwan, father is very important in life. But we always knew because your father was not sudden, but you had been ill for many years. We tried to do our best, when your father passed away, we should be able to move on. Which can really go on, but the suffering is very heavy It was as if something was torn and disappeared in life. Life is really irreconcilable. has a big impact on us is a staple in our lives and he is gone. Nowadays, live with the appreciation of life. Waking up to know happiness and suffering each day When you are happy, you know the value of happiness. When faced with suffering, he understands that this is the learning of life. never careless about it