The first solo interview “Ten WayV” reveals a secret corner that many people have not known yet!?

Korean artists of Thai descent who have achieved success as artists of major record labels in Korea. He is also the first Thai artist of the SM Entertainment record label Ten-Chitphon Leechaiphonkul or TEN WayV. Recently, he opened his heart to an exclusive solo interview for the first time in Thailand, revealing secret corners that no one has ever known before. From the start of being a trainee to the deepest personal matters on WOODY FM

Are you excited? Because I’ve never seen you give an interview anywhere. Is it such an honor?
Ten: I’m excited because it’s my first solo interview.

Your life as a Korean idol trainee from a young age, challenges, pressures, when do you think about?
Ten: Each period is different. Ten felt that each moment he came in was a lesson that made me stronger.

What are your obstacles?
Ten: After the debut, Ten had leg surgery. because dancing a lot causes leg problems which is the time when we think how should we go on? If the legs are not healed, can they dance? But fortunately, the leg healed normally. But at that time, it was also a very twisted period for Ten. Because before the leg surgery, only practice dancing Rarely practice singing But after having surgery on my leg, I suddenly had to learn everything so I prepared myself. If we can’t dance then we have to sing. At that time, it was the time when I learned to sing and dance everything. It was the time when I was the most tired, but it was the time when I gained the most.

Being a trainee was probably one of the most challenging times in my life, right?
Ten: It seems everything changed a lot after Ten went to Korea. Maybe it’s about habits too. In the past, I was a chill person. everything is comfortable But after going to Korea It’s not that he’s trying to give us no freedom. But the rehearsals must be on time, sing and dance, everything doesn’t have to be perfect, but we have to make an effort. But this is Ten’s standard. I thought that when I went to Ten, I wouldn’t say that I was tired already. because I was the one who chose to come And at that time we were dedicated to debuting. If you decide to be tired, not tired, you just go for it. But Ten is someone who decides to do it. won’t look back Just run forward. But Ten said this is a bad point. Sometimes we decide to go ahead. Still, I have to look back. Shouldn’t be running forward all the time. Must be halfway through. We finished running and came back to see. then keep running

You have success every day. waking up and doing these things it’s amazing You should be happy with it, right?
Ten: Ten is happy, glad to do it because it’s what Ten wants to do. But I’m going to be the person who has a lot of fun during the prep time. When rehearsing, shooting music videos, recording, it’s when Ten has the most fun, like we’re doing something new. Challenged ourselves with something we didn’t know how to do well or badly. Try to keep learning because life has new things coming in all the time.

Since when did you like dancing?
Ten: Around the age of 13, when I was a child, I was a person who didn’t like to sing, didn’t like to dance, didn’t like being in front of the camera. When I was a kid, my mother said she liked to hold the microphone and sing for the family, but after that I don’t remember it. I don’t understand why it has to be on television, but suddenly after watching Step Up, my grandmother asked me if I wanted to try dancing. So try to take a dance class. Singing at that time was still shy, but back and forth I really liked dancing and singing.

When did you feel that you wanted to be an artist?
Ten: It keeps accumulating. As a child, everyone wanted to be cool in school, you wanted to stand out. Ten said it started from there more. Because when I was young very social Dancing seems to be one thing that allows me to get to know more people.

I haven’t been back to Thailand for a long time during the COVID period. When you came back, it was like there was a clip on the screen at Siam. And then you fell down and cried. What were you thinking then?
Ten: I haven’t been to Thailand for a long time, but I live abroad. And like sometimes Ten is a strong person. and a person who keeps a lot to himself as well It’s very strange. Every time I go back to Thailand, I feel sensitive. It’s like having a wall to protect Ten from the outside world. I don’t know why but with Thailand. If someone asks you a question about your family or welcome home It suddenly made I’m sensitive every time. Thank you very much everyone for supporting Ten.

In addition to supporting the subject of music What do they give you?
Ten: The push that wants Ten to show more, love every time, Ten is very grateful. But one thing I’m very thankful for is that their fans are just like do-it-all. We will support Ten itself. We will always be behind Ten to support. Therefore, Tenten doesn’t have to be afraid. like giving confidence and courage to do what we fear

Are you confident now that you have to shoot? When you have to sing or still have excitement every time?
Ten: Excited every time. Because Ten doesn’t want to be very familiar with the front of the camera. Because if you are very familiar with the front of the camera You’d think it was normal. But if you are still excited So you want to do something new for people to see.

Your life has angles that people see and angles that people don’t. What is the corner that people haven’t seen Ten Chitphon like to do?
Ten: Recently, if there is a cat Will play with cats, watch movies. Seriously, Ten is someone who doesn’t have a schedule. Will be a very lazy person, so chill, wants to go out and chill out, but Ten is too lazy to go out. But if you go to the practice room Sometimes it’s just staying at home or going to camp to practice.

Maybe next time, if you come back, I will invite you over to my house and drink some wine. I heard you like wine?
Ten: I like wine. At first, I wasn’t a wine lover at all. Why does it seem that everyone likes to drink? then there is one friend He was a wine enthusiast before. he drank alone Ten is like us trying one glass. He said that if Ten tried one glass, he would become a wine lover like him too, Ten like? Ok, try it. Ten said it tastes delicious too. But my favorite thing was chilling out, relaxing, watching movies, drinking wine. It was so peaceful.

understand that you like fruit juice But it’s strange that Ten doesn’t like to eat fruit?
Ten: I don’t eat fruit. Maybe it’s because I don’t like the texture of the fruit. eating of fruit Ten doesn’t like fruits that have too much water.

Take a long shower?
Ten: Take a long shower, if the longest time is about an hour and a half. Bathing is what I feel. It’s relaxing. when we are alone So I feel that taking a shower is something that really belongs to me. and then felt like it was Ten’s personal space

WayV has many members and Very international, how do you use the language when talking?
Ten: First of all, everyone will speak Korean first. But in the group there will be Chinese, American, Canadian people too, and then it becomes something like Each person naturally begins to speak their own mother tongue. If Chinese people live together, they will speak Chinese. If Korean people come in, they speak Korean.

But no one speaks Thai to you?
Ten: (laughs) Not yet.

In this industry, he aims a lot in Thailand?
Ten: Ten thinks that Thai children have a lot of talent. Each of the people who debuted were all very good.

Agree and confident that there are many people who are watching, he would dream like you who want to go. Anything you want to tell them?
Ten: Ten said that if the heart fights There is only one life You try it first Don’t think you can’t do it if you haven’t started yet. If the audition was a waste of time, he wouldn’t have chosen it. should not think so Try it first if you can. If not, it’s ok, should we continue practicing or is this the right way for us? Which has a lot of ways. But before saying no, you should try it first.

Do you see that whoever pushes himself to the fullest every day will definitely reach the finish line?
Ten: Ten believes that if you’re not good at anything You rehearsed. Rehearsal to the fullest It must be better anyway. Action is more effective than talent.

WayV, how is the single now?
Ten: This time, WayV has just released the 4th mini-album called Phantom. All WayV friends like Thailand very much. They like Thai food. They like the energy of Thai fans very much. This time, try to promote Thailand. Ten said that Thailand has a lot of passion, every country has the same passion. But it’s the voice of the Thai fans, the loudest, the loudest, the Thai people are cute and funny. This year I will come to Thailand very often. During this time we are doing a fan meeting and we will go on tour in many countries.

What is your next dream?
Ten: Ten’s goal that he wants to do is many things. Everyone will have new goals. always own Now I want to bring out more of myself through music, through books, whatever. want to show that side more