“Toon Alie” is a person who moves on with difficult dramas. He used to blame himself for not being as successful as his friends.

When the fiercest influencer “Toon Alie”, the mother of the industry ” Aen Ranaeng” came to reveal the origin of the name of the hit song and teach the dance moves to the female MC “Kaem Bum Priyada” and reveal Jai talks about her childhood living with her grandmother. I’m a person who moves on with difficult drama. I used to blame myself for not being as successful as my friends in the program “How many chili peppers do you put in your menu?”

But before, we didn’t live with our mother, right?
Toon Alie: I’m not here. Mother went to work in another province and then paid for her care. I’ve lived with my grandmother since I was a child. I just came to live with my mother two years ago. When I was a child, my grandmother would tell me that he was my mother. We believed that Grandma was our mother all along. But when we read the book, we saw the birth certificate. Mother is the name of our current mother. So I said how can I be a mother? I don’t believe it. Then I cried and hugged my grandmother.

After your mother came to live with you, how has your life changed?
Toon Alie: Since mother came to live with us, our life has become easier. There are people who do this and that. But we gave him money. Because since I was a child, I had never given my mother any money. Because we will treat him more like a friend, like a sister.

And when you were a child, was your grandmother harsh?
Toon Alie: Very fierce. I’m very afraid of Grandma. more afraid than mother There was once a time when I bought a fashion necklace. Because I like to dress up. When I was in Mathayom 2, I bought 14 baht necklaces throughout the match. Grandma hit me with something. Do you know what? A basin. Is that cruel? Grandma was so cruel that until I came out and said I was a transvestite, what was this like? I have always been considerate of Grandma. As for his mother, he will be close to me like a friend. We will say that I am a transvestite and speak directly to him.

And when Grandma found out, was she angry?
Toon Alie: Grandma always complains and gets angry like I secretly married a woman and the people next door came and told me about it. Until I accepted it when I entered university, I was very happy. The time he accepted me was by coming to straighten my hair and give me something. But he never said it was okay or accepted. But his actions make us feel like he has accepted it, right?

Are we the pioneers of the long-haired, deer-like culture?
Toon Alie: Well, I think he’s cute. he takes care of himself Put on a little makeup. Can dance Korean Or that women can sing I feel like it’s a kind of Sex Appeal. When we look at it, it looks like it’s right.

Really, are we people who get drama a lot?
Toon Alie: I’m a difficult person to move on. I’m a person who isn’t strong enough. Because we still don’t manage our own life systems well enough. When he fell, it was like his whole body fell. I don’t want anyone or anything. Our family background is not good. He hasn’t been strong since childhood. And grew up with Come Out being the only girl of our type. or various things In the life that I’ve encountered, I feel like I’m lost or have no place to hold on. I’ve been falling for a long time. I know that I’m not good at this.

Are there any matters that you feel are heavy and difficult to overcome?
Toon Alie: If we take it to the extreme, it will be about people on social media. That we shouldn’t be in the comb-carrying gang In this group We come to think that we really shouldn’t be there. Do we like to dive into the comments? And then I thought, why shouldn’t we be here? I’m not as successful as my friends. I don’t have a house, a car, or anything. It turns out that we all blame ourselves. When you blame yourself, it’s bad. But we don’t look at what we have that other people don’t have. Regarding creativity and diligence, I didn’t look at that side. Because in the present, I got through it because I stayed with myself more without paying attention to the comments. And friends in the group came to help support us very well. Thank you everyone. I was born with very good friends. I always say that I’m jealous of everyone. Our group of friends is very good.