“Tor Thanapob” reveals the dramatic events of the birthday!

Shy non-stop! WHEN THE YOUNG HERO “TER THANAPOP LEERATTANAKHAJORN “ INVADES THE SHOW “HELLO ENGFA Ing Fah Maha Na Thor” , WHICH IS THE LAST EP OF THIS SEASON, This work made the girl “Ingfa Varaha” drop a pearl with a flirt of the kind that the Kiminoto table rhythm must come with. He also talked about the dramatic events that occurred on Thanapop’s birthday and the acting path that will have a new project soon.

Have you ever experienced drama and wanted to quit the industry?
Thanapop: No, I’ve been in this industry since I never thought I’d have one. I mean, I’ve been a very positive person from the start. But at the end of the day, with the world as it goes, it often comes running towards us in a confused way, but it is considered an extended answer that makes us never discouraged at all. Because we feel that everything that happens We understand why it’s happening, why it’s happening, and where it’s wrong, and we can always tell ourselves that we’re clearly sorry and feel okay. Finally, one day I will understand what I may have misunderstood.

Because I used to be very confident in my speech, even during the Nine by You project, where everyone had to find their own spot on who did what now. We were always the ones who had to speak because we felt like we were the ones who delivered the message that was understood and relevant, until one day it became dramatic because of our own words, and we didn’t speak with any negative angles, but it ended up being dramatic, which happened on our birthdays.

After a long hiatus, at the end of this year, I will be launching a new drama project, for which I have been out of theater work for a year. After starting this time, I should not stop E for about 3 years.