“Third Lapat Ngamchaweng” One of the members of TRINITY, a favorite of fans both in Thailand and abroad. OPENING UP FOR THE FIRST TIME ON WOODY FM I started to enter the industry because I wanted to earn money to top up the game. A love life never talked about and the next path to becoming an artist.

You have a very clear idea of what you want. Want to know how you’ve had the opportunity to cheer on your loving fans?
Third: Actually, I never answered anyone’s texts, but maybe I did. As some people say, he has already passed the university exam that he wants to get into. Thank you very much for encouraging me. Sometimes we get a sense of why we can’t answer that. But I felt that if I answered one person, it would be unfair to many people that I didn’t answer, so I chose not to answer anyone.

When was your first love?
Third: Probably 6-7 years old. I had a crush on my roommate, like a foreigner, and then I stole it because I liked the same person, and I felt like going to school. I was embarrassed that I didn’t tell him I liked it, but I was happy with it. But when I started dating, probably between 13 and 14, I asked her to be my girlfriend when we walked to the cafeteria. Hey, Yu, did we become girlfriends? He was shocked, and he walked away from me (laughs), and then we got together like puppy love, but we didn’t talk much. Not together. I just went to the same school, walked past the front of the room, and just said hello to each other.

When you grow up, when dating someone, do you have any problems with dating people in the industry?
Third: For me, I might be stubborn, but I don’t feel like it’s a problem. I’m a person who focuses mainly on my own cravings. When I’m working, I feel like we might have to be careful about going out in public. I feel like we can

What kind of fan are you?
Third: Well, I’m quite chill. Quite an adaptation line. If we’re dating this person, we’ll do it the way he likes it. If we’re dating someone younger, we’re going to be bigger. If we’re dating someone older, we’re going to act like kids. But sometimes when we’re dating someone younger and he’s older, we can act like children. But it’s not more stereotyped than having to be like this. You have to accept it. If Yu can’t accept it, we can’t be together. I’m not going to be like that. We’re mostly chilling. I’m not a sweet or romantic person who isn’t good at this, maybe because I haven’t been in a relationship continuously. There was a time when we took a long break from our relationship. Because I was quite focused on my work, I didn’t have time to do anything else.

We’ve been in the industry since we were kids.
Third: Since I was 7 years old, I started shooting small TVC commercials or still images. When we play the game, we want to top up the game, but we don’t have the money yet. I didn’t want to ask my parents, so I shot commercials and used the money to buy toys. Fill in some games, and keep doing it.

Is it working to fill the game?
Third: Yes (laughs) When I was 7 or 8 years old, I sat in front of a computer screen. One day, I had to spend at least 5–6 hours. I played almost every game he had available to download. Recently, anything hits download every game.

Are you still playing today?
Third: There are some these days.

What do games give us?
Third: Actually, I think it’s a bit relaxing, but I’m playing because I’m free. Play primarily for entertainment and relaxation.

Third: I’m not stressed at all; I feel like it’s a safe zone. I’ve known Persche since I was 12. I used to live in kamikaze camps; we lived together as campmates, and then we did nine bye together, and then we came to TRINITY; it’s like a family. Like Jackie, I’ve known from 14–15 until now I’m 24, everyone I’ve known for almost 10 years, so I feel like it’s a working space where we can be ourselves and relax with everyone. WHEN WE BECAME TRINITY, WE GRADUALLY HAD A HIGH PASSION FOR WORK, BOTH US AND OUR TEAM. When we let me go, we’re thinking about what we’re going to do to make it better. What areas do we need to improve? Ask if it’s stressful. It’s not stressful for me; it’s a fun thing.

Third: It’s going to keep improving. I feel like being an artist has no limits. Let’s say today we think we can score 85 points, maybe out of 1 thousand or 10 thousand.

What makes you happy?
Third: I’m quite blank when I’m not working. It’s like we’re trying to get our surroundings in; if we’re not playing games, we’ll just sit there and watch it. Eating at home is my happiness. I don’t think about the past or the future because it makes my life much happier. We’re not worried and don’t stick to what we’ve gone through, which makes my life happy.