Troye Sivan The hardest thing in life was coming out as LGBTQ+

Troye Sivan (Troy Sivan), beloved LGBTQ+ pop star, unique Australian artist. Let’s open up on Woody FM about working on music. new music video and life stories What is the biggest obstacle? Revealing one’s identity and the 15 years of life that have been difficult to overcome

Welcome back to Bangkok.
Troye Sivan : thank you very much

How is it this time?
Troye Sivan: It was a great time. We saw the city when we came to Bangkok. to shoot a music video We got to see the city while filming. We went to a lot of places. I got an experience that I don’t think I would have had if we hadn’t filmed here. Because it is a very special experience to travel to Bangkok in an absolutely amazing way.

What do you like most about Thailand?
Troye Sivan: Think liveliness. As soon as you walk out of the room, you will encounter that kind of energy. And everything around it seemed very alive and cheerful. It’s very suitable for this album. There are many things that inspire me about Thailand that are the inspiration for this album: people, society, and the feeling of liveliness.

I talk about you with my friends, and they say you should come to Thailand often.
Troye Sivan: I’d like to come. I came on holiday once. I’d like to come and relax again.

Where have you been?
Troye Sivan: I went to Koh Samui. I really liked it. It was such a relaxing vacation. Sitting by the pool and reading a book things like that it’s so beautiful.

I’ve been following your work for 3 years now and am so impressed by how open you are about your gender and how honest you are with yourself. You have inspired so many artists to be themselves. Including Thai artists.
Troye Sivan :Thank you very much.

I revealed myself 7 years ago, but before that, when the media asked, “Will you get married? And I try not to talk about that. What is it like for you?
Troye Sivan: I’d been out in the open for a while before I started doing any of this stuff. Previously, I did YouTube, but that’s it. The reason I revealed myself to the public I don’t want to have to worry about these things. And I am very lucky to have a family that supports me in everything. At that time, I felt that I had nothing to lose.

Is anyone still sending you messages? Negative messages?
Troye Sivan: There are some.

How do you deal with those messages?
Troye Sivan : Turns out it didn’t have much effect on me. Because I think that with the background of family and friends who support me fully. Those messages are not important.

What do you enjoy most right now?
Troye Sivan: I think I really enjoy working with people. I am most addicted to it. Because it is what I have always done in every aspect of my life. Whether it’s making albums with people I like, Or making music videos with people I like. Or will it be creating a product brand with people I like? It is a constant exchange of creative ideas. These things make me very excited.

Your song, Rush, and the video are very interesting. I see that you convey many meanings in the song. What was the inspiration for it? Because you wrote it all yourself?
Troye Sivan: It took me a long time to make this album. This is something I feel comfortable with. Because I think that when you try to finish something quickly, you’ll rarely have a chance to fall back. and stopped listening to anything for a while because the time period for making this album was long. The fact that I can stop listening for weeks at a time. Then come back and listen again with open ears. It’s a very good thing. Because when you are obsessed with something for a long time There will be some perspective on it. So it’s very lucky. Some songs are now years old.

Looking back from the time you were born until today, what has been your biggest obstacle in life? What events have you had to overcome, and how did you overcome them?
Troye Sivan : If we look back, it was a long time ago. But if we were to look at the whole picture, it would probably be gay. and revealing one’s identity I have a very open family. We talk about everything. For me, it’s a strange feeling since I was born. I always knew I was gay therefore it feels strange when there are things that I have to face alone. without support from family Because at that time I hadn’t told them yet. I think I struggled with it for the first 15 years of my life. But having to go through it without support was difficult.

I want to say that you are very lucky. There are a lot of viewers watching us right now. People with diverse sexualities Gay and others And many parents often say that they hope she’s not gay. And I understand how they feel, you know, because I received a message saying that I couldn’t reveal myself to my parents. Do you have anything to say to our friends who might be afraid of revealing their identity?
Troye Sivan: I would say, first of all, that I’m inspired by a lot of them. I think strength and flexibility are things I’ve always admired. It really motivated me, and I am grateful to them. For what they do both for themselves and society as a whole I think what comforted me during my coming-out years was knowing that there will be people out there who will love you for who you really are. So even though it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will definitely happen. You will find them. Therefore, I think it’s important to never forget that your current situation will not last forever. And there will definitely be people who are excited to meet you as your most authentic self.