“Tuck Mayura” is stunned! Doctors reveal that men can have it and are ready to answer the question of whether breast augmentation is a cancer risk. Is it true?

The return of legendary actors and hosts “Tuck – Mayura Sawetsila” in the first Tuck Talk program of the online talk show. Who tells about how to care for the body and mind of experts and celebrities. Reveal techniques and share experiences of exclusive health care from inside and outside. along with living life up-to-date at all times for the EP. First meet “Dr. Jess Bunyawongwiroj”, a breast cancer specialist. Which comes to provide knowledge about the danger nearby, breast cancer, a problem that many girls are worried about, revealing that men can also get breast cancer. Ready to answer questions about breast augmentation, is it true that there is a risk of cancer?

Nowadays, how many statistics are there of people sick and dying from cancer?

Dr. Jess: In Thailand, approximately 140,000 Thai people per year have cancer. On average, 400 people die from cancer. Simply put, approximately 20 people will die from cancer in 1 hour, which is every 5 minutes. Tsuna. Cancer, I said this before that in the next 20 years it will double. Which is probably due to many reasons. Food is one thing. Aging is another matter. Bad air or pollution causes inflammation in the body. And in the end, we will say that our own doctors are getting better at testing, so they are seeing more patients with cancer. Therefore it is another matter. However, it must be acknowledged that the better we are at testing, the more likely it will be for patients to survive.

Now they say that the statistics are that there are a lot of people with breast cancer. What is the risk of breast cancer?

Dr. Jess: The current risk of breast cancer. Women are more than men Men listening may think that they will never have breast cancer. But I would say that out of every 100 people who get breast cancer, there’s 1 guy.

Tuck Mayura: A man with breast cancer, where do he get his breasts?

Dr. Jess: Take the breasts here, P’Tak. In Thailand in 2022, there are a total of more than 38,000 people with breast cancer, including 380 men.

Tuck Mayura: Oh!

Dr. Jess: 99% are women. 1% are men. Listen and look shocked. Men, you can get cancer.

We will know where the abnormalities are. Can it be detected with just a lump? If there’s no lump, can it be?

Dr. Jess: I must say that if it is breast cancer. Most cancers begin in the embryo. We’ve heard that cancer has stages 1, 2, 3, and 4 as the last stage, but actually in breast cancer, it starts at stage 0, which is the stage where there’s no spread, that is, there’s no blood vessels or anything else. That is, this kind of distance will be a small lump. If we treat at stage 0, in 5 years the patient will survive almost 100%. If in 10 years you will have 98-99% survival. If you see stage 0, it’s still better than stage 3 – 4.

Tuck Mayura: Most of the time, you won’t see stage 0. You will see stage 2-3 or more. 1 hasn’t been seen very often.

Dr. Jess: When you feel a lump, It’s a large, hard lump, and in most cases it’s more than 2-3 centimeters in diameter. Once it’s too much, it enters stage 2, so what? Therefore, the difficulty of treatment increases. Therefore, each woman from the beginning of her menstrual period You should know how to self-examine your breasts once a month.

Tuck Mayura: Please continue asking, 10 women right now have about 8 breasts, have you found them?

Dr. Jess: Normally when we enhance our breasts with silicone. You will have heard the word supplement under the muscle. above the muscle This is about breast enhancement that we do. Nowadays, when patients go for breast augmentation surgery For example, I myself am a breast augmentation surgeon. I always tell all my patients that before you are beautiful. You should have good breast health first. Therefore, we do every case ourselves and will ultrasound every patient with confidence. However, everyone must be told that when small breasts Sometimes it can’t be felt. But when we added it, the tension came. When the silicone is pushed out Palpation time is even easier than before. Breast augmentation increases the chance of finding a breast lump more easily. In fact, breast augmentation does not increase the risk of breast cancer at all. This must be clearly cleared up.