“Tukky” reveals the symptoms of bipolar disorder and leads “Pee Wua”, his favorite dog, to tell the most hilarious deeds.

Launching a new item at the Woody World home where slaves have to pile up here. Take everyone who is a slave to love pets. Let’s fall in love with the little one together. Meet the famous slave and bad master. along with a lovely host “Bai Toei-Suwapich Triphonworakit” who is a real slave to run the program with a cheerful, fun atmosphere

In the program “Talk Ka Taat” EP. First with “Pee Wua”, a favorite dog breed Red Nose Pitbull of “Tukky” Sudarat Butprom or Tukky Chingroi Chinglan. which is considered to be another person with love The bond with the dog is very strong. This is the first time that Pee Wua has come out on the show. Therefore, there is excitement and excitement all the time. and the heroic deeds of Pee Wua as funny as ever In addition, this event also has a surprise for P’Wua’s favorite gift.

Then Tukky opened up about living with her husband Bu Bu-Kamthorn Pho Nam Kham, telling about the reason for the decision to have no heirs. It also revealed the symptoms of illness. bipolar affective disorder Get ready to be bipolar. Even used to park in the middle of a gas station crying loudly. and the symptoms of falling out, screaming, screaming, until having to see a doctor But I was able to get past that point with good encouragement and positive energy from those around me and P’Wua, who represents love and concern that Heil is so cute.

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