Tutor-gym, bullying is not the norm with a northern accent Until almost giving up on the industry

than today Used to be bullied until almost gave up on retirement from the industry along with updating each other’s relationship status

“Tutor-Kornphat Lamnoi” and “Gym-Prinyakon Khansawa” young actors with clear faces Couples from the hottest series that are successful both in Thailand and Asia. Recounting the turning point of life until today Used to be bullied until almost gave up on retirement from the industry along with updating each other’s relationship status in the WOODY INTERVIEW program

Both have been in the industry for a while and have been through a lot. Feeling now that you have the opportunity to be in the industry and have a lot of followers ?

Gym: I’m glad. I’m very happy that there are so many people supporting us. Which the fact that I am doing now is something that has been a childhood dream since 16-17, a long time ago. At that time we weren’t good enough, today I feel very pleased. Did not expect to arrive today

Does that mean that in your past life, there was a time when it seemed like you didn’t enter the industry ?

Gym: Give up. At that time it was during the COVID period. will play as the first couple The first story too When Covid comes, the situation is not good, the capitalist finishes taking off! So I have been free for 1 year. At that time, I felt that it was not our way anymore. After a year, my manager persuaded me to go to DOMUNDI. We still debated, but after going to the 1st and 2nd Workshop, what made the turning point was that the 3rd time, there was a gathering of fans. And then there were fans who ran in, very happy to see us. So I feel that at least we have reached this point and still make many people More people can be happy. Why don’t we continue? So it’s an OK point I’m going to do to inspire him. happiness to him

The tutor himself encountered a similar story. who came back to cast the job and didn’t pass, right ?

Tutor: Yes, at that time we were studying for about the first year, there would be small and large camps that contacted us to cast in Bangkok. At that time I was studying in Chiang Mai.

Can you afford the city ?

Tutor: Yes, the gym is also from the north. But most of us don’t talk often. Because used to by Bully that we are people with a northern accent From when I went to the job casting, there were many comments that having a northern accent might be difficult to work in an industry like this. When I arrived, I got various things. Why does this person look fatter? Why is it black? At that time, I was very disappointed that we didn’t get it. Like this, it kept going, but still someone contacted us to go cast, at that time we had already given up. Until I agreed to meet him, who is the manager now We have talked for over an hour. He gave various advice. what we have to do After that day, I began to believe in myself. P’of invited him to stay in the DOMUNDI camp and played in the series.

How are you now with fans all over Asia ?

Gym: I’m very happy to have people who love us like this. and always support us no matter what

Is this the first time in a serious talk ?

Gym-Tutor : Yes.

I heard that there was a communication problem before that it became an issue that had to be cleared with friends at DOMUNDI ?

Gym: is when you first come in. I’m an ignorant person. But before that, to speak without knowledge, I was a silent person. and develop yourself until speaking As soon as we speak, we suddenly become speechless. Say something other people don’t understand until there is an open mind in DOMUNDI

Have more courage but feel like you can’t speak ?

Yim: Yes, someone told me that we were sad. That is, when we don’t know anything about it, we don’t have many friends either. But after opening up and talking to each other, everyone was very sincere with us. If there is something, tell me directly So we know the flaws to fix.

What is the happiest thing that wakes up these days ?

Tutor: This year, the turning point is the fan club. There is a feeling that we want everyone to be happy every day. Seeing everyone happy makes us happy too.

Gym: Since waking up. Sometimes waking up early and knowing that I’m tired, but when I can do the work that I want to do or that I like. Keep improving yourself In working each time, I feel very happy. to be able to work on what we like and receive love from the fans back as well

The love between the two of you , many people have been interested since the series. When coming off the screen, people are very happy when they see them together. How did you meet for the first time?

Tutor: The first time we met, we didn’t talk at all. See you at the barbershop The manager took 2 of us to the same barber shop. On that day, they looked at each other, confused, and greeted each other with two words and did not talk to each other again.

Yim: I’m a person who doesn’t talk like him, the two of us are the same.

Tutor : If you don’t say hello first, you won’t have a chance to talk. After that, they met at one event. P’of took us to sit and talk. After that, we continued to talk. Then we had the opportunity to come to the workshop and kiss for the first time. I was shy at that time, my body was red, my ears were all red.

Yim: I’m still embarrassed after speaking (laughs).

What was your first kiss like ?

Gym: At that time, we thought further than that. I think a lot that we have to kiss our friends. that we just talked So how do you feel? Excited because it’s our first time But after kissing, I felt that Why do we think too much? It’s nothing. And then it’s the feeling that comes out from the inside that you really go into that character.

What is your relationship like today ?

Yim: It’s a person who understands. like he knows what he wants

Tutor : Sometimes we get nervous before going on stage. feeling nervous

Yim: I’ll go in, it’s okay, keep fighting.

What impresses you about the gym ?

Tutor: He is a person who is very attentive when doing something. Meditate and prepare for everything. We see his intentions.

After this, will the relationship deepen again ?

Gym: I’m not addicted to that at all. if it were to develop more than this If we are with someone and we are happy and comfortable, we must be with that person already.

Tutor: Really, now it’s very good. Because we come together as a couple. Gym : We go through quite a lot of people who don’t talk at all. until the relationship developed steadily trust and know each other