Violette – Zom Marie reveals the strangest things she found on social media!

When two best female singer friends, “V-Violette Wauthier and Marie Eugenie Le Lay”, joined together as a tag team to invade the house of “Ingfah Waraha”, they came together to share how to cope. with bad comments and how to heal yourself, and reveal the strangest stories on social media of the two girls, Som Marie and V-Violette. No matter how distraught they are, you have to go and see. and also shows off live singing. Very cute and bright in the program “HELLO ENGFA Ing Fah Maha Na Tor.”

It begins with Zom Marie asking Ingfah about the day she encountered bad things. Let’s find out how to heal yourself.
Ingfah: With work and our daily lives, there are a lot of things that need to be arranged by the brain. When we encounter stressful things, they won’t be able to be arranged in time. Sometimes we have to adjust the chemistry in our brains. Sometimes we can’t handle it. One day of work is a lot. When we encounter this or that problem, we can’t handle it in time. But there will be one thing that helps heal. It’s like the moment we meet, we feel better. It’s the dog. It’s a moment when, when we meet his face, we can be ourselves 100%. On holidays, we want to be with him a lot.

Ingfah then asked Zom Marie and Violette if they ever encountered anything strange when going to an event or concert.
Violette: Rarely found, strange But on the internet, people come and say that V is a fake. He is the real V (laughs), and I stole his identity. He is the grandson of the richest man in the world and is also the owner of a Grammy. At that time, I was in university, so my friends in the faculty were happy about this. Let’s all go crazy together. In the way that people around us also play with this. It became funny, and he disappeared on his own.

Zom Marie: What’s very strange is that there will always be one person who seems to try to inbox us and introduce himself as our father. And he is Thai. Let’s say his name is Fa. This is Father Sky. He is the father of this child, and he sent the picture. Jennie and Jisoo said that these are my siblings (laughs). But the scary thing is that he sends them like this every day. Then one day, he went to see me sing. And the scary thing is that it’s not yet time to play. Suitable for playing in the mall We entered a coffee shop, and suddenly he shouted to us: Zom! We were shocked, and then he said, This is Father Fah, don’t you remember? Oh! Just pretend to forget. Your mother’s ex-boyfriend? Don’t you remember? And it’s very scary. We know that this person is not known to us.