“Weng Thepleela” reveals the secret of why she’s so close to stars from all over the industry!

“Ble AM” this week is the first meeting of “Weng-Phusanat Karunwongwat,” owner of the Little Monster page and co-founder of The Pleela Channel, with funny content that appeals to today’s new generation of teenagers. With a young MC with a country heart, “Ble Pathumrat,” this event is called slapping jokes and making jokes at each other, making the whole show laugh. Ready to answer the dramatic issue of using children to prostitute and the matter of being angry at subordinates to the point of giving away the company He’s ready to reveal the secret of why he’s so close to stars from all over the industry.

I would like P’Weng to share the perspective that many children like to say that sometimes education is not important in life. If we can succeed by doing what we like, Then change to the right career?
Weng: This is an important study at an at an important school. But the word important depends on people’s perspectives on how important it is. Education, if it’s about the school system, at least has discipline. There are various regulations. that he should know about the rules of society. But if you study to pursue a career, I think many people Or that many children, I don’t know what job I will do when I grow up. I will support the idea that doing something that makes you happy will make you happy.

When I was a child, I was a person who didn’t like studying. But at that point, I didn’t know why I didn’t like studying, and there was no pressure from my family.
Weng: It’s not strange. I don’t like going to school. I just want to go play with friends. But the point is that, of course, there are some subjects that we don’t want to study. It is a subject that requires a grade. And if we don’t study well today, it won’t enter our minds. When we’re not in tune with it. Ask how necessary it is for our lives.

Is there a drama about using children to prostitute?
Weng: It’s right. Everything costs money. And when we created content from the beginning, our lives were very bad, and there was nothing to eat. Just a little more, and I’m in debt. The point is that no matter what career you have, if you are doing it, you don’t have to be here or do whatever you want your child to help you with. It’s just that online content has become a profession. And today, do it for your child. Family and people around you The money in my children’s account today is much more than when I was in my 40s. Many people who meet you now say that you will have children when you are ready. Or that our child is in a family that is ready No, when our oldest child was born, we weren’t ready.

When he was 4-5 years old, he wasn’t ready because he was in bad shape. He just didn’t know. We had to move from the city to the suburbs because we didn’t have money. Everything is bad for us. Being able to stand here has been 7-8 years since that day. It’s an effort, and I always tell my son that today is true. There is today because of Rainie. We are here today because we helped each other. Today, we need to create more emotional protection for our children. The problem is how to make our children or our society stronger mentally. How much more will you have to fight ahead? Believe it or not, the world in the next 20–30 years will be even worse than this. The online world is expanding. Can you manage your mind? More and more people are sick.

Weng is a person behind the scenes but comes to work in the foreground. How do you get close to a celebrity artist, even if you’re meeting them for the first time?
Weng: There are a lot of people going to your channel. I’ve met a lot more people in these two years. If I’m being honest, we don’t have many techniques. We just talk to everyone we meet, whether it’s a team member or a younger person; they’ll talk as well. But if we talk to the person in front of the camera, we have to get to know them. Because we had to take photos with him, we talked about whether he had eaten anything, what kind of person he was, what he did, and talked like we really had to talk. Because we are the hosts, most of the time, I rarely go out. And we view everyone as equal. Same level Be it a team, whatever it is. It is the normal course of human beings.

I know that you were a very sporty person once. Will you give the company to your subordinates?
Weng: True story. At that time, I wasn’t very sporty. I was angry! That is, I was still a teenager at that time. Around the age of 30, I started an animation company. There are about 8–9 young people coming to work. We feel that we are very intense. And then there was a point where the funds were about to run out, the work was difficult, tiring, and stressful, and some of the younger ones used to surf the internet for a bit, etc. I felt that the younger ones were not paying attention to what we had to do on this mission. For a very long time, we were stressed. We told everyone to drink beer. He thought we were really going to drink beer. But not called for a meeting at night. Tell me what advantages each person has. He couldn’t answer, so he told me the disadvantages of each person.

Then I said that I wouldn’t come to work for the whole week next week. If you guys think it’s cool, let’s survive. When you finish this project, take it and I will give it to you. This one was really intended to be given. I feel that if you guys continue like this, you yourself will not be a good administrator. Ready to give it away. Because I couldn’t take it anymore with someone who didn’t mean to at that time. But the problem is that not everyone is inattentive. There are some people whose children Then it might fall off. The problem is that we too are too hot-tempered. Can you believe that the kids That group thought that now they had a good head start. This company has now grown very large and I am no longer a shareholder. And then there is that company and there are subsidiaries. And these people are also the owners of the company.