“Win Methwin” is not focused on her boyfriend, revealing that she is a person with high expectations!

Teenage favorite young actor “Win-Methwin Ophasiamkhajorn” It can be said that this is another actor who has grown in the entertainment industry by leaps and bounds. Open up on Woody FM about your life beyond your wildest dreams. Accept someone with high expectations. And tell you how to deal with drama. It reveals that the focus is not on the boyfriend right now.

You are a public figure whose life grows very fast. How do you cope with change and gain more and more followers globally?
Win:I think in every change, we have to be conscious of it. In every moment that always happens in our lives, What if suddenly someone is very interested in us, but we are not improving ourselves or not interested in what we are doing? Maybe we’re slipping away from what happened at the time, but I feel like I’m a very present person, and I know what we’re doing right now.

Living in the present is important, meaning you don’t have to worry about the past or the future.
Win : We’re worried, but we know what we’re doing right now. We have plans for the future that we want to reach, but we don’t leave. What we’re doing

Are there more plans because, if you were Vin, it would be the best?
Win: No, I don’t think so. The plan Vin wants to go to, and the goal Vin wants to achieve, is to go more internationally. I want to bring the Thai entertainment industry to the next level. to more Asian levels in many countries.

No matter where you go, there are plenty of fans to follow. The second we knew there were foreign fans, how did you feel?
Win: Oh, it’s very impressive. From the very beginning, we never thought that we would be able to have foreign fans. But at this point, it became something much more than that, and then at that time, we became a trend; we saw foreign fans through social media only; he typed messages; and after the situation improved, we were able to fly abroad, so we could see the fans of each country in person. We were very impressed.

Do we have to tune in before we go to see what each country’s culture is?
Win: I need to know. In some countries, there may be a culture that prohibits this kind of reference. Don’t talk about things like this; we have to learn first and not do things that are his culture.

How do I deal with drama?
Win: Whatever drama comes on. Some stories have to be accepted as true or untrue. We just have to be conscious of it and learn if it’s something we made a mistake, and we can fix it and improve it. Vin will use that as a way to keep improving. But if something is not true or may be quite distorted, we overlook it.

I feel that Vin doesn’t have the opportunity to speak deeply and openly, so let’s go back from childhood to the present. What was the most challenging part of your life?
Win: If you have to choose a range, I think this is the time when we move from school age to full working age. I think it’s very difficult and challenging; there’s new stories for us to learn every day, and I feel like since I came to work, it’s made our goals in life a lot clearer.

Like a dream that you can’t dream?
Win: Very, very much. It’s been a lot of unimaginable since day one in the entertainment industry, and we feel like we just want to make the best of every moment we get, but when it goes beyond what we expected, we just keep getting better and better.

Are you quite concerned or worried about what happened in the past? Looking back, it may feel very challenging to deal with the past. Can you explain to us what it means?
Win: I feel that everyone has to make mistakes in what we have done in life, and then I feel that if we start by understanding what we did wrong and accepting what we did wrong, we will have to make mistakes. It’s something that allows us to continue to learn and develop ourselves, but what if we don’t accept it and still don’t understand what we’re doing wrong? Vin thinks it’s going to be tough for us to move on into the future.

Do parents still offer advice?
Win: yes. There is always a conversation with my parents. My normal routine is that if I have free time every week to see my family, everyone will sit down and talk, but when I get into the working age, it’s hard because sometimes we have to fly. I’m trying to find time to be with my family and talk to each other. He will always be there to guide and teach us.

Your fans are so cute. He follows and is already a big fan; he gives you a lot of heart. Is there anything you want to tell him?
Win: I want to thank you very much. I feel like it’s really unconditional love. We grew up in different directions, but one day we met and we supported each other, caring for each other to this day. I think it’s a very rare thing, and I really appreciate the story between me and all the fans.

Let’s say you have a real girlfriend and a lot of fans all over the world. Launching or not launching, how do you think society is ready to know?
Win: I haven’t thought about that yet. I think, from my own point of view, that at the moment, a lot of work is really done. If one day it were to happen or we found the right person for us, we both waited for that day. There’s a lot of things we need to worry about, and we have to put a lot of effort into it, so we haven’t focused on that yet. I feel like we want to do really well here, and if there’s a rhythm there, we’ll learn. Let’s study.

Before entering the industry, What kind of person are you in a relationship with?
Win: I think I’m indulgent. I’m going to live a relaxed, easy-going life when we have a boyfriend or someone. We want that person to be the most comfortable place to be. We can share everything we think or do whatever we want to do.

Assuming you’re in a different relationship, what’s the way out?
Win: What if you think differently? We have to see what the reason for thinking that way is and what the reason is for thinking this way, and then we share whose reasons sound more sound or more logical in the direction of each person.

Have you ever been a jerk?
Vin: yes (laughs)

Which one works best?
Win: Well, I’m a person who does things for a reason. When we’re fussing, there’s a reason why we’re like that or what’s wrong. If we make a mistake, we accept what we did, but if there is a reason for what we decided to do, we can explain that reason to him. That’s why it has to be like this.

Is there a gang in your business right now?
Win: Well, if it’s a gang that stays together regularly, it’s probably the F4 gang, because we went on a tour of Asia together before, and then we had the opportunity to go abroad to many countries together, all 4 of us. The camaraderie is increasing, the relationship is getting better and better, and there is a group line called F4 (laughs), which is a group line that I don’t want people to know because I am afraid of people being upset.

Your journey with multiple personalities How challenging was the character change, besides Boy Love?
Win: Well, I look at it as an actor’s career. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be based on what we’ve played before or that we’ve done one job. It doesn’t mean I’m going to be Tyne forever; it just keeps changing with the work we get, feeling like we’re just doing every job that comes our way that we choose to do our best to be as good as possible to that character. Pay as much attention to that task as possible.

When was the last time you cried?
Vin: About 3 days ago I filmed the drama (laughs).

What are the latest tears in real life?
Win: It’s easy to break down in tears, but I don’t remember. It’s mostly about work about what we thought it was going to be like but wasn’t. We hoped for it, but in the end, it didn’t.

Does that mean someone has high expectations?
Win: Yes, I have had high expectations since I was a child. I’m someone who has to think about getting this one, but when the time comes, we’re really full of it, but in the end, it’s not, and there’s going to be some regrets.

Are we growing up now?
Win: Growing up. Now it’s more acceptable to be disappointed. In things that don’t go as we hope, even more.