Woody C+ Lock

‘Woody C+ Lock’ (Woody C+ Lock) of A Woody Drink Co., Ltd. (AWD), which is caused by the cooperation of the Carabao Group joint venture with Khun Vuthithorn Milintachinda, known as “Woody” since 2020

The highlight of Woody C+ Lock is that vitamin C is packed in a ‘green bottle’ and has outstanding features that Helps prevent light that will destroy the value of vitamin C more than 75%, including ‘nitrogen gas filling’, which is the first in Thailand to use this innovation. to prevent the loss of the value of vitamin C Nitrogen gas prevents vitamin C from reacting with oxygen in the air and uses a ‘special 2-layer locking system’ to increase freshness for vitamin C. Packed with all nutrients until the bottle is opened.

Woody C+ Lock currently has 4 flavors: Lemon, Orange, Collagen Mixed Berry and Glutathione Lychee. Available now at 7-Eleven, CJ Supermarket, Cheap Shop, and general department stores.

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