Woody, guaranteed! A new Halloween celebration with a unique chop in Grey Goose presents “DARK”.

Meet the new Halloween Festival project like no other at “Woody Milintachinda” The talk show mogul and S2O music festival raiser guarantee a bang. Grey Goose presents “DARK,which turns dark nights into nerve-wracking fun as S2O Music Festival organizers join forces with White Party Bangkok to launch a new festival for Halloween.

Guaranteed by the best team of organizers of outdoor and indoor festivals in Thailand. Experience a new festival like no one has ever done before. It’s the EDM Halloween Party of the Year! The biggest, the grandest, and the biggest! Invest in putting a lot of emphasis on the stage. It’s going to be huge. The 360-degree rotating stage is filled with spectacular light and sound productions, and every beat of light and laser shining down is in line with the first chapter of God’s storytelling. “God forgive me” is the theme of the event, allowing everyone to ask forgiveness for their sins and enjoy a night of celebration to the fullest with a variety of performances, such as a performance dangling to the beat of EDM music from some of the world’s top DJs. It’s going to be the most spectacular and fun Halloween party ever.

Led by Showtek , a DJ that many people miss not playing in Thailand for a long time, considered the DJ of the era that many people miss, Tujamo , the mogul of bounce, this person is sure to like Thai people, Jeffrey Sutorius , a former member of Dash Berlin, Juicy M , a big sister who can open the boil by playing 4 CDJs, What So Not , a cool rare that can open all genres, and Las Bibas from Vizcaya that opens with a bang every time as a mom, etc.

On October 28. Location: Centerpoint Studio (BTS Bearing) Doors open 4:00pm Onwards

……”The beginning of the Dark Halloween Music Festival started before COVID. Halloween is one of the festivals that we know and are familiar with since we were kids, only makeup, dressing up, going out to events, and going out and celebrating at clubs and bars, but there are no real landmarks that were created specifically for Halloween. Why don’t we do it?! A festival where everyone goes to a crazy Halloween party. We want it to be the biggest festival that we are good at doing, such as the S2O Festival and the Songkran Music Festival, which have been very successful, so we want DARK to be a destination for people all over Asia who want to party and celebrate Halloween. In addition, there are many services for everyone to experience the festival, including fun and activities from sponsors and partners. Grey Goose has a relaxing corner for chic photo shoots, or a cool tattoo sticker booth. Pocari Sweat also offers a discount on round-trip bus fares from Grab as well. This Halloween, if you have nowhere to go or are tired of the traditional party, you must prepare CF in black immediately. Pin it to Grey Goose presents “DARK” as the Halloween party of the year. Sai Ti, or fashionista, should not miss this event because, in addition to going to the wildest dance on the night of the release of ghosts, it is also like going to a cool show as well. Get your tickets today at: https://eventpop.me/dark For more information, please contact: www.thedarkfestival.com FB : Darkfestival , IG : Darkfestival